Call To Action–Establishment Shenanigans

Dear Stop Common Core Warriors,

You won’t believe the latest claims from the education establishment in Kansas.
Here’s a direct quote from USD 259 School Board President, Betty Arnold:
“We couldn’t even teach basic math if Common Core was eliminated.

They want you to believe Kansas didn’t have math before Common Core.
It seems there really is nothing the education establishment won’t do or say to protect the status quo.

The good news is their willingness to make such outrageous statements means your hard work is making a difference.

The bad news is, yesterday our Common Core Repeal bill (H.B. 2292) was removed from the House floor and sent back to the House Education Committee.
Our opponents are trying to destroy, warp, and weaken our bill.

That’s why it’s extremely important you call Speaker Ray Merrick and Education Committee Chairman Ron Highland right now.

Demand that H.B. 2292 be returned to the House floor immediately and given a recorded vote, without amendments.
Speaker Ray Merrick
Education Committee Chair Ron Highland

Additionally, be sure to read our previous post, “Call to Action—Stop the Lies,” about the shenanigans coming from the education establishment and how your involvement can stop them.

With your help, we can fight back against the nonsense from the education establishment and expel Common Core from Kansas schools forever!

Thank you for your support-

Kansans Against Common Core

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