After the busy weekend…

We have still received a few messages and questions about whether or not the language to stop Common Core made it into the final bill that passed over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the language addressing Common Core was removed in early negotiations and was not put back into the bill.

Kansas still has Common Core.
(Kansas College and Career Ready Standards).

Please keep following, researching, sharing, and spreading the truth about Common Core with your friends and family.
Don’t be afraid to stand up and speak out!

Contact your local school board, the State Board of Education,
legislators, and the Governor.
You can do it!  You can make a difference!
Stop Common Core

There are many people and groups across the state opposed to Common Core and actively working to STOP Common Core in Kansas.


If you have time, please send a note of appreciation to the 27 Senators who supported the bill version that included the stop Common Core language.
They are listed here:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


One thought on “After the busy weekend…

  1. Kristin,

    There were many representatives that supported the repeal of Common Core. Do you have the list of their names/email addresses?


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