Whoops…I think we had some sort of technical glitch or maybe a gremlin or something…So, I’m re-posting this…sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi Everyone-
We are still working to bring you some information, but we want to be very sure that what we bring you is accurate. We want to bring you information about the vote itself and also any possible future action items. So, please, hold tight.
In the mean time, we want to reach out to Rep. Tony Barton of Leavenworth to say THANK YOU for his courage, his commitment, and his character! Of all the members of the House Education Committee, this past Friday, Rep. Barton was a stand-up guy. We are grateful that he believes in his convictions and that he is willing to stand by them, no matter what. We at KACC thank him and we encourage you all to do so as well.
Rep. Barton can be reached at 785.296.7522 or tony.barton@house.ks.gov. Please, take a moment to send Rep. Barton an email or make a quick call to let him know how much you appreciate him.

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