Across Kansas

Do you feel like you are alone in the fight to STOP Common Core in Kansas?

Here is some encouragement for you…

Kansas Map – Supporting Local Education

Earlier this week we asked for followers on our facebook page to leave a comment with their city and county.  We’ve taken the responses we received and made a map.  This is a simple map, but it shows that there really are people like you and me across the state.  In fact, we are growing in numbers each day.

There’s also been an amazing amount of new interest in learning about Common Core as the school year begins.  Across Kansas and across the country, parents are seeing more of Common Core as the implementation continues – and they have questions.  Homework assignments, math problems, spelling lists – it’s all being shared online, and it is waking people up.

Keep sharing with family and friends!

If you would like more information about how to connect with others in your part of the state, please send us a message on facebook or email kristinlgeorge(at)gmail(dot)com.

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