Time’s up!


As you may already know, the Kansas Legislature has finished the session  Unfortunately, Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards were not repealed and replaced.  We still have “Kansas College and Career Ready Standards”.

What’s next?
Please continue to share and speak out about Common Core with friends, family, neighbors, teachers, etc.  Be factual and concise.  Common Core IS more than standards, and this can make it very easy to get lost in the weeds.  Start with the basics.  Here are several good places to start:

Be involved in your local community!  Speak with others, distribute literature, write an editorial for a newspaper, host an event, have an information table at a community festival or event, walk in a parade, attend local board meetings, run for the school board, attend town halls, contact Governor Brownback, contact your legislators, contact those running in the upcoming election cycle and know where they stand on Common Core, consider running for a position, contact your KS State Board of Education member, attend a KS State Board of Education meeting, consider running for the board…


Thank you all for the absolutely amazing amount of personal time and investment you have given to the fight to reclaim Kansas education.  The session may be over, but the opposition to Common Core is only growing.

Kansans Against Common Core

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