Article from recent Common Core forum

Last Saturday there was a Common Core forum held in Admire, KS.   Read the entire article, Forum in Admire: Common Core receives criticism here.

Kansas State School Boards representative Sally Cauble said the state school board was caught off guard by the opposition to Common Core standards.

“But that’s coming down from a national movement,” she said. “The state of Kansas has been into Common Core for two years.”

Indeed, several school districts throughout the state have fully implemented the English standards outlined by Common Core, but the math standards are only just beginning.

The forum in Admire was Cauble’s fourth over Common Core standards.

“No one has ever complained about what the standards are,” she said. “It all seems to be that it was developed on a national level.”

Is there a chance that the reason parents are now coming forward to voice their concerns is because the adoption of Common Core was done without public discussion or legislative process?  The answer is “Yes”.  Maybe that is also why a majority of Kansans have never even heard of Common Core, and have been left in the dark until now.

As far as the “Kansas Facts” please take time to read:
KS Board of Ed CCS Fact Sheet Full of Errors 5-16-13

And for more information and facts about Common Core visit


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