February 4th – Do you know the real TRUTH about Common Core?


Do you know the real TRUTH about Common Core?

Alisa Ellis, Guest speaker
Megan King, Kansans Against Common Core

Tuesday, February 4th at 7pm

Antioch Library
Note from the Library:  Besides the library’s parking lot, parking is available behind Taco Bell and to the larger lot west of Taco Bell.
8700 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Merriam, KS  66202

Guest speaker, Alisa Ellis will speak on the history and truth of Common Core and its impact on our children and their education.

Alisa Ellis is a mother of seven ranging from pre-K to 10th grade. She and her husband reside in Utah. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Family, Home and Social Sciences. In the Spring of 2011, she became concerned with apparent change in her children’s curricula which prompted her to spend countless hours researching Utah’s education grants, governing documents, and the detailed development of Common Core. She could not ignore what she discovered. Alisa is now asked to speak at public forums across the nation, Utah legislative meetings, radio appearances and more.

Megan King is a Kansas mom, and co-founder of Kansans Against Common Core.  She will be presenting updates and information on the latest in the efforts to STOP Common Core (Kansas College & Career Ready Standards) in Kansas.

*This meeting is being hosted and organized by a concerned group of parents taking action in the Kansas City area.  If you would like to contact them directly, or need more information we would be happy to put you in touch with them.

Email kristin@kansansagainstcommoncore.com or megan@kansansagainstcommoncore.com to be put in contact with other Kansans fighting Common Core (Kansas College & Career Ready Standards) in local communities across the state.

October 5th in Kansas City

Take Back Our Schools – Missouri Coalition Against Common Core

Kansas City – Saturday October 5, 2013
North Kansas City Community Center 1-6:00*

Register to attend TODAY!

  • The History of Common Core Standards – How Did We Get Here?
  • High Quality Standards For Everyone? Not so much. What about special needs kids? How could
  •  CC harm early learners?
  • Testing Testing Testing
  • Data Collection – The government wants to know everything about your children. How can you protect their privacy?
  • What are your rights according to Missouri state law? How can you begin to assert those rights?
  • What is happening at the federal level when it comes to Common Core, Data Collection and state’s rights to control education
  • The future of education in Missouri – a common sense approach based on local assertion of rights already granted by our constitution and legislature.

There will be break out sessions for various interest groups to network with other grassroots activists.

School Board Members – Know your rights as a School Board member. Compare experiences and network with other board members who are trying to get their district out of the public/private system of common standards.

Grassroots Activists – For parents, taxpayers, teachers, legislators. We’ll talk about everything in our activist kit, answer questions and get you networking.

Non-Public Schools (Catholic/Private/Home Schools) – Whether or not CC is in or coming to your school, you need to know what to watch for and how to keep the quality education you are paying for or providing.

Learn more and receive your Grassroots Action Kit with everything you need to inform people in your district about Common Core and data collection.

Don’t wait for government to hand you back control.  Take back the control that has been yours all along.