HB2515, to establish the Kansas Scholarship Act, is on the agenda for the Senate Education committee meeting today.

When did it become and where is it stated in the Constitution that it is the responsibility of government to manage the workforce?


It is NOT a characteristic of a LIMITED GOVERNMENT designed to protect the right and ability of Americans to enjoy lives of maximum individual freedom.

This bill embodies SOCIALIST characteristics.

This bill asks the GOVERNMENT to be involved in INFLUENCING the JOB market.

This is NOT an AMERICAN characteristic.

This bill is just one of several un-American bills that overwhelmingly passed the House.  It is sponsored by a House Republican, Representative Tarwater.  ONLY SIX representatives VOTED AGAINST it, four of whom were Republicans.

HB2515 provides for the annual COLLABORATION with the Department of Commerce and Kansas business and industry to identify up to ten job fields that currently have the highest need for skilled employees.  This is government WORKFORCE development!!!!

Why is it desirous, much less “OK,” for the GOVERNMENT to be determining and attempting to INFLUENCE the vocations of individual citizens?

And, it comes with an estimated hefty SOCIALISTIC cost of $17.3M and the additional cost to the taxpayer to pay administrative costs.

PLEASE, contact the following Senate Education Committee members and ask them to VOTE AGAINST HB2515.

Sen. Molly Baumgardner  Phone: 785-296-7368  Email:

Sen. Larry Alley  Phone: 785-296-7381  Email:

Sen. Kevin Braun  Phone: 785-296-7357  Email:

Sen. Bud Estes  Phone: 785-296-7359  Email:

Sen. Bruce Givens  Phone: 785-296-7678  Email:

Sen. Dennis Pyle  Phone: 785-296-7379  Email:

Sen. Eric Rucker  Phone: 785-296-7374  Email:

Sen. Mary Jo Taylor  Phone: 785-296-7667  Email:

Sen. Mike Thompson  Phone: 785-296-7362  Email:

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