Kansas GOP Passes Common Core Resolution (UPDATED)

UPDATED with articles and the resolution document – September 18:
State GOP adopts resolution demanding withdrawal from Common Core, science standards
The Kansas Republican Party has adopted a resolution that demands state leaders reject Common Core school standards and prohibit adoption of new science standards.
State GOP Chair Kelly Arnold said today there is “a groundswell of people” who are opposing Common Core standards for reading and math, which are going into effect in Kansas and 44 other states.
“We feel we lose control over what we are allowed to teach our children here in Kansas,” Arnold said.

Kansas GOP gives failing grade to Common Core
Under the Kansas GOP resolution, Republicans declared the standards were adopted by the state Board of Education “without meaningful input from or even effective notice to Kansas parents, teachers and other taxpayers.”
The resolution declared Common Core “obliterates Kansas’ control over English language arts and mathematics standards in our schools” and implicated the state in an “unconstitutional and illegal transfer of power to the federal government.”
It concluded the new guidelines for Kansas public schools committed the state to “a set of mediocre standards based on questionable philosophies.”

Kansas Republican Party Common Core Resolution

ORIGINAL POST – September 15
Today the Kansas Republican Party State Committee passed a resolution opposing the Common Core Standards.

Here is the text of the resolution:


WHEREAS, adoption of the Common Core Standards

  •  Obliterates Kansas’s control over English language arts and mathematics standards in our schools;
  • Implicates the state in an unconstitutional and illegal transfer of power to the federal government and unaccountable private interests;
  • Commits our state to a set of mediocre standards based on questionable philosophies; and
  • Imposes an enormous unfunded mandate on our state and on our local school districts; and

WHEREAS, adoption of the Common Core Standards was accomplished without meaningful input from, or even effective notice to, Kansas parents, teachers, and other taxpayers; and

WHEREAS, administration of the SMARTER Balanced assessments aligned with Common Core will subject Kansas students to burdensome new testing requirements and will unfairly tie teachers’ evaluations to the scores on the assessments; and

WHEREAS, the scheme that includes the Common Core Standards and the SMARTER Balanced assessments will require the collection and sharing of massive amounts of personal student data, thus threatening student and family privacy and serving no legitimate academic purpose;

RESOLVED, that the Kansas Republican Party that our state leaders should

  • withdraw the state from the Common Core Standards and aligned assessments;
  • prohibit adoption of any standards that require the state to cede any measure of control over their drafting and revision, including but not limited to the Next Generation Science Standards; and
  • prohibit the collection and sharing of private student data for any non-academic purpose.

4 thoughts on “Kansas GOP Passes Common Core Resolution (UPDATED)

  1. While I applaud this resolution, it is not going to stop common core. The only way to stop it is to contact those Representatives who voted against HB2391 and tell them they will not get your vote if they don’t vote to get rid of common core. This has to be a grass roots effort and will take a lot of effort. The following is a list of those who voted for and against the only bill we debated on the floor this year.
    On motion of Rep. Kelley to concur in Senate amendments to S Sub for HB2391, the motion did not prevail. The bill is killed.
    On roll call, the vote was: Yeas 55; Nays 58; Present but not voting: 0; Absent or not voting: 12.
    Yeas: Bradford, Brunk, Couture-Lovelady, Campbell, Carlson, Carpenter, Claeys, Corbet, Crum, DeGraaf, Dove, Edmonds, Edwards, Esau, Gandhi, Garber, Goico, Grosserode, Hawkins, Hedke, Hermanson, Highland, Hildabrand, Hoffman, Houser, Howell, Huebert, Hutton, Jones, Kelley, Kinzer, Kleeb, Lunn, Macheers, Mast, McPherson, Meigs, Merrick, O’Brien, Osterman, Peck, Powell, Read, Rhoades, Rothlisberg, Rubin, Ryckman Jr., Schwab, Shultz, Siegfreid, Suellentrop, Sutton, Thimesch, Todd, Vickrey.
    Nays: Alcala, Alford, Ballard, Becker, Bideau, Boldra, Bollier, Burroughs, Carlin, Cassidy, Christmann, Clayton, Concannon, Davis, Dierks, Dillmore, Doll, Ewy, Finch, Finney, Gonzalez, Grant, Henry, Hibbard, Hill, Hineman, Jennings, Johnson, Kelly, Kuether, Lusk, Meier, Menghini, Moxley, Pauls, Perry, Petty, Phillips, Proehl, Rooker, Ruiz, Ryckman Sr., Sawyer, Schroeder, Schwartz, Seiwert, Sloan, Sloop, Swanson, Tietze, Trimmer, Victors, Ward, Waymaster, Weber, Weigel, Whipple, Winn.
    Present but not voting: None.
    Absent or not voting: Barker, Bridges, Bruchman, Frownfelter, Henderson, Houston, Kahrs, Lane, Montgomery, Peterson, Wilson, Wolfe Moore.
    I wish you the best.

    • Thank you for the comment! We understand that the resolution isn’t going to STOP CC in Kansas, but it is something positive going forward. Since the RNC also passed a Common Core Resolution earlier this spring, it is great to see the Kansas Republican Party do the same. You are also correct that this is about the grassroots – and now more than ever. We hope the resolution will encourage Kansans to learn more about Common Core and speak out. It is so important to attend meetings and contact local school board members, State BOE members, Kansas Legislators and the Governor’s Office. STOP COMMON CORE IN KANSAS! SUPPORT local, state-led education.

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