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Kansas Opts to Create Its Own Common Core Test

Did it just sound good?


Common Core: The Biggest Election Issue Washington Prefers to Ignore
 – Joy Pullmann
People who have strong reasons to vote do, and turnout often determines elections. Getting passionate people to vote is half the point of a campaign. The Common Core moms have a reason to vote, and boy, do they have a lot of friends.

Major Admission by Common Core Proponent: Special Needs Students Not Being Addressed Under Common Core – Missouri Education Watchdog
So there is an admission from an employee from the Center of College and Career Readiness that CCSS does not address the needs of special needs students.  Where is the protection for these children under IDEA?  How can teachers be held accountable to teach these students under CCSS when there is no adaptation available?  Not only is adaptation not allowed, the children don’t even have textbooks.

What PISA Says About PISA – Christopher Tienken

Pundits, education bureaucrats, and policy makers rejoice! It’s PISA time once again. Cue the dark music, fear mongering, worn out slogans and dogma about the United States education system failing the country economically.  Sprinkle in “global competitiveness” throughout your press release, gush over how well those non-creative, authoritarian Asian countries performed, push your market oriented, anti-local control reforms, and presto, you are ready for prime-time education-reformer status. It seems as if America is suffering from a severe case of PISA envy. But what do the vendors of PISA say about PISA?

Hubby, R.I.P.—Hooray! The Common Core Takes on Marriage – Terrence Moore
Such “lessons” now bear the logo of the Common Core, the educational regimen that we are told is the yellow brick road to “college and career readiness in a twenty-first-century global economy.” Yet since the Common Core has come under a lot of pressure of late, its advocates are claiming that it is only a “set of standards” and does not dictate curriculum. “Don’t mind us. We’re just innocent little standards (and test) makers who want to bring much-needed rigor to the schools.” Rubbish.

Moms at the National Council for the Social Studies Conference Tell MEW about Social Studies CCSS Aligned Curriculum – Missouri Education Watchdog
“I left the social studies conference with the understanding that now our children are being taught about social justice, equality, tolerance, becoming community activists for social change as well as what is and isn’t fair according to someone other than me (the parent). In addition, our children are learning about being a global citizen, not an American citizen. Many of the sessions I attended were plugging the United Nations and the Rights of the Child treaty. I heard over and over again the need for the U.S. to ratify this treaty.”

Dissecting Mike Huckabee’s Statement on the Common Core – Shane Vander Hart
The first red flag was that he doesn’t support “what Common Core has become” meaning he supported it in its original form.  This is an inadequate response because it doesn’t recognize problems inherent with the standards themselves regardless of what curriculum publishers and the Federal government has done.

VIDEO: Kenneth Ye Farragut student Dec 4th School Board
This is a must see video from a brilliant Knoxville Tennessee student who lays out all that is wrong with Common Core’s basic philosophy and our now insane focus on standardized test results.

Teachers face retaliation for criticizing Common Core – Karen Schroeder

NEA Today published an article claiming that 75 percent of their members supported Common Core Standards. Insulted and betrayed by their union, more than 200 teachers immediately reported that they had not been surveyed and that they knew of no teachers in their schools who supported Common Core Standards. Others implied that the union knew that the majority of teachers hated Common Core and that the union refused to represent those teachers.

And in his own words… David Coleman
“we’re composed of that collection of unqualified people
who were involved in developing the common standards.”

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WEEK 2 – Call to Action
If you missed Week 1, please visit here for details.

Start planning to meet us in Topeka for a Day at the Capitol!
January 14, 15, & 16 and 21, 22 & 23
Take time to participate and make a difference!
We are going to need more than emails and phone calls,
if we really want to make a change.
*The legislative session begins January 13, 2014.*



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