Get creative!


We are often contacted by individuals from across Kansas who think that no one is listening, and they are not sure how to spread the message – Stop Common Core (Kansas College and Career Ready Standards).

Time to think outside the box to spread the Stop Common Core message!
Here are just a few ideas…

BILLBOARDS – Large, small, or even a yard sign.
BARNS – or silos.
BOOKMARKS – Hand them out wherever you go!
BROADCAST – Television and radio – have you contacted your local stations?
BLACK AND WHITE – Newspapers, bulletins and flyers – write, post & share.

We are also working on a NEW page on our website – Connect Locally – to help you connect with others in your local area.  We truly believe one person can make a difference, but working with others is very helpful.  Let us know if we can help you connect –

Keep it up Kansas!
Let’s get creative and #StopCommonCore.

This is not the time to give up, because
Citizens are Winning the Common Core War – Missouri Education Watchog
So take heart! Keep up the fight and start using that social media to get the facts out about Common Core. Tweet this article with the disheartening news from the ed reformers. Let your legislators know how support for the “state led” standards that bypassed the legislators and citizens in those states is diminishing and we won’t quit until the CCSSI disappears into the history books as a failed education reform and attempt at corporate takeover of public education.


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