In case you missed it, the Oklahoma legislature passed HB3399 – REPEAL/STOP COMMON CORE – last Friday, May 23rd.

As Gretchen Logue, Missouri Education Watchdog, writes…
Oklahoma Goes Where No State Legislature Has Gone Before
It’s astounding when concerned citizens have to celebrate a state legislature reclaiming control of what is rightfully theirs to control: the educational development and delivery of their standards.  State legislatures should NEVER have had to spend time in session undoing what is illegal.  Governors overstepped their authority to sign their states on to the concept of national standards (they weren’t even written) and give away their state’s right to set educational standards and assessments to private companies.   It is astounding that a state legislature has to pass legislation to thwart the plans of private organizations to take over the control of public education and bypasses voters and legislators.

Read the entire press release from Restore Oklahoma Public Education HERE:

Bill To Repeal And Stop Common Core Passes Oklahoma House and Senate May 23
If signed, HB3399 would be the most thorough removal of Common Core from any state of adoption in the nation to date.  The bill:

  1. Repeals Common Core from state law, creating a framework for standards to be written by Oklahomans over a two year time period.
  2. Directs a return to the state’s previous standards and tests during the interim.
  3. Requires the “mastery of the “standard algorithms in math” – the “most logical, efficient way of solving a problem that consistently works”, in attempt to curb the concept of ‘fuzzy math’.
  4. Requires Oklahoma’s new standards be compared against the Common Core State Standards to ensure they are NOT in alignment.
  5. Provides legislative review and approval of finalized standards as created through the State Board of Education.
  6. Prohibits the state Board of Education from entering into any agreements that would in any way cede control or authority of Oklahoma standards or tests.
  7. Directs standards and tests to be developmentally appropriate.
  8. Creates a paper and pencil test option in the event online testing creates issues for students.

And the question now…
Nation Waits on OK Gov. Fallin: Will She Repeal Common Core Standards?

“The citizens of Oklahoma have achieved an astounding victory. Armed with the facts, they demanded that their legislators defend their rights and the constitutional structure that protects those rights,” said Emmett McGroarty, APP’s Education Director, in a press release. “They did so in the face of an aggressive federal government, the elitists in both parties, and the powerful education industrial complex hellbent on exploiting our children.”

“The issue now is whether Governor Fallin will stand with the moms, dads, and other citizens in Oklahoma, or will she stand with the federal government and corporatists,” McGroarty said.

What can you do to help support the Oklahoma legislation and our friends in Oklahoma?

1. Restore Oklahoma Public Education has made it easy to send a letter to Governor Fallin.  They have put together letters (one for in state and one for out of state) with instructions for you to copy, paste and submit!

DETAILS HERE: Letters To Copy And Paste For Governor Fallin – PLEASE SIGN HB3399
As many of you know, HB3399 (the repeal and replacement of Common Core) passed from both the Oklahoma House and Senate by an overwhelming majority Friday the 23rd.  Shortly thereafter, the legislature went Sine Di.  Governor Fallin has until June 2 to sign HB3399 to sign the bill into law.  If she chooses not to act, the bill will die by pocket veto.

2.  PLEASE SIGN and share this letter by the American Principles Project to Governor Mary Fallin, NGA Chair:

Over 5000 Americans have now signed our ‪#NGAEndCommonCore‬ letter telling NGA Chair Governor Mary Fallin to ‪#StopCommonCore‬!


American Principles Project:
Join American Principles Project, Eagle Forum, HSLDA, Pioneer Institute, Michelle Malkin and others urging Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, Chair of the National Governors Association, to end the Common Core State Standards Initiative. Through this initiative the NGA has enabled corporations and other private interests to drive education policy which has compromised the power of parents. So we are asking parents, educators and concerned citizens to add their names with ours in order to stop the Common Core State Standards.


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