TODAY! Please CALL & EMAIL all House Education Committee members!


Please contact EVERY member of the House Education Committee,
and tell them to support HB 2621.
*All contact information is listed below.

The hearing is tomorrow at 1:15pm,
Room 112-N, Kansas Capitol, Topeka, KS.

NOW is the time to STOP Common Core
(Kansas College and Career Ready Standards)
and Reclaim Kansas Education!

House Education Committee Chair
Rep. Kasha Kelley 151-S
Phone: 785 296-7671

Vice Chair
Rep. Ward Cassidy 151-S
Phone: 785 296-7616

Ranking Minority Member
Rep. Ed Trimmer 174-W
Phone: 785 296-7122

Rep. Sue Boldra 352-W
785 296-4683,
Rep. John Bradford 166-W
785 296-7653,
Rep. Carolyn Bridges 174-W
785 296-7646,
Rep. Diana Dierks 519-N
785 296-7642,
Rep. Willie Dove 167-W
785 296-7670,
Rep. John Ewy 512-N
785 296-7105,
Rep. Shanti Gandhi 167-W
785 296-7672,
Rep. Amanda Grosserode 274-W
785 296-7659,
Rep. Dennis Hedke 581-W
785 296-7699,
Rep. Ron Highland 559-W
785 296-7310,
Rep. Roderick Houston 54-S
785 296-7652,
Rep. Jerry Lunn 352-S
785 296-7675,
Rep. Nancy Lusk 54S
785 296-7651,
Rep. Kelly Meigs 187-N
785 296-7656,
Rep. Melissa Rooker 168-W
785 296-7686
Rep. Valdenia Winn 451-S
785 296-7657

COPY & PASTE EMAIL LIST:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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