Call To Action–It’s Time to Bug Some Representatives!

Fine Followers:

Today, we have a new list of representatives for you who will need a little extra attention from all of us this week. Time is of the essence. Please, do not delay!

These folks need a little encouragement to sponsor RS2855 which is the Repeal Common Core preliminary bill the revisors have that is awaiting a bill number. For some reason, many House members will “hear” big lobbyists but not the grassroots. Let’s show them what a mistake that is by lighting up their phone lines! It’s time to bug them. Call the people below and ask them to sponsor RS2855 and the rep should contact Rep. Tony Barton to sponsor.

We have personally asked each of these representatives to sign on their support for our Repeal Common Core bill and they have given us a few different explanations as to why they will not “yet” sign on. You may recall that we posted a few of these excuses, with a little sarcasm to boot, a few days back. Here is part of that post with the excuses:
“election year”
“getting a lot of heat”
“we’ve done this before, not doing again”
“don’t want to make people mad”
“so-and-so told me not to vote for it”
“costs too much”
“not constitutional”
“will be challenged in court”
“too controversial”
“do we still have that in Kansas?”
“I thought that was going away with ESSA.”
“Representative so and so said we don’t have Common Core in Kansas…”
“my best friend is in the bathroom, so I have to wait for him to come out, to know what to do”
“check w/ me tomorrow, I left my brain at home today”

So, we need you to do what you do best…FLOOD THE PHONE LINES! It’s not enough to make one call. It takes persistence and determination and we have just the grassroots group who fits that bill! If you are in one of these rep’s districts, then it is even more important. Remember that one call from a constituent is the equivalent to one hundred opinions. If you are from that rep’s district, make sure to say you are from his district! Get your friends and neighbors to call too. If you’re not from that district, then gently remind the rep that you are a Kansan! Time will run short and so these folks need to hear from you again and again. Don’t be shy!

If you can, let us know what they tell you.

Esau – 785 296-7688 (from Olathe)
Gonzalez – 785 296-7500 (from Perry)
Hawkins – 785 296-7631 (from Wichita)
Highland – 785 456-9799 (from Wamego)—also the House Ed. Chair…so make sure to ask him for an
honest hearing, debate, and vote on this!
Lunn– 785 296-7675 (from Overland Park)—the Vice Chair of the House Ed. committee—so he needs to
get with the program as well!
Mast – 785-291-3500 (from Emporia)
McPherson – 785 296-7695 (from Overland Park)
Osterman – 785 296-7689 (from Wichita)
Ryckman Jr. – 785 296-5481 (from Olathe)
Ryckman Sr.– 785 296-7658 (from Meade)
Thimesch – 785 296-7105 (from Spivey)

Thank you for your help to expel Common Core from Kansas and to help push these so-called “conservative” or “republican” representatives to do the job that you, the people, sent them to Topeka to do! Keep this bill moving forward. Only YOU can make it happen!

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