We have started posting the results from the survey emailed to Kansas primary candidates for the State Board of Education, the Kansas Senate and the Kansas House.  Thank you to those who have taken the time to complete the survey.  We will continue to post results as they are submitted.


Kansans Against Common Core does not endorse candidates, but encourages all Kansans to be active and engaged – and VOTE!

Don’t forget the Kansas primary election is August 5th!

You can find those results by clicking “Survey – Primary Candidates 2014” at the top menu of the website OR by clicking here:

Here are the questions that were asked:

1. Contact Info – name, address, city/town, KS, ZIP/Postal code, email address, phone number

2. For what elected office are you running and under which party (if applicable)? Be very specific about the county, district, or seat.

3. Do you believe Common Core Standards (aka The Kansas College and Career Ready Standards) will prepare students to be college and career ready?
– Yes
– No

4. Do you believe it should be a parent’s right to opt out a student from the Common Core aligned high-stakes testing and also opt out a student from the State Longitudinal Database system that currently tracks all students without parental consent?

5. With regard to the federal Department of Education, do you support:
– Completely eliminating it
– Changing it to a small research and advisory council
– Leaving it the way it is

6. Do you support the removal of laws that interfere with a parent’s natural right to oversee every aspect of his child’s education, including curriculum, assessments, data tracking, teacher selection, school selection, etc.?
– Yes
– No

7. Do you believe Kansas should provide universal pre-K for all children?
– Yes
– No

8. With regards to your own research about Common Core (aka Kansas Career and Ready Standards), have you done:
– No research of my own
– Some research on my own (i.e. I asked around to a handful of teachers, parents, administrators)
– Substantial research of my own (i.e. I have actually read the Standards and their appendices as well as well as other published material on the subject.)

9. Do you have any questions about Common Core (aka Kansas Career and Ready Standards) or would you like to speak with any representative from Kansans Against Common Core?
– Yes
– No

10. If you want to clarify any of your responses, please do so here.

You can find those results here:

*Please note:  We are doing our best to contact all the candidates for these offices (State BOE, Kansas Senate, and Kansas House), and have initially emailed using this list provided by the office of the Kansas Secretary of State.  However, some emails have not been deliverable and some candidates do not list one.  If you do not see results from a candidate in your district, please take time to contact them, and ask where they stand on the issue of Common Core.  THANK YOU!

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