Letter to parents from KSDE

Earlier this week we received a copy of this letter.  The letter was shared with us by parents that contacted the KSDE for documentation supporting their request to use the Opt Out Form for their students.
*Please use this for evidence purposes, but we advise that you do not try to personalize it.


We’ve also been doing some updating.  You can now find a Opt Out menu with the following information:

Common Core Testing Opt Out Form

Opt Out FAQs

Letter from KSDE – Opt Out

Articles: Testing and Opting Out


2 thoughts on “Letter to parents from KSDE

  1. After a careful reading of this letter, I think she is saying that it is up to you to opt out and that the KSDE has no authority to authorize it.

    Is that the way you read the letter?


    • Hi Jack
      She is giving authorization to opt out of the state assessment, but she can not give authorization to opt out of tests used by local districts, such as MAP. A person would have to go to the local superintendent to gain that authorization.

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