Updates & Articles – February 1


Senator Roberts Introduces Bill to Block Federal Intrusion on State Education Decisions
Kansans Against Common Core leaders Kristin George and Megan King applauded the legislation saying, “We support efforts to stop Common Core, and reclaim local control of education in Kansas.  We appreciate Senator Roberts introducing legislation to limit the federal overreach in education, and we urge Kansas legislators to follow his example in restoring local control.”

Michelle Malkin – School Choice and Common Core: Mortal Enemies
Homeschool mom of six and blogger Karen Braun of Michigan sees the threat to her choice, too. Her trenchant message: “True school choice allows a parent to choose any school that meets their child’s needs, not just those that adopt Common Core State standards and assessments.”

What the heck is a 21st Century Skill – Missouri Education Watchdog
It has been a long hard search, but I have finally found what a 21st century skill is. Up until now all I could get was the “But it goes to 11.” Spinal Tap answer.

What’s in a name? Trouble, if it’s Common Core – Washington Post
***PLEASE READ! And remember that Kansas College and Career Ready Standards and Common Core Standards are the SAME!  We know better… just changing the name of Common Core will NOT be enough. We have taken the time to research and learn the facts. It is much more than a name or “just standards” – the entire package MUST be addressed.

New York Teachers turn on Common Core – Politico
The board of the New York state teachers union this weekend unanimously withdrew its support for the Common Core standards as they have been implemented — a major blow for Common Core advocates who have been touting support from teachers as proof that the standards will succeed in classrooms nationwide.

A Formal Response to the CCSSO Letter on Student Data Privacy – Truth in American Education
36 groups in 26 states co-signed this letter written by Dr. Karen Effrem, President of Education Liberty Watch and co-founder of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition, in response to a letter that members of the Council of Chief State School Officers sent to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan.


THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at the Capitol during January.  It was a great experience!  Concerned Kansans from Dodge City to Olathe came to visit with legislators.  We also appreciate everyone taking time to write, email, call and tweet!  Please continue these efforts.  Our voices are being heard.
STOP Common Core (Kansas College & Career Ready Standards) and reclaim Kansas education!

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Do you know the real TRUTH about Common Core?

Alisa Ellis, Guest speaker
Megan King, Kansans Against Common Core

Tuesday, February 4th at 7pm

Antioch Library
Note from the Library:  Besides the library’s parking lot, parking is available behind Taco Bell and to the larger lot west of Taco Bell.
8700 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Merriam, KS  66202

Guest speaker, Alisa Ellis will speak on the history and truth of Common Core and its impact on our children and their education. READ MORE

Megan King is a Kansas mom, and co-founder of Kansans Against Common Core.  She will be presenting updates and information on the latest in the efforts to STOP Common Core (Kansas College & Career Ready Standards) in Kansas. READ MORE