*We have a few more calls we need you to make. Please see the updated list below.*

Things have heated up and we need YOUR help. Please, pass this along to your friends, family, and neighbors and encourage them to make the calls too. We cannot take the next step without you. The opposition is fierce and we must stand strong and united.

1. Call Speaker Ray Merrick’s office: Phone: 785-296-2302
Email: ray.merrick@house.ks.gov
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
2. Call Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast’s office: Phone 785-291-3500
Email: peggy.mast@house.ks.gov
Ask her to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
3. Call House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey’s office: Phone: 785-296-7662
Email: jene.vickrey@house.ks.gov
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
4. Call House Majority Whip Willie Dove’s office: Phone: 785-296-7677
Email: willie.dove@house.ks.gov
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
5. Call Governor Brownback’s office: 785-296-3232
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
6. Call YOUR representative (find your rep here):
Ask your rep to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
*Even if your representative doesn’t want to hear from you, it’s still important to make that call.

Again, things are REALLY HEATING UP and the opposition is swinging into fast action. We cannot let them get the upper hand. The State School Board and some legislators are up to their usual actions to derail getting Common Core out of Kansas by challenging the bill’s constitutionality and drafting amendments to water down the bill. One call will not be enough. You’re going to have to make many calls over the next week. It is critical that our calls outnumber their calls.

We have heard that videos and lengthy PDFs are being put together in opposition to this bill. We must unite now and fend off these attacks from groups like the PTA who put out this type of negative propaganda.

Thank you for your support and your action is key to getting Common Core out of Kansas. Without you, the grassroots, we are dead in the water.



KACC would like to send a special thanks to Representatives Joseph Scapa and Tony Barton. In addition, we would like to thank Dr. Duke Pesta for coming to speak to the House Education Committee today. Finally, to all of you grassroots warriors out there, thank you!


The battle has begun in earnest, so please prepare yourselves for more activation and whatever else we need to pass this bill, without amendments, on the House floor. The bill number, for a couple of reasons, has changed back to HB2292, so if you make any calls of thanks or to encourage your representatives to get on board, use HB2292 and remember, “WITHOUT AMENDMENTS.”

We will keep you up to date with things to help with and what the schedule is as it becomes available, but for right now, it is a time for a quick prayer of thanks and a promise to see this through.


Heads Up…And OPT OUT of State Testing

Fine Followers-

Two years ago the Kansas Department of Education declared that we were out of the Smarter Balanced testing consortium and that our state assessments would be returned to the University of Kansas (CETE). For a brief moment, we were thrilled. That is until we dug just a little deeper to find out that CETE then farmed out that testing to none other than Smarter Balanced. So, it was really nothing but a poorly veiled smoke screen.

Fast forward to February 2016–present day. According to The Street and PR Newswire,

“Questar Assessment Inc. will administer the spring 2016 English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century (ELPA21) summative assessments for grades K-12 for the State of Kansas.”

You can read the whole thing here: http://www.thestreet.com/story/13454317/1/questar-assessment-inc-to-administer-elpa21-k-12-summative-assessments-for-state-of-kansas-in-spring-2016.html

So, at first glance, this too seems like it might be a good thing. However, let me point out two damaging facts. 1. Questar is ALIGNED with Smarter Balanced. Here it is from the Questar website (and I will add the screen shot below as well):

“Our system features a bank of 26 technology-enhanced items types that include all recommended by the Smarter Balanced, PARCC and ELPA21 consortia, as well as a unique audio item type that allows students to respond with, and be scored on, recorded voice responses.”
Here is the website:
Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.35.42 AM

2. The Kansas Education Commissioner, Randy Watson, is telling Kansans that we do not have Common Core in Kansas. That is just not true. The Kansas College and Career Ready Standards ARE Common Core. The fact that this Questar test has connections with SBAC (Smarter Balanced) and PAARC, means that the tests ARE ALIGNED to the Common Core Standards, AKA Kansas College and Career Ready Standards. Abraham Lincoln said, “How many legs does a dog have if you count his tail as a leg? Four. You can call a tail a leg if you want to, but that doesn’t make it a leg,” so do not let this twisting of words fool you.

So….what to do??? OPT OUT! Opt out your kid(s) from state testing! It’s not too late! Here’s all you need to do:
1. Write a note to the principal saying that you want to opt your kid out of state testing–both formative (little tests that happen during the school year) and summative (the “big” tests in the spring). KEEP A COPY for yourself. Make sure that it’s dated and has your kid’s full name on it and your signature.
2. Know that your child cannot be punished for not taking the test.
3. Some parents pick up their kids during state testing times. Some parents help provide another activity for their kids. Some kids work on existing assignments (not additional assignments), some read for pleasure, some do an art project or practice their instrument, and some help a teacher. These are just some suggestions.
4. This isn’t about what’s “best for the school,” but rather “what’s best for your kid.” Always keep that in mind. YOU are your child’s first and best advocate.

Let us know if you have questions and thank you for all your support!

Call to Action: Let’s Win This One!

Our bill, HB 2676, has been submitted in the Kansas House, and will fully expel Common Core from Kansas schools!

Despite this good news, the fact remains that your actions are needed immediately. This bill is subject to a fast approaching legislative deadline, and must be heard, debated, and voted on within the next two weeks!

Not only that, but our contacts in Topeka are reporting that opponents of HB2676 are planning to use the same tricks and schemes they tried last year!

These tactics include:

>>>Lying about the contents of our bill
>>>Lying about the constitutionality of our bill
>>>Proposing large last minute amendments to gut our bill
>>>And even proposing last minute amendments to replace our entire bill

That’s why we need your help to ensure that this important bill gets a fair vote in committee.

The following 8 members of the House Education Committee have signed on as sponsors of HB 2676. Contact them immediately and urge them to stand firm for the exact language in HB 2676, and nothing more or less! Your courtesy and professionalism is always requested and appreciated when calling or emailing our legislators.

Rep. Tony Barton 785-296-7522 tony.barton@house.ks.gov
Rep. John Bradford 785 296-7653 john.bradford@house.ks.gov
Rep. Dennis Hedke 785 296-7699 dennis.hedke@house.ks.gov
Rep. Becky Hutchins 785-296-3971 becky.hutchins@house.ks.gov
Rep. Kevin Jones 785 296-6287 kevin.jones@house.ks.gov
Rep. Jerry Lunn 785 296-7675 jerry.lunn@house.ks.gov
Rep. Charles Macheers 785 296-7675 charles.macheers@house.ks.gov
Rep. Marc Rhoades 785 296-7671 marc.rhoades@house.ks.gov

It is amazing to think that the Kansas legislature has still not expelled Common Core from Kansas schools.

You would think that a legislature with a 3-1 “conservative” majority in the Kansas House, and a 2-1 “conservative” majority in the Kansas Senate, could have done this by now.

To make things worse, with the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) last fall, many want us to believe that Common Core has been eliminated by the federal government.

Unfortunately, the ESSA keeps the College and Career Ready standards, which are essentially Common Core.

Worse, the ESSA forces states to comply with these standards to receive any money from the federal government.

If Kansas complies with the ESSA, the feds will control the standards and assessments in Kansas schools, possibly forever.

The Feds only contribute less than 8% of total Kansas spending on education, but they want to control 100% of the standards and outcomes.

The good news is that HB 2676 will fully repeal Common Core.

The other good news is that the bill has 8 cosponsors in the House Education Committee. Please call them immediately to urge them to stand firm for the exact language in HB 2676, and nothing more or less!

Rep. Tony Barton 785-296-7522 tony.barton@house.ks.gov
Rep. John Bradford 785 296-7653 john.bradford@house.ks.gov
Rep. Dennis Hedke 785 296-7699 dennis.hedke@house.ks.gov
Rep. Becky Hutchins 785-296-3971 becky.hutchins@house.ks.gov
Rep. Kevin Jones 785 296-6287 kevin.jones@house.ks.gov
Rep. Jerry Lunn 785 296-7675 jerry.lunn@house.ks.gov
Rep. Charles Macheers 785 296-7675 charles.macheers@house.ks.gov
Rep. Marc Rhoades 785 296-7671 marc.rhoades@house.ks.gov

Thanks to your efforts, last year we got a hearing on our Common Core repeal bill in the House Education Committee. Almost identical to HB 2676, our bill last year would have fully repealed Common Core, including the College and Career Ready Standards.

But last year, the debate and vote on our bill were fraught with shenanigans! There was literally no debate on our bill, only on the amendments that would have destroyed or seriously watered it down!

This year, we want a real debate and vote on the Common Core Repeal bill in House Education, so that we know who is for expelling Common Core and who is for keeping Common Core.

You need to know where your legislators stand! You need to know who says they are against Common Core, and who really has the courage to vote for a full expulsion of Common Core from Kansas schools!

With your efforts again this year, we can pave the way for a victory against Common Core, forever. But this is a slow process, and winning takes hard work.

And the lame excuses and false statements are already starting to flow:

Some legislators are trying to claim the bill is unconstitutional, but they said that about last year’s nearly identical bill as well, and Secretary of State Kris Kobach wrote that last year’s bill was not only constitutional, but that he enthusiastically supported it!

Some legislators naively or diabolically claim that the ESSA already eliminated Common Core standards, so we don’t need to pass our bill. They either have not read the ESSA, or do not understand that the College and Career Ready standards are now forced on Kansas by the ESSA and are also really Common Core.

Some legislators whine and complain that the bill is “too strong” for them to support, but in other states which recently passed weaker Common Core repeal laws, teachers are finding that Common Core “is alive and well and we are kicking and screaming.”

HB 2676 was written very deliberately, because your Kansans Against Common Core team did their homework. Experts in Kansas and across the country were consulted to learn what works and what hasn’t worked.

So, please call the sponsors of HB 2676 in the House Education Committee immediately to urge them to stand firm for the exact language in HB 2676, and nothing more or less!

Rep. Tony Barton 785-296-7522 tony.barton@house.ks.gov
Rep. John Bradford 785 296-7653 john.bradford@house.ks.gov
Rep. Dennis Hedke 785 296-7699 dennis.hedke@house.ks.gov
Rep. Becky Hutchins 785-296-3971 becky.hutchins@house.ks.gov
Rep. Kevin Jones 785 296-6287 kevin.jones@house.ks.gov
Rep. Jerry Lunn 785 296-7675 jerry.lunn@house.ks.gov
Rep. Charles Macheers 785 296-7675 charles.macheers@house.ks.gov
Rep. Marc Rhoades 785 296-7671 marc.rhoades@house.ks.gov

With your help, we can get a full debate and honest vote on Common Core repeal, and set the stage to expel Common Core from Kansas forever! You deserve to know who has the courage to stand up to the paid lobbyists in Topeka!

Your calls and emails got our bill to the House Education Committee last year, where we exposed the shenanigans of those opposed to Common Core repeal. Help keep this bill moving!

Contact the cosponsors in the House Education Committee immediately!

Thank you for your support and efforts-

Link to the HB2676: http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2015_16/measures/hb2676/

Call To Action–It’s Time to Bug Some Representatives!

Fine Followers:

Today, we have a new list of representatives for you who will need a little extra attention from all of us this week. Time is of the essence. Please, do not delay!

These folks need a little encouragement to sponsor RS2855 which is the Repeal Common Core preliminary bill the revisors have that is awaiting a bill number. For some reason, many House members will “hear” big lobbyists but not the grassroots. Let’s show them what a mistake that is by lighting up their phone lines! It’s time to bug them. Call the people below and ask them to sponsor RS2855 and the rep should contact Rep. Tony Barton to sponsor.

We have personally asked each of these representatives to sign on their support for our Repeal Common Core bill and they have given us a few different explanations as to why they will not “yet” sign on. You may recall that we posted a few of these excuses, with a little sarcasm to boot, a few days back. Here is part of that post with the excuses:
“election year”
“getting a lot of heat”
“we’ve done this before, not doing again”
“don’t want to make people mad”
“so-and-so told me not to vote for it”
“costs too much”
“not constitutional”
“will be challenged in court”
“too controversial”
“do we still have that in Kansas?”
“I thought that was going away with ESSA.”
“Representative so and so said we don’t have Common Core in Kansas…”
“my best friend is in the bathroom, so I have to wait for him to come out, to know what to do”
“check w/ me tomorrow, I left my brain at home today”

So, we need you to do what you do best…FLOOD THE PHONE LINES! It’s not enough to make one call. It takes persistence and determination and we have just the grassroots group who fits that bill! If you are in one of these rep’s districts, then it is even more important. Remember that one call from a constituent is the equivalent to one hundred opinions. If you are from that rep’s district, make sure to say you are from his district! Get your friends and neighbors to call too. If you’re not from that district, then gently remind the rep that you are a Kansan! Time will run short and so these folks need to hear from you again and again. Don’t be shy!

If you can, let us know what they tell you.

Esau – 785 296-7688 (from Olathe)
Gonzalez – 785 296-7500 (from Perry)
Hawkins – 785 296-7631 (from Wichita)
Highland – 785 456-9799 (from Wamego)—also the House Ed. Chair…so make sure to ask him for an
honest hearing, debate, and vote on this!
Lunn– 785 296-7675 (from Overland Park)—the Vice Chair of the House Ed. committee—so he needs to
get with the program as well!
Mast – 785-291-3500 (from Emporia)
McPherson – 785 296-7695 (from Overland Park)
Osterman – 785 296-7689 (from Wichita)
Ryckman Jr. – 785 296-5481 (from Olathe)
Ryckman Sr.– 785 296-7658 (from Meade)
Thimesch – 785 296-7105 (from Spivey)

Thank you for your help to expel Common Core from Kansas and to help push these so-called “conservative” or “republican” representatives to do the job that you, the people, sent them to Topeka to do! Keep this bill moving forward. Only YOU can make it happen!

bug cartoon

HB2292 Run Down with Commentary

The House Education Committee vote on HB 2292 to repeal Common Core was last Friday, March 20th. The bill did not pass out of the committee. This important topic affects more than 470,000 Kansas children and families, has a direct impact on the education budget (50% of Kansas’ overall budget), and has been a consistent issue that legislators (including the Governor) admit to hearing about often from “the people.” Tragically, your elected officials are not acting on this issue based on the VERY CLEAR message they hear from you.

Prior to Friday’s vote, proponents of HB 2292 were given exactly 45 minutes during one scheduled hearing day—45 minutes to discuss the many complexities and concerns about Common Core. The liquor licensing bill received 3 days of hearings. No questions were allowed at the hearing for HB 2292. No informational meetings were offered, as suggested by other committee chairs. That’s the best that could be done for Kansas kids??! Here’s a summary of the meeting on Friday the 20th, a meeting that was for the purpose of “discussion and possible action on HB 2292”:

The bill was reintroduced and a reviser delivered a brief summary of the bill. Without ANY discussion of HB 2292, Amanda Grosserode (R)-Lenexa, introduced an 11th hour “substitute” bill. Understand that Rep. Grosserode, who herself commented on her lengthy tenure on this committee, has never proactively put forth a bill to be fully vetted by the public and the legislature. This bill was only introduced in opposition to other proposed legislation. And, it was not even made known to the public until being introduced at this meeting. In fact, the words “Common Core” were not even in her substitute! This substitute did not even call for new standards until 2017, and even then, as pointed out by committee members, “This substitute just maintains the status quo. Why adopt it?” Ultimately, the vote on this distraction did not pass.

Here are some of Rep. Grosserode’s comments made at the meeting (our comments are in italics):
• Difficult topic and issue; have current concerns about the standards
• The “way” we have gone about this (referring to HB2292) has failed to move the needle at all
• She met with the revisors the day prior to this meeting to draft her proposed substitute bill
• Her substitute:
o Recognizes the current system in play
o New standards would be in place in 2017 (Two more years of kids under Common Core standards and the aligned curriculums and assessments. That’s her best proposal?)
o The legislature must adopt/approve the new standards (This is the only part of her proposal that we agree with. It is in HB2292. It’s interesting that Rep. Grosserode’s prior claim of this aspect being “unconstitutional,” and being subsequently rebutted by Sec. Kobach, became a part of her proposal.)
o The substitute calls for reverting to 2010 standards in 2017 if the legislature does not adopt/approve the new standards developed through the normal process. (Since the proposed substitute bill does not explicitly state that Common Core and all its alignments must be removed from Kansas, then what prevents the new standards to be approved in 2017 from being Common Core standards with another name on them? This is what has happened in other states that passed legislation. HB2292 was written to be constitutionally sound and ensure Common Core is truly gone.)
o Must take into account the Rose standards.
o There are some good things in the Common Core standards.

Comments by Rep. Bradford in support of the proposed substitute include:
• Plan to use the existing system to get rid of Common Core
• We will have “new Kansas standards” (How the existing system –under which Common Core was adopted– is supposed to remove Common Core and ensure new standards is not understood.)
• The “perfect” bill will only die in committee
• This substitute is a bill that gets the job done and gets bi-partisan support to get it out of committee

Ultimately the vote on this distraction did not pass.

Understand that while no specifics were ever offered, either at this hearing or in the two months this bill had been made public, assertions are lobbed out there to, in our opinion, cause confusion and inaction. This is a common tactic used by people to take down the opposition when they don’t want to or can’t openly discuss an issue.
These types of assertions include (and were heard at the meeting):
“The committee hasn’t heard from those affected, specifically the students.” (Again all your calls, emails and visits haven’t counted?)
“The bill won’t pass because of its flaws.”
“I don’t know too many that are more conservative than I, but I must deal with other legislators.”
“There’s a wide range of disagreement on HB2292.”
“Am going to pass ‘something’ out of committee.” (It’s easier to vote for “something” that does nothing.)

Additional comments made at the meeting:
“Coordination between the state school board members and the legislature will get Common Core gone.” (Great, agreement between the KS school board members who are staunchly pro-Common Core and a legislature that won’t take on Common Core. How exactly does that remove Common Core?)
“Want KS kids to know what kids from other states do.”
“Are we not supposed to teach kids to count to 100?”
“One size doesn’t fit all. Common Core meets that challenge. It differentiates. Teachers and schools get to decide what to do.”
“Common Core is the first time teachers have been able to teach critical thinking.”
“Kansas College and Career Ready Standards IS Kansas standards, not Common Core.”

Next, John Bradford (R)-Lansing presented two different amendments, both of which did not pass and had little to do with actually repealing Common Core or protecting our kids. After about an hour and a half, time which could have been spent discussing Common Core’s predatory nature and the merits and questions regarding HB2292, there was an abrupt call to vote on the bill (HB 2292). Someone “seconded” the motion just nanoseconds later. The obviously orchestrated plan to kill our bill– before it could be duly considered– continued. Before any real discussion, the vote was allowed to proceed. HB 2292 did not pass. The vote was 10-7 (with one abstaining).

Here’s how they voted:

J Barker (R) (Abilene) –no
T Barton (R) (Leavenworth)-yes
S Boldra (R) (Hays) –no
J Bradford (R) (Lansing) – yes
C Bridges (R) (Wichita) – no
R Bruchman (R) (Leawood) – no
D Dierks (R) (Salina) – no
W Dove (R) (Bonner Springs) – yes
J Ewy (R) (Jetmore) – no
A Grosserode (R) (Lenexa) – yes
D Hedke (R) (Wichita) – yes
J Lunn (R) (Overland Park) -yes
N Lusk (D) (Overland Park) – no
C Macheers (R) (Shawnee) – yes
M Rhoades (R) (Newton) – abstained
C Smith (R) (Pittsburg) – no
E Trimmer (R) (Winfield) – no
V Winn (D) (Kansas City) – no
Chair- Highland (R) (Wamego) – (did not vote)

Regarding the “yes” votes for HB 2292 by two members of this committee, Amanda Grosserode and John Bradford, both were approached repeatedly by this board (early and often) to seek their support for HB 2292 and to iron out any language issues, so as to secure a viable Common Core repeal bill this session to protect Kansas kids. They refused to offer any honest, substantive critiques; instead they listened to detractors who spewed false claims like, “It isn’t constitutional,” and “It will result in a lawsuit by the school board,” or “It will have a $100M fiscal note” – sensational stuff. Politics. It was, from January on: “We don’t have the votes in the house to pass this,” or “We don’t have the votes to pass this out of committee.” Our efforts to meet with them, hear their concerns, and work to favorably pass HB2292 out of committee were not met by them. Instead, they worked to not support HB2292 and offered a LAST MINUTE bill and amendments, and urged fellow committee members to join in support of these changes, to kill HB2292. They did vote “yes” to pass HB2292 out of committee, but considering everything they did prior to prevent its favorable reception and success, it’s difficult to think that it was truly a vote in favor, but rather a “cover” vote.


We Are Fired Up. Are You? You Will Be…Read On!


March 23, 2015
Ok, Parents.

Here’s what has happened. The long and short of it is our legislators continuously find every reason and means to NOT remove Common Core from our kids’ schools.
The TRUTH is: They CHOOSE not to act.
The TRUTH is: This is just one of many issues that may or may not get their attention, and well, maybe next year.

Although last year was an election year and the Governor didn’t want anything controversial, so it couldn’t happen then.
The TRUTH is: They all admit, including the Governor, this was the one consistent issue they hear about from the PEOPLE of this state.
But, they “Don’t have the votes”?
But, we “Can’t pass it out of committee because we don’t have the votes on the floor”?
But the thing that makes me the MOST enraged, right now..is MY KIDS having to deal with Common Core on a DAILY basis. EVERY DAY, I have to watch my kids live and breathe Common Core. EVERY DAY is one more piece of them affected by Common Core. The people in Topeka DO NOT FEEL that and most certainly DO NOT care that REAL KIDS are dealing with this EVERY DAY. My KIDS, your KIDS come behind their posturing and their un-informed minds and their personal agendas and their political tactics.

Do you know that very FEW legislators have kids in public schools?
Do you know that very FEW legislators have kids young enough to currently be in K-12 school?
Do you know that nearly all legislators with kids young enough are either homeschooling or sending their kids to non-public school institutions?

Do you know that, even on the Education Committee, legislators have not personally taken the time to find out what’s REALLY happening in classrooms all across the state? They call their sons or daughters to find out how they should vote! Or they call their religious leader connections! Or they spew “talking point” verbiage we all know isn’t true, like, “Kansas College and Career Ready Standards are named such because they were developed by Kansans”!

Do you know that legislators openly admit to “following the direction” of other legislators, so “if you want me to vote differently, you need to get with ‘the one’ I am following.” And when we attempted on MULTIPLE occasions to do just that, the “leader of the pack” wouldn’t meet?
Do you know that the “leader of the pack,” a homeschooler by the way, who believes that not all Common Core materials need to be removed from schools, therefore nearly all attempts go “too far” in removing Common Core, believes that we have to protect the state’s ability to collect personally identifiable data on children, and believes that you, the parent, should not have the right to determine the programs that are best for your children, just as she does in personally deciding what is best for hers?

Do you know that the “leader of the pack” worked to actively kill this bill
by saying things about it that are not true (thank you Sec. Kobach for your clarification),
by saying that “The votes aren’t there,” and
by introducing an 11th hour substitute bill that, as pointed out by committee members, “pretty much maintains the status quo.”

Do you know that, just today, a legislator said that we needed to ”Get more parents to the capitol” in order to sway legislators to change their vote?
After ALL the phone calls and ALL the emails (most of which we were told they just delete without reading) and ALL of you who DID GO TO THE CAPITOL and ALL of you who have worked tirelessly in your communities to inform others of what is happening to our kids, they have the audacity (FB prohibits me from using more appropriately strong language here) to say that?

The TRUTH is: Our legislators are not truly HEARING you and acting accordingly.
The TRUTH is: They will act according to what THEY think should happen, leaving you, the parent, at their mercy, with NO RIGHTS to control and direct YOUR CHILD’S education.

We are working on the next steps in this crusade to extract, through the legislative process, something that never had to go through a legislative process to be brought into our state.
We will not sit down or be quiet or stop. We can’t.

As a parent,
I will continue taking steps to never allow my child to take any of the assessing tests.
I will continue to not approve my child’s participation in academic technologies that track and mine data on my child.
I will continue to actively employ interventions to counter the social mind-wrangling my kids experience at school every day.
I will continue to COMMUNICATE my DISSATISFACTION with my legislator’s inaction to my legislator.

Blessings to you all in your own heart-felt wrestling and day-to-day battles with this.

I will not stop, because I cannot.


1. Call the Governor’s office frequently and tell him to rid this state of Common Core. 785-296-3232
2. Call Speaker Merrick’s office frequently and tell him to rid this state of Common Core. 785-296-2302
3. Call your own representative. List here: http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2015_16/chamber/house/roster/
TELL THESE PEOPLE WHAT YOU WANT AND TELL THEM FREQUENTLY! Tell them you’re tired of the baloney and that NOW is the time to take care of Kansas kids, teachers, and parents. Let them know that you are watching what they do and what they say, and in state government, the next election is always just around the corner!

Thanks, and never give up!