HEADS UP ON TESTING! Break Kite Day – October 28th


Thanks to KACC mom, Courtney, for sharing this information!  Please take time to read, and click on the links to the KSDE documents for details. 

I was doing some other research today and stumbled across 2 important things. Please pass this along ASAP to those you know who care about state testing or have their kids opted out!

1. A testing schedule for this school year. Note how MANY there are and how much time it takes to give them. Then, think about how much time it takes to PREPARE for these exams.

2. Below you will see something interesting. They are having a “test run” of state testing on Oct. 28th.  Need to pass this along to EVERYONE.

From the document – Break Kite Day

To test out the bandwidth of local buildings and the bandwidth and load balancers of CETE servers by simulating operational testing conditions during one school day.
Students will be pre-assigned to the two tests associated with their grade level. All they will need to access the test is their user name and password. No ticket numbers are necessary. Schools should rotate students through computer labs all day Tuesday (if possible), asking them to take both tests, simulating, to the degree possible, a real testing day. (In full in attachment.)