We Are Fired Up. Are You? You Will Be…Read On!


March 23, 2015
Ok, Parents.

Here’s what has happened. The long and short of it is our legislators continuously find every reason and means to NOT remove Common Core from our kids’ schools.
The TRUTH is: They CHOOSE not to act.
The TRUTH is: This is just one of many issues that may or may not get their attention, and well, maybe next year.

Although last year was an election year and the Governor didn’t want anything controversial, so it couldn’t happen then.
The TRUTH is: They all admit, including the Governor, this was the one consistent issue they hear about from the PEOPLE of this state.
But, they “Don’t have the votes”?
But, we “Can’t pass it out of committee because we don’t have the votes on the floor”?
But the thing that makes me the MOST enraged, right now..is MY KIDS having to deal with Common Core on a DAILY basis. EVERY DAY, I have to watch my kids live and breathe Common Core. EVERY DAY is one more piece of them affected by Common Core. The people in Topeka DO NOT FEEL that and most certainly DO NOT care that REAL KIDS are dealing with this EVERY DAY. My KIDS, your KIDS come behind their posturing and their un-informed minds and their personal agendas and their political tactics.

Do you know that very FEW legislators have kids in public schools?
Do you know that very FEW legislators have kids young enough to currently be in K-12 school?
Do you know that nearly all legislators with kids young enough are either homeschooling or sending their kids to non-public school institutions?

Do you know that, even on the Education Committee, legislators have not personally taken the time to find out what’s REALLY happening in classrooms all across the state? They call their sons or daughters to find out how they should vote! Or they call their religious leader connections! Or they spew “talking point” verbiage we all know isn’t true, like, “Kansas College and Career Ready Standards are named such because they were developed by Kansans”!

Do you know that legislators openly admit to “following the direction” of other legislators, so “if you want me to vote differently, you need to get with ‘the one’ I am following.” And when we attempted on MULTIPLE occasions to do just that, the “leader of the pack” wouldn’t meet?
Do you know that the “leader of the pack,” a homeschooler by the way, who believes that not all Common Core materials need to be removed from schools, therefore nearly all attempts go “too far” in removing Common Core, believes that we have to protect the state’s ability to collect personally identifiable data on children, and believes that you, the parent, should not have the right to determine the programs that are best for your children, just as she does in personally deciding what is best for hers?

Do you know that the “leader of the pack” worked to actively kill this bill
by saying things about it that are not true (thank you Sec. Kobach for your clarification),
by saying that “The votes aren’t there,” and
by introducing an 11th hour substitute bill that, as pointed out by committee members, “pretty much maintains the status quo.”

Do you know that, just today, a legislator said that we needed to ”Get more parents to the capitol” in order to sway legislators to change their vote?
After ALL the phone calls and ALL the emails (most of which we were told they just delete without reading) and ALL of you who DID GO TO THE CAPITOL and ALL of you who have worked tirelessly in your communities to inform others of what is happening to our kids, they have the audacity (FB prohibits me from using more appropriately strong language here) to say that?

The TRUTH is: Our legislators are not truly HEARING you and acting accordingly.
The TRUTH is: They will act according to what THEY think should happen, leaving you, the parent, at their mercy, with NO RIGHTS to control and direct YOUR CHILD’S education.

We are working on the next steps in this crusade to extract, through the legislative process, something that never had to go through a legislative process to be brought into our state.
We will not sit down or be quiet or stop. We can’t.

As a parent,
I will continue taking steps to never allow my child to take any of the assessing tests.
I will continue to not approve my child’s participation in academic technologies that track and mine data on my child.
I will continue to actively employ interventions to counter the social mind-wrangling my kids experience at school every day.
I will continue to COMMUNICATE my DISSATISFACTION with my legislator’s inaction to my legislator.

Blessings to you all in your own heart-felt wrestling and day-to-day battles with this.

I will not stop, because I cannot.


1. Call the Governor’s office frequently and tell him to rid this state of Common Core. 785-296-3232
2. Call Speaker Merrick’s office frequently and tell him to rid this state of Common Core. 785-296-2302
3. Call your own representative. List here: http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2015_16/chamber/house/roster/
TELL THESE PEOPLE WHAT YOU WANT AND TELL THEM FREQUENTLY! Tell them you’re tired of the baloney and that NOW is the time to take care of Kansas kids, teachers, and parents. Let them know that you are watching what they do and what they say, and in state government, the next election is always just around the corner!

Thanks, and never give up!



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