July – State BOE meeting

We had another good turnout at the State BOE meeting yesterday. We asked that they stay with Kansas University’s Center for Education Testing and Evaluation (CETE) to develop and administer year-end reading and math tests.

We had 5 people speak for 3 minutes and we had 8 written testimonies to present. As a result, the Board had a lot of questions of KSDE staff during the Assessments agenda item at 2:30 this afternoon. They asked about costs, technology upgrades, bandwidth, security of student-level data, when the CETE tests will be revised and how much time the SmarterBalanced tests will take. The multiple problems with SBAC and PARCC pilot tests in Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana, New York and Minnesota were brought up. Even the fact that the SBAC website does not open to the sample questions was raised.

As you know—teachers teach what is tested. Therefore, stopping the national tests will help reduce the costs, improve the curriculum and secure the privacy of student, parent and teacher individual data.

Thank you all for the great support!