HB2515 and HB2346

Well, looks like the Kansas legislature is “allowed” to continue ASSEMBLING and ACTING to pass poor legislation.

Citizens are being bombarded with warnings and practical threats to not leave their homes.  Why does this not also apply to legislators?

Per the attached agenda, the KS Senate Education committee is continuing to entertain HB2515 and HB2346.

PLEASE, call the committee members today and tomorrow and urge them to not pass these bills out of committee.

Sen. Molly Baumgardner  Phone: 785-296-7368  Email: Molly.Baumgardner@senate.ks.gov

Sen. Larry Alley  Phone: 785-296-7381  Email: Larry.Alley@senate.ks.gov

Sen. Kevin Braun  Phone: 785-296-7357  Email: Kevin.Braun@senate.ks.gov

Sen. Bud Estes  Phone: 785-296-7359  Email: Bud.Estes@senate.ks.gov

Sen. Bruce Givens  Phone: 785-296-7678  Email: Bruce.Givens@senate.ks.gov

Sen. Dennis Pyle  Phone: 785-296-7379  Email: Dennis.Pyle@senate.ks.gov

Sen. Eric Rucker  Phone: 785-296-7374  Email: Eric.Rucker@senate.ks.gov

Sen. Mary Jo Taylor  Phone: 785-296-7667  Email: MaryJo.Taylor@senate.ks.gov

Sen. Mike Thompson  Phone: 785-296-7362  Email: Mike.Thompson@senate.ks.gov

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