weekly recap – October 4

Do you know that the Common Core Standards were never tested?
Common Core is an experiment.
And it is an unconstitutional experiment on our children.

Even Bill Gates says ‘It would be great if our education stuff worked but…

If you watch or listen to just one thing about Common Core THIS is it…
Spellbinding Words of Wisdom – Hoosiers Against Common Core
To see what a truly well-educated person sounds like, please take the time to watch the spellbinding testimony below of retired teacher, Bonnie Fisher, who testified before the Indiana Legislative Study Committee at the September 10th hearing.  Ms. Fisher’s experience in education is varied and extends far beyond that of  the K-12 classroom, including extensive reviews of over 800 textbooks from both today and decades gone by.   Her eloquence and command of the English language is truly breathtaking and will leave you in awe of her.
Want to know more about Common Core Math?
Math Teacher testifies in NH Common Core – Not good for students
Want to know more about the assessments? 

Listen to this presentation from NH – Tests are FLAWED

Computer grading will destroy our schools
The deepest reason to get rid of automated essay grading is not that the statistical correlations aren’t good enough yet (this is fixable) or that one can cleverly trick the computer (this is true, but not the root issue). The reason to get rid of automated essay grading is that the whole point of doing something like writing an essay is to learn to engage on a level that machines cannot participate in or really appreciate

The College Board and SAT scores…
False Alarm
Ginning up alarm may be lucrative business, but education policy requires a more mature discourse.
More about the changes to FERPA…
Who has access to your kid’s information? More people than you think
Regulatory amendments released in 2011 by the Education Department effectively tear down these protections and shift the responsibility of determining who has access to student data from parents to bureaucrats and administrators. Under the regulations, schools, districts and states have the ability to designate “authorized representatives” that can receive personally identifiable information without consent if they are deemed to have a “legitimate interest.” Data can now be shared with trade unions, non-educational government agencies, and private companies developing educational products and services. The Education Department even acknowledges that nothing in the regulations prohibit a state politician or private company from being designated.

And in case you missed it…
Complaint Against Science Standards Filed in Federal Court
The Complaint and additional information may be found on COPE’s website: www.COPEinc.org.
The Complaint alleges that the Kansas Board’s adoption on June 11, 2013, of A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards (the F&S) “will have the effect of causing Kansas public schools to establish and endorse a non-theistic religious worldview” in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.
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