Didn’t make it to the Capitol last week?


Thank you to everyone who came to Topeka last week, sent emails, made phone calls and sent letters!
We had a great three days, and enjoyed meeting Kansans from Dodge City to Council Grove to Kansas City.  We had families, parents, grandparents and concerned Kansans voicing their opposition to Common Core!

Didn’t make it to the Capitol last week?
How about this week?  January 21, 22, & 23
Although we will not be there like we were last week, there will be some individuals and small groups planning to be there on those days.  We are happy to put you in contact with them.  Please email kristin@kansansagainstcommoncore.com for details.

Please keep up the phone calls, emails, letters and tweets to your Representative and Senator, and the Governor’s Office.


  • The Kansas Board of Education adopted the national K-12 Common Core standards in English and math in 2010 in order to score points on a federal grant competition…a competition we did not even win….money we did not get!
  • As a result we now have the Common Core standards, and they are of poor quality:
    • They fail to prepare students for studies in science, technology, engineering and math.  They put our students two years behind their peers in high-performing countries by eighth grade, and they are even worse for high school.
    • In English language arts, the Common Core severely de-emphasizes the study of classic literature in favor of drab and simplistic “informational” texts.  It does this despite the fact that the overwhelming evidence is that children should be reading more, not less, classic literature.
    • Prominent child psychiatrists and psychologists have heavily criticized the standards as being age-inappropriate for young children.
  • Kansas needs to reclaim its authority over education.  It needs to get out of the standards and develop world class standards that the Kansans control.
  • The state legislature can do this with passage of a simple law.  But they need to know that this is important.  This is critical.

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