SURVEY – Primary Candidates 2014

Candidates who have completed the survey are shown in *Blue.  Simply click on their name to view their survey responses.  Posting of results began on July 11th, and will continue as we receive more completed surveys.
View a copy of the survey – click here.

*Please note:  We are doing our best to contact all the candidates for these offices (State BOE, Kansas Senate, and Kansas House), and have initially emailed using this list provided by the office of the Kansas Secretary of State.  However, some emails have not been deliverable and some candidates do not list one.  If you do not see results from a candidate in your district, please take time to contact them, and ask where they stand on the issue of Common Core.  THANK YOU!

Kansans Against Common Core does not endorse candidates, but encourages all Kansans to be active and engaged – and VOTE!
Don’t forget the Kansas primary election is August 5th!

(Office, District, Party, Name, City)
Member, State Board of Education  1  D  Janet Waugh Kansas City
*Member, State Board of Education  1  R  Nancy Klemp Leavenworth
Member, State Board of Education  3  R  John W. Bacon Olathe
Member, State Board of Education  5  R  Sally Cauble Dodge City
Member, State Board of Education  5  R  Meg Wilson Great Bend
Member, State Board of Education  7  R  Kenneth R. Willard Hutchinson
Member, State Board of Education  9  R  Martin Burke Riverton
Member, State Board of Education  9  R  Jim Porter Fredonia

(Office, District, Party, Name, City)
*Kansas Senate  35  R  Marshall Christmann Lyons
Kansas Senate  35  R  Donald Hobson McPherson
Kansas Senate  35  R  Nick Reinecker Inman
*Kansas Senate  35  R  James E. Toews Inman
Kansas Senate  35  R  Richard Wilborn McPherson
*Kansas Senate  37  R  Molly Baumgardner Louisburg
*Kansas Senate  37  R  Charlotte O’Hara Overland Park

(Office, District, Party, Name, City)
Kansas House  1  D  Brian Caswell Baxter Springs
*Kansas House  1  R  Michael Houser Columbus
Kansas House  2  D  Adam J. Lusker Sr. Frontenac
Kansas House  3  D  Julie Menghini Pittsburg
Kansas House  3  R  Charles (Chuck) Smith Pittsburg
Kansas House  4  D  Lucas B Cosens Fort Scott
Kansas House  4  R  Marty Read Mound City
Kansas House  5  D  Miranda Rickel Garnett
Kansas House  5  R Kevin Jones Wellsville
Kansas House  6  D  Christy C. Levings Osawatomie
Kansas House  6  R  Jene Vickrey Louisburg
Kansas House  7  R  Richard J. Proehl Parsons
Kansas House  8  D  Jodie Dietz Overland Park
Kansas House  8  R  Craig McPherson Olathe
Kansas House  8  R  Stacey L. Schlimmer Overland Park
Kansas House  9  R  Kent L. Thompson LaHarpe
Kansas House  9  R  Chad E. VanHouden Chanute
Kansas House  10  D  John Wilson Lawrence
*Kansas House  10  R  Nicolas D. VanWyhe Lawrence
Kansas House  11  R  Jim Kelly Independence
*Kansas House  12  D  Eden Fuson Augusta
*Kansas House  12  R  Virgil Peck Tyro
Kansas House  13  R  Larry P. Hibbard Toronto
Kansas House  14  D  Merlin Ring Olathe
Kansas House  14  R  Keith Esau Olathe
Kansas House  15  D  Steve Wright Olathe
Kansas House  15  R  Erin L. Davis Olathe
Kansas House  16  D  Arthena Easterwood Overland Park
Kansas House  16  D  Don McGuire Overland Park
Kansas House  16  R Amanda Grosserode Lenexa
Kansas House  16  R  Jameia Haines Overland Park
Kansas House  16  R  Ray J. Marshall Overland Park
Kansas House  17  D  Larry Meeker Lake Quivira
Kansas House  17  R  Brett M. Hildabrand Shawnee
Kansas House  18  D  Cindy Neighbor Shawnee
Kansas House  18  R  John Rubin Shawnee
*Kansas House  19  D  Patricia Stratton Prairie Village
Kansas House  19  R  Stephanie Clayton Overland Park
*Kansas House  19  R  Jennifer Flood Overland Park
*Kansas House  20  D  Elizabeth Arnold Leawood
Kansas House  20  R  Rob Bruchman Overland Park
Kansas House  21  D  Amy Bell Prairie Village
Kansas House  21  R  Barbara Bollier Mission Hills
*Kansas House  21  R  Neil Melton Prairie Village
Kansas House  22  D  Nancy Lusk Overland Park
*Kansas House  22  R  Mike Jones Overland Park
Kansas House  23  D  Amber Versola Lenexa
Kansas House  23  R  Linda Gallagher Lenexa
Kansas House  24  D  Jarrod Ousley Merriam
Kansas House  24  R  Brandon Hermreck Overland Park
Kansas House  25  D  Jennifer Robinson Westwood
Kansas House  25  R  Melissa Rooker Fairway
Kansas House 26  D  Cheron Tiffany Olathe
Kansas House  26  R  Larry L. Campbell Olathe
Kansas House  27  D  Theresa Hohl Stilwell
*Kansas House  27  R  Ray Merrick Stilwell
Kansas House  28  R  Jerry Lunn Overland Park
Kansas House  29  D  Heather Meyer Overland Park
Kansas House  29  R  James Eric Todd Overland Park
Kansas House  30  D  Liz Dickinson Lenexa
*Kansas House  30  R  Randy Powell Olathe
Kansas House  30  R  Ron Worley Lenexa
Kansas House  31  D Louis E. Ruiz Kansas City
Kansas House  32  D  Pam Curtis Kansas City
Kansas House  33  D  Tom Burroughs Kansas City
Kansas House  33  R  Sue Adams Edwardsville
Kansas House 34  D  Valdenia C. Winn Kansas City
Kansas House  35  D  Broderick Henderson Kansas City
Kansas House  36  D  Kathy Wolfe Moore Kansas City
*Kansas House  36  R  Earl Freeman Kansas City
Kansas House  37  D  Stan S. Frownfelter K.C.
Kansas House  38  D  Jan Pringle Gardner
Kansas House  38  R  Willie Dove Bonner Springs
Kansas House  39  D  Vicki Hiatt Shawnee
Kansas House  39  R  Charles Macheers Shawnee
Kansas House  40  D  Linda Johnson Leavenworth
Kansas House  40  R  John Bradford Lansing
Kansas House 41  D  Nancy D. Bauder Leavenworth
*Kansas House  41  R  Tony Barton Leavenworth
Kansas House  42  D  Harold D. Fevurly Jr. Leavenworth
*Kansas House  42  D  Austin Lee Harris Tonganoxie
*Kansas House  42  R  Connie O’Brien Tonganoxie
Kansas House  43  D  Caitlin Trujillo Gardner
*Kansas House  43  R  Bill Sutton Gardner
Kansas House  44  D  Barbara W. Ballard Lawrence
*Kansas House  45  R  Jeremy Ryan Pierce Lawrence
Kansas House  45  R  Tom Sloan Lawrence
Kansas House  46  D  Dennis “Boog” Highberger Lawrence
Kansas House  46  D Abbie Hodgson Lawrence
*Kansas House  46  R  J. Douglas Robinson Lawrence
Kansas House  47  D  Bob Sirridge Valley Falls
Kansas House  47  R  Ramon C. Gonzalez Jr. Perry
Kansas House  48  D  Sandy Ackerson Overland Park
Kansas House  48  R  Marvin Kleeb Overland Park
Kansas House  49  D Darnell Hunt Olathe
Kansas House  49  R  Scott Schwab Olathe
*Kansas House  49  R  J.H. Wilson Olathe
Kansas House  50  D  Chris Huntsman Topeka
Kansas House  50  R  Fred C. Patton Topeka
Kansas House  50  R  Josh Powell Topeka
*Kansas House  51  R  Ron Highland Wamego
Kansas House  52  D  Ty Dragoo Topeka
Kansas House  52  R  Dick Jones Topeka
Kansas House  53  D  Annie Tietze Topeka
*Kansas House  53  R  T.J. Foy Topeka
Kansas House  54  D  Ann E. Mah Topeka
Kansas House 54  R  Ken Corbet Topeka
Kansas House 55  D  Annie Kuether Topeka
Kansas House  55  R  James R. Lord Topeka
Kansas House  56  D  Virgil Weigel Topeka
Kansas House  56  R  Lane Hemsley Topeka
*Kansas House  56  R  Evan Lancaster Topeka
Kansas House  57  D  John Alcala Topeka
Kansas House  58  D  Harold Lane Topeka
*Kansas House  58  R  Cordell Fischer Topeka
Kansas House  59  D  Scott James Barnhart Ottawa
Kansas House  59  R  Blaine Finch Ottawa
*Kansas House  59  R  Bob Fluke Ottawa
Kansas House  60  R  Don Hill Emporia
Kansas House  61  D  Vivien J. Olsen St Marys
*Kansas House  61  R  Becky J. Hutchins Holton
Kansas House  62  D  Steve Lukert Sabetha
*Kansas House  62  R  Randy Garber Sabetha
Kansas House  63  D  Jerry Henry Cummings
*Kansas House  64  R  Glen R. Hawkins Riley
*Kansas House  64  R  Kathy Martin Clay Center
Kansas House  64  R  Susie Swanson Clay Center
Kansas House  65  D  Tom Brungardt Milford
Kansas House  65  R Lonnie G. Clark Junction City
*Kansas House  65  R  Allan Rothlisberg Grandview Plaza
Kansas House  66  D  Sydney Carlin Manhattan
Kansas House  67  R  Tom Phillips Manhattan
Kansas House  68  R  Tom Moxley Council Grove
*Kansas House  69  D  Gary Swartzendruber Salina
Kansas House  69  R  J.R. Claeys Salina
Kansas House 70  R  John E Barker Abilene
Kansas House  70  R  Brian Huwiler Chapman
Kansas House  71  R  Tom Bell Salina
Kansas House  71  R  Diana Dierks Salina
Kansas House  72  R  Barbara Bunting Newton
Kansas House  72  R  Marc Rhoades Newton
Kansas House  73  D  Von Peterson Canton
Kansas House  73  R  Les Mason McPherson
Kansas House  74  R Don Schroeder Hesston
Kansas House  75  D  Keri Ratliff El Dorado
Kansas House  75  R  Will Carpenter El Dorado
Kansas House  76  D  Teresa Briggs Reading
Kansas House 76  R  Jeffrey B Freeman LeRoy
*Kansas House  76  R  Peggy L. Mast Emporia
*Kansas House  77  R  Kenneth R. Bratton Augusta
*Kansas House  77  R  Kristey S. Williams Augusta
Kansas House  78  D  Jim Poe Olathe
Kansas House  78  R  Ron Ryckman Olathe
Kansas House  79  D  Ed Trimmer Winfield
*Kansas House 79  R  Larry W. Alley Winfield
Kansas House  80  R  Kasha Kelley Arkansas City
Kansas House  80  R  Andrew Lawson Arkansas City
Kansas House  81  D  Lynn Wells Derby
Kansas House  81  R  Blake Carpenter Derby
Kansas House  82  D  Danette Harris Mulvane
*Kansas House  82  R  Pete DeGraaf Mulvane
Kansas House  83  D  Carolyn Bridges Wichita
Kansas House  83  R  James Thomas Eastborough
Kansas House  84  D  Gail Finney Wichita
Kansas House  84  R  Ray “Grizzly” Racobs Wichita
Kansas House  85  D  Patrick Thorpe Wichita
Kansas House  85  R  Steven Brunk Wichita
Kansas House  86  D  Jim Ward Wichita
Kansas House 87  D  Charles Jenney Wichita
Kansas House  87  R Mark Kahrs Wichita
Kansas House  88  D  Patricia M. Sloop Wichita
*Kansas House  88  R  Jim Price Wichita
*Kansas House  88  R  Joseph Scapa Wichita
Kansas House  89  D  Roderick A. Houston Wichita
Kansas House  89  R Frank Chappell Wichita
Kansas House  90  R  Steve Huebert Valley Center
*Kansas House  91  R  Eric Henderson Park City
Kansas House  91  R  Gene Suellentrop Wichita
Kansas House  92  D  John Carmichael Wichita
*Kansas House  92  R  Jeremy Alessi Wichita
Kansas House  92  R  Jason Paul Dean Wichita
Kansas House  93  D  Sammy K. Flaharty Garden Plain
*Kansas House  93  R George F. (Joe) Edwards II Haysville
*Kansas House  93  R  John Whitmer Wichita
Kansas House  94  R  Mario Goico Wichita
Kansas House  95  D  Tom Sawyer Wichita
Kansas House 95  R  Benny Boman Wichita
Kansas House  96  D  Brandon Whipple Wichita
*Kansas House  96  R  Christopher K. Brown Wichita
Kansas House  96  R  Rick Lindsey Wichita
Kansas House  97  R  Leslie G. Osterman Wichita
Kansas House  97  R  Michael E. Walker Wichita
Kansas House  98  D  Eric Bell Wichita
Kansas House  98  D  Steven G. Crum Haysville
Kansas House  98  R  Steven Anthimides Wichita
Kansas House  99  R  Randy J. Banwart Andover
Kansas House  99  R  Dennis E. Hedke Wichita
Kansas House  100  D  John Wallace Willoughby Wichita
Kansas House  100  R  Dan Hawkins Wichita
Kansas House  101  R  Joe Seiwert Pretty Prairie
Kansas House 102  D  Brian E. Davis Hutchinson
Kansas House  102  D  Chris Givan Hutchinson
Kansas House  102  R  Jan Pauls Hutchinson
Kansas House  103  D  Ponka-We Victors Wichita
*Kansas House  104  R  Steven R. Becker Buhler
Kansas House  105  D  Sherry Livingston Wichita
Kansas House  105  R  Mark Edward Hutton Wichita
Kansas House  106  R  Sharon J. Schwartz Washington
Kansas House  107  R  Susan L. Concannon Beloit
Kansas House  108  R  Steven Johnson Assaria
Kansas House  109  R  Troy L. Waymaster Luray
Kansas House  110  R  Travis Couture-Lovelady Palco
Kansas House  111  D  James A. Leiker Hays
Kansas House  111  R  Sue E. Boldra Hays
Kansas House 112  D  Steve Muehleisen Great Bend
Kansas House  112  R  John Edmonds Great Bend
Kansas House  113  R  Jeremy “Basil” Dannebohm Ellinwood
Kansas House  114  D  Mark Schnittker Kingman
*Kansas House  114  R  Jack Thimesch Cunningham
Kansas House  115  D  Mark Low Fowler
Kansas House  115  R  Ronald W Ryckman Sr. Meade
Kansas House  116  R  Kyle D Hoffman Coldwater
Kansas House  117  R  John L. Ewy Jetmore
Kansas House  117  R  M.T. Liggett Mullinville
Kansas House  118  R  Don Hineman Dighton
Kansas House 119  D  John E. Thomas Dodge City
Kansas House  119  R  Bud Estes Dodge City
Kansas House  120  R  Richard (Rick) Billinger Goodland
Kansas House  120  R  Adam W. Smith Weskan
Kansas House 121  D  Gary Smith Olathe
*Kansas House 121  R  S. Mike Kiegerl Olathe
Kansas House 122  R  J. Russell “Russ” Jennings Lakin
*Kansas House  122  R  Stan Rice Lakin
Kansas House  123  R  John Doll Garden City
Kansas House 124  R  J. Stephen Alford Ulysses
Kansas House  125  R  Shannon G. Francis Liberal
Kansas House  125  R  Jim Rice Liberal

4 thoughts on “SURVEY – Primary Candidates 2014

  1. You don’t seem to be getting response quickly. How can we your readers help with this? The primary is fast approaching.

    • Thank you so much for asking. We would really appreciate the help. Please contact your local representative and encourage them to complete the survey. These are very helpful for the upcoming election and they should hear from their constituents about issues that are important.

  2. Perhaps if your survey questions were not written with such a clear bias, you might get more responses. It also would help candidates if you would clearly define what you mean by some of your terms, especially “common core,” which sometimes seems to be defined in the public as any form of educational tuition that I don’t like — or that my child does not excel at.

    • Cathy thank you for taking the time to look over our survey. To be clear we are a group of mostly mother’s/parents fighting for the best education for our children-we are not survey writters. I have reviewed the 10 survey questions and only see one of the 10 that could possibly be scued to being biased. When we are asking mostly direct questions with a very definate answer like what office are you running for?, and do you think CC/college and career ready standards prepare children for college? I don’t see any bias. Common Core IS a clearly defined term. A set of standards for Math and ELA developed by the National Governors Ass. in conjunction with the CCSSO, and Achieve Inc., which 45 states adopted in order to compete for Race To the Top money. We are far beyond the simplicity of what is the definition of CC?

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