*We have a few more calls we need you to make. Please see the updated list below.*

Things have heated up and we need YOUR help. Please, pass this along to your friends, family, and neighbors and encourage them to make the calls too. We cannot take the next step without you. The opposition is fierce and we must stand strong and united.

1. Call Speaker Ray Merrick’s office: Phone: 785-296-2302
Email: ray.merrick@house.ks.gov
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
2. Call Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast’s office: Phone 785-291-3500
Email: peggy.mast@house.ks.gov
Ask her to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
3. Call House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey’s office: Phone: 785-296-7662
Email: jene.vickrey@house.ks.gov
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
4. Call House Majority Whip Willie Dove’s office: Phone: 785-296-7677
Email: willie.dove@house.ks.gov
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
5. Call Governor Brownback’s office: 785-296-3232
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
6. Call YOUR representative (find your rep here):
Ask your rep to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
*Even if your representative doesn’t want to hear from you, it’s still important to make that call.

Again, things are REALLY HEATING UP and the opposition is swinging into fast action. We cannot let them get the upper hand. The State School Board and some legislators are up to their usual actions to derail getting Common Core out of Kansas by challenging the bill’s constitutionality and drafting amendments to water down the bill. One call will not be enough. You’re going to have to make many calls over the next week. It is critical that our calls outnumber their calls.

We have heard that videos and lengthy PDFs are being put together in opposition to this bill. We must unite now and fend off these attacks from groups like the PTA who put out this type of negative propaganda.

Thank you for your support and your action is key to getting Common Core out of Kansas. Without you, the grassroots, we are dead in the water.

2 thoughts on “*UPDATE* Call To Action–ALL HANDS ON DECK

  1. Dear KACC, please stop your push for this bill. Common core or whatever you call a good idea is helping our students. As a university professor, I get to see what the outcomes are of common core. It is helping. Kansas students are not globally competitive so give them a chance. If all you want is to say is: we came up these standards then come out and say that rather than hiding behind this misnomer that that these standards are “dumbing down”.

    • Hi Paul-
      You do realize that this isn’t only about standards. In part, it is about standards, that especially in the lower grades, are often not age appropriate, but beyond that, it is about the take over of our education system. This is about the collection of data an the distribution of data and who has access and what it is used for. It’s about a testing system that is out of control. It is about this system being for “the people” but not for those who actually created it. It pushes kids to trade schools and junior colleges (which is fine for those who want that path), but you could soon be out of a job because the number of kids going to a four-year university will decrease. At the very least, you’ll be teaching remedial courses because it sets kids on a path to only get to algebra II in high school! There is zero evidence that this will work and even Bill Gates told us we wouldn’t have any evidence for ten years! That’s a whole generation of guinea pigs. These things were put into the place without the people having a clue and it’s the people whose children and families are affected. Those who put it into place were bribed and then didn’t even get the bribe money. Those people were sold a bill of goods and without doing one ounce of research or the consent of the people, they just “signed us up.” This whole thing stinks from the start and parents want this stopped. This bill will help Kansas solve all of these things and put Kansas back in charge of Kansas education. HB2292 is the best bill out there. It is revolutionary. It deserves contemplation not condemnation.

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