NO to Sen. Alexander’s NCLB Re-Authorization–Time Sensitive

Hi Everyone-

First, please FORWARD this to anyone who will send a quick email. Note, this MUST be done by Feb. 2, so TIME IS IMPORTANT!

I need your help contacting senators at the federal level. Sen. Lamar Alexander has proposed a re-authorization to NCLB that will lock states into common core through state testing and accountability. Please send an email to the following address by Feb. 2 asking them to NOT pass the re-authorization, but rather sunset NCLB altogether. Send emails here:

Here is a link where you can read about the “hidden” stuff:

If you don’t have time to read it yourself and feel comfortable trusting me on this, here’s what I sent. Please do not copy/paste. Feel free to use the same ideas, but use your own words. It’s very important. Keep it short, please. Even just a “Let NCLB go. It’s bad to start with and fixing it using Sen. Alexander’s re-authorization will just make it worse.”

To Whom it May Concern:

Please do not “fix” NCLB. Please, just let it go. Sunset it. It is not the fed’s job to control education across the states. This is the states’ responsibility, so please, don’t support Sen. Alexander’s re-authorization to NCLB. It’s wrong in so many ways and to list them all here would be folly. Giving more power to the Secretary of Education is a HUGE mistake. That’s just more federal over-reach.

I am well aware of Sen. Alexander’s stance on Common Core and honestly, that’s all this is–to promote and secure Common Core and force states to comply using more “Race to the Top” type competitions and funding. I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong too.

PLEASE, do NOT support Sen. Alexander’s NCLB re-authorization. Just let this one sunset.



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