We still need your help – phone calls and emails! Please support HB 2621!

Support HB 2621

We need your immediate help in making a few phone calls and emails on what is quickly becoming the dominant issue among citizens in Kansas and across the country.

The people have pulled back the curtain on the Common Core.  With those on the right, those on the left and those in the middle, the reality is sinking in:  the Common Core is of shockingly poor quality.  Rather than embracing what we know works, it embraces the things that have dragged down American education for the past 40 years:

  • The math standards usher in fuzzy math and by the admission of their chief architect, fail to prepare children for postsecondary education.
  • The English language arts standards severely reduce the study of classic literature –the academic basis through which children learn about humanity and prepare themselves to be citizen-leaders, successful professionals and entrepreneurs, and individuals of substance in their families, communities and churches.
  • Hundreds of early learning professionals signed a letter in 2010 asking the private associations that own the Common Core to re-draft them because many of the standards are age-inappropriate; their calls were ignored.
  • The Common Core-aligned Next Generation Science Standards are similarly bad, gutting high school chemistry and physics and leaving out large swaths of biology!

The Common Core and NGSS are perhaps the greatest deception ever foisted on the American people.  Forty-five states, including Kansas, adopted Common Core, and Kansas was, sadly, one of the first states to adopt the NGSS.  Special interests and the federal government were able to get Kansas to sign on to these because the people and their legislators never had meaningful notice of what was happening.  The executive branch –the governor and the state board of education– signed the people onto this mess, and they did so without any check or balance.

Now, legislation —HB 2621— is before the Kansas House Education Committee that will fix these problems.  It will get rid of the Common Core and NGSS.  It will institute a new standards adoption process that includes the legislature, college content professors, and parents –the very people who were excluded from the Common Core development.  It is one that provides true notice to the people and keeps the legislature informed.

But we need you to act quickly.  The legislature’s session will end soon, and the House Education Committee is taking up HB2621 now.  If we don’t act now, our children will be locked in the Common Core for another year—even as other states bail out to protect their children.

Please make the following crucial calls, and tell these legislators on the House Education Committee to vote for HB2621:
1. Rep. Ward Cassidy, 785 296-7616, ward.cassidy@house.ks.gov
2. Rep. Amanda Grosserode, 785 296-7659, amanda.grosserode@house.ks.gov
3. Rep. Sue Boldra, 785 296-4683, sue.boldra@house.ks.gov
4. Rep. John Ewy, 785 296-7105, john.ewy@house.ks.gov
5. Rep. Kelly Meigs, 785 296-7656, kelly.meigs@house.ks.gov

Alternate contact information
1. Rep. Ward Cassidy, 785-332-2850, wardmcassidy@gmail.com
2. Rep. Amanda Grosserode, 913-438-2870, amanda@amanda4kansas.com
3. Rep. Sue Boldra, 785-625-2250, sueboldra@gmail.com
4. Rep. John Ewy, 620-357-6417, johnewykansas@gmail.com
5. Rep. Kelly Meigs, 913-631-3723, krmeigs@live.com

*Alternate contact information as posted on the Kansas Legislature page.  Please be respectful and courteous in all forms of communication, and please be considerate of the time of day.  THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking time to do this today!