Call To Action

Dear Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and Common Core Activists-

We need you to make a call or two today!! There is a development that can directly affect Common Core repeal legislation.

You see, leadership in Topeka doesn’t want you to know how your elected officials vote on your important issues this year, including Common Core. Last year, our Common Core repeal bill died in committee and we don’t have a clue who voted how.

We think it is important to know how your legislator votes in committee, on amendments, and at every stage of the process in the legislature.

The House will likely vote on their rules this week.

We don’t have much time.

Contact Representative John Barker, the new Rules Committee Chair, immediately and tell him that voters deserve to know how legislators vote at every step. Call him at 785-296-7674 (leave a message if you get a recording) and email him at

Let us be frank. Getting the house to record all votes – in committee, on amendments, and on procedures – is the most important issue of the session, we believe, besides Common Core repeal.

You deserve to know how your legislature votes at every step of the bill-making process. You deserve to know who waters down bills, and who stands firm.

At the end of this session, what will we have? Without recorded votes at every stage we will have more worthless bills, no real progress, and no clue whom to hold accountable for it.

Please make that call, if you can by Wednesday at 5:00PM.

Kansans Against Common Core Board Members

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