Getting Down to the Wire–II

Hi Everyone-

**The vote is at 10:30AM on Friday in room 112NS.** (Yes, that room is correct!)
Update: We have added a name to the list below…

We have reports that there are lots of calls and emails making it to a number of House Education Committee members. This is outstanding. Good work, troops! But, you’re not done yet. MORE, MORE, MORE are needed, so please, forward this on to every Kansan you can think of and ask them to take action…again and again!

It is getting down to the wire in committees to pass bills so that the full House has a chance to act on them. We only have one week left for this to happen. So, here’s what we need from all of you, and more!
1. Call/email the House Education Committee Chair, Ron Highland at 785-296-7310. We are asking that you be polite, but firm (i.e. use your “mom voice”) in asking him to:

  • Make public the date for the vote.
  • Record all votes (so we all know who votes how).
  • 2292 and NO SUBSTITUTIONS!
  • 2292 is a SOLID and VETTED bill…so support it!

2. Call/email House Speaker Ray Merrick 785.296.2302. Please be polite, but firm. Let him know that:

  • “We the people” don’t want a substitute.
  • “We the people” do not support an 11th hour substitute.
  • “We the people” are watching our legislators closely and expect our voices to be heard and acted upon.
  • 2292 is a SOLID and VETTED bill…so support it!

3. Call/email Rep. Bradford at 785 296-7653. Here, we are asking that you be polite, but assertive (I would say more like a firm “teacher voice”). The messages he must hear:

  • He’s been saying he’s been trying to get rid of CC for three years, and here is his perfect chance and it seems he won’t take it. Make sure to point that out.
  • HB2292 is a SOLID BILL…so support it!
  • It is not right that he’s holding back 2292.
  • Let the FULL HOUSE see the bill and let them decide what to do with it.
  • Voters who care about this are paying attention–he’s getting hundreds of calls/emails in support of HB2292 and he needs to do the will of the people. That’s his job!
  • “We the people” do not want a substitute.
  • Constituents in his own district are on board as they are signing a petition to support 2292.

4. Call/email Rep. Grosserode at 785-296-7659. Again, polite but assertive.

  • She’s been saying she’s against CC for a while and she home schools. So, now is her chance to put her money where her mouth is and SUPPORT HB2292 as it stands, no amendments.
  • Voters in her own district are overwhelmingly supporting HB2292 as it stands. Is she with her constituents or against them? Does she think her voters will remember what she does or does not doe here come election time?
  • Kansas could be a leader here. We could be marching to the beat of our own drummer. Does she want to be a leader or a follower? Let the FULL HOUSE decide this, not just her.
  • 2292 is a SOLID BILL and her constituents expect her to SUPPORT IT!

Remember, if this doesn’t make it out of committee next week, we are stuck with CC in Kansas for another year! These people MUST hear from us, over and over again. We know you guys have been working the phone lines and the emails, but we must keep pushing and pushing. Please, don’t stop now!

2 thoughts on “Getting Down to the Wire–II

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  2. There is a scheduling change. The vote is **10:30AM, not 1:30, and is in Room 112-N. (Yes, that is correct!) Friday, March 20, 2015.

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