2016 Call to Action #1


Now is the time. Now is the time to come together. Stopping Common Core in Kansas will absolutely not happen unless YOU, the PEOPLE, stand up and make your wished heard. The legislative session is very short and we need you to act tirelessly, right now and for the next ten days. Here is where you can see the House Education Committee. Just click on their names and their contact info pops up. The link below is copy/pasted and so it should work. If it does not, then please go to KsLegistlature.org, go to the “House” tab and select “Committees” and then scroll down to “Education.”


Tell them that you expect them to support Common Core Repeal Bill RS2855 and that you want them to contact Rep. Scapa to sign on to this bill.

These are the representatives who require our immediate attention:

John Barker

Sue Boldra

John Bradford**

Rob Bruchman

Amanda Grosserode

Becky Hutchins

Kasha Kelley

Nancy Lusk

Charles Macheers**

Jarrod Ousley

Charles Smith

Ed Trimmer

**= Rep. has signed onto the bill, but his actions have been inconsistent and it’s critical that you let him know he needs to stand firm.




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