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Common Core is Predatory…Gear Up!

Common Core is Predatory
By Rosy Schmidt, Kansans Against Common Core
Edited by Courtney Rankin, Kansans Against Common Core
February 9, 2015

I often carry a favorite photo of my youngsters when I go out and fight Common Core. It is a favorite photo (of course) and one that reminds me why I jumped into the Common Core fight last year. In the photo is my seven-year-old redhead dressed for Halloween as Lucille Ball and her compliant three-year-old brother dressed as a dinky Ricky Ricardo. It makes me smile and it reminds me why I am willing to leave my comfort zone to read legal documents, research like my life depended on it, and leave dishes in the sink for three days at a time. My kids. America’s kids. A couple weeks ago, I saw the motivational photo that will now replace the photo of my darlings. It is a heartbreaking image that I know will keep the fire burning in my belly when I get tired. It is the image below, of that little boy struggling with his Common Core homework. It displays and evokes emotions that I cannot even describe. Moms and dads, we must not tolerate this any longer; we must protect our kids!! Common Core is predatory.
It wasn’t even a month ago that I actually scribbled to myself “Common Core is predatory.” It is predatory for the way it causes children to suffer the “age inappropriate, error and trick laden, too much, too soon, too fast, common core homework,” as described on the stopcommoncorenys website, which posted this photo. The post said it received “hundreds of commiserating comments within a half hour.” When we posted on our Kansans Against Common Core Facebook page, it received more than 11,000 hits in three days.

Common Core has been predatory from its behind-closed-doors inception, starting with the gutting of privacy laws that have been in place for decades to protect our kids from this very thing. It is predatory in how it collects massive data on our kids, data that is, frankly, none of their damn business, and data that is very likely to get into the hands of who knows what creep. (Oh, that’s right; Common Core does not technically collect data on kids—it’s the state longitudinal data systems that do this, and the “Social, Emotional and Character Development” (SECD) standards…and all of the other enticement programs that the dealers deal and that they have aligned to Common Core). Bribes. We’ve been warned about that.

Predators also operate by exploitation and control and Common Core plays by these rules, too—in their ever-expanding networks of players who seek to exploit and control kids and schools (and school budgets)—testing companies, survey groups, book publishers’ marketers, on-line app providers, and so on. Predators use people and they are using our kids and schools.

It is predatory in how it shamelessly advocates and normalizes pornography for our still impressionable high schoolers. “Here, we can look at this together…we don’t have to tell your parents.” Check out these books, both on your high schooler’s Common Core English Language Arts Appendix B reading list: The Bluest Eye and Dreaming in Cuban. Did you know that “The National Sexuality Education Standards” are aligned with Common Core? Did anyone ask you what you thought appropriate for your child? Predators love to keep the protectors, the parents, out of the picture.

Predators love to marginalize parents. They often have a honed ability to fool parents through long-held trust. Predators know that parents, by and large, have always trusted what teachers taught. Teachers must now teach Common Core (or else) and the predators use this trust for cover. What is the threat that the Common Core predators use to keep teachers quiet and compliant? Their evaluations. You see, teacher evaluations (and their very livelihoods) are now to be based on high-stakes Common Core-aligned test scores!

Predators steal souls. That’s what they are doing to teachers, too; they are stealing the soul of teaching by snuffing creativity, judgment, experience, and independence. Here are the numbers of teacher retirements for the last five years: 2010: 1028, 2011: 1508, 2012: 1260, 2013: 2084, 2014: 2,199. Is this coincidence?

Common Core has turned some good people with good intentions into addicts, addicts to the drug of federal money. The covert implementation has happened in record time. It has attempted to wolf down the sovereign educational rights of nearly all 50 states. Read our wonderful 10th Amendment again, would you? Do we really have to hear anymore to know that, right now, we need to ACT—to get this predator out of our neighborhoods?
Will you help us tack some hides to the barn?
Gear up…the real fight begins February 10!

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Stay Tuned!

Coming soon…Roll out of our STOP COMMON CORE 2015 campaign! We hope to have a big announcement in the next couple of days, and if that happens, we are REALLY going to need YOUR help. EVERY phone call, EVERY email, EVERY person who can go to Topeka will BE NEEDED! So please, stay tuned!


NO to Sen. Alexander’s NCLB Re-Authorization–Time Sensitive

Hi Everyone-

First, please FORWARD this to anyone who will send a quick email. Note, this MUST be done by Feb. 2, so TIME IS IMPORTANT!

I need your help contacting senators at the federal level. Sen. Lamar Alexander has proposed a re-authorization to NCLB that will lock states into common core through state testing and accountability. Please send an email to the following address by Feb. 2 asking them to NOT pass the re-authorization, but rather sunset NCLB altogether. Send emails here:

Here is a link where you can read about the “hidden” stuff:

If you don’t have time to read it yourself and feel comfortable trusting me on this, here’s what I sent. Please do not copy/paste. Feel free to use the same ideas, but use your own words. It’s very important. Keep it short, please. Even just a “Let NCLB go. It’s bad to start with and fixing it using Sen. Alexander’s re-authorization will just make it worse.”

To Whom it May Concern:

Please do not “fix” NCLB. Please, just let it go. Sunset it. It is not the fed’s job to control education across the states. This is the states’ responsibility, so please, don’t support Sen. Alexander’s re-authorization to NCLB. It’s wrong in so many ways and to list them all here would be folly. Giving more power to the Secretary of Education is a HUGE mistake. That’s just more federal over-reach.

I am well aware of Sen. Alexander’s stance on Common Core and honestly, that’s all this is–to promote and secure Common Core and force states to comply using more “Race to the Top” type competitions and funding. I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong too.

PLEASE, do NOT support Sen. Alexander’s NCLB re-authorization. Just let this one sunset.