I know many of you have just been waiting for me to say this and waiting for your opportunity to get involved, so here it goes….It’s your turn, Kansas teachers! 🙂

We are looking for YOUR written testimony that will support expelling Common Core from Kansas forever. You can do it anonymously if you like, but if we don’t get YOUR support, we are stuck with this in Kansas for another 7 years!

Here is what you do:
1. Say who you are (and you do not have to use your name specifically if you want to keep your testimony anonymous). Include what you teach and how long you’ve been teaching (or taught if you’re retired or on hiatus).
2. Give 1-3 reasons why you would like to see Kansas out of Common Core. e.g. The standards are not age appropriate in lower grades, there is too much data collection, there is too much emphasis on testing and/or teaching to the test, the standards, and thus, the curriculum dictate pedagogy, there is too much federal intrusion, what you see in your own classrooms, over-emphasis on technology, etc.
3. Ask that they (the House) support HB2292 with NO amendments to expel Common Core (a.k.a. The Kansas College and Career Ready Standards).

Half a page is good, but no more than one page would be ideal. Yes, you can offer supporting documents if you like.

Either email me with your document or email me if you have questions.

Again, if you are PRESENTLY teaching or you are RETIRED or just taking a HIATUS or even if you are a SUBSTITUTE or PARAPROFESSIONAL (Administration also WELCOME!), we NEED YOUR WRITTEN TESTIMONY! Do not assume that someone else is doing this. What you should assume is that the opposition will be out in full force. They will bring in whomever they must to stop this bill. We cannot let that happen. Teachers, we are relying on you for this because right now, it is your turn!


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