Tracking Your Kids All Summer Long

Blue Valley USD229 in the Kansas City, KS, area is often a spring board for what other districts in Kansas will soon try themselves. Therefore, Kansas parents should be watchful for this coming down the pike. If your school, like Blue Valley, already has this, then it’s time to return the device and contact your local administration, and all Kansans should contact their Kansas representatives to express concerns and to tell the legislator to stop funding these things.

Kansas TAXPAYERS FOOTING THE COST of supplying kids technology devices – not just for school, but for outside school … including the SUMMER months’ break: “students will be taking their district-provided devices home with them over the summer break.”

(At the end, are two communications from the Blue Valley school district.)

The school district assumes the SUPERIOR AUTHORITY over the parent, first by directing only one possibility (NO CHOICE) of the student/parent having and using the devices over summer break, and then by DIRECTING PARENTS how to interact with their own child and instructing of a weekly action that must be taken. The school district even places its own expectations to be those of the parent.

· Prior to the end of school, we want to encourage parents to speak with their children about expectations related to technology use over the summer, as well as remind students of proper care for these devices …

· We encourage you to speak with your child about your expectations related to technology use over the summer, as well as remind students of proper care for these devices

· We want to communicate a protocol that all students and staff should make part of their MBA routine: RESTART THE DEVICE ON MONDAY MORNINGS

ALL SUMMER LONG, the school district will be monitoring and tracking both the device and any usage 24/7.

Will my child’s district-provided device continued to be filtered over the summer?

Yes – all district-provided devices are protected 24/7 by our cloud-based filter, Securly, both at school and beyond.

The school district refers to the Orwellian program, Securly, as a “filter.” It does much more than sift or strain. The school and the providers OWN ALL THE DATA, not the student or parent. (The following detail has not been communicated to parents.)

1. It tracks the device 24/7.

2. It amasses data:

a. Location

b. All actions/keystrokes made by a student

i. Length of time visiting a website

ii. Links clicked

iii. Messages sent or posted

c. Info on the student’s PERSONAL computing device

i. Browser type and browser language

ii. Operating system

iii. IP address

d. Websites visited (including Gmail monitoring)

e. Uses cookies, web beacons and other tech to collect usage information

3. It applies analytics and AI to the data:

a. Looks for and flags social media for any signs of bullying or self-harm

b. Creates a DIGITAL FOOTPRINT on every student

c. Analysts – with PSYCHOLOGY backgrounds, analyze the content and context of student usage

d. Determines whether a student is playing games or doing homework

e. Google Analytics, etc.

4. It provides schools with data and alerts

a. ALERTS SCHOOL personnel if “self-harm” is detected

b. Works with school personnel on “how to proceed”

5. It provides parents with data on their children

a. Usage reports

b. Parents are encouraged to sign up with the Securly parent portal

c. Parent usage of Securly is also tracked and analyzed, as well

Parents not only DO NOT direct what happens with their children at school.

Now, they are NOT the determiners of what happens with their children outside of school.

The school district offers no options to parents in regard to whether their own children have and use technology devices.

AND — look at the email wording!!!! The-BVH-Family!!!!!!!

Per an information technology professional:

You’re asking my opinion about a company that deliberately misspells a word to create their company name and then sells that product to schools?

There are a ton of concerns in the privacy policy.

EVERY piece of your kid’s internet usage will be collected/owned and monitored by the school system and all its partners (providers, the state education system, etc.)

I wouldn’t use this product in a million years.

Parents can expect phone calls from schools/authorities asking why their kid is going to certain websites, or communicating/messaging in “unacceptable” ways, or worse.

But, if you’re a parent that wants The State to parent and control your kids – have at it.

The attack on parent authority and families continues to be unveiled. It will only grow, unless parents refuse to comply with this.

LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS and EDUCATION “INTERESTS” strongly and intentionally lobby state legislators regarding lack of funding and support lawsuits against the state for inadequate funding. In fact, the school districts push to burden every citizen (and business) with higher and higher taxes in order to MONITOR and CONTROL EVERY PART OF PEOPLE’S LIVES. In this case, the lives of CHILDREN.

These are NOT attributes of a society of FREEDOM or LIBERTY.

Choice–It IS YOUR Choice Who Parents YOUR Child

“Choice” – It Is YOUR Choice Who Parents YOUR Child

We had to share this from a mom who is not going take it anymore and we want to encourage you to stand up too! This is in NY. And it begins….

On Sat, Sep 10, 2016 at 9:38 AM, (The Principal) wrote:
Good Morning,

I hope (child’s name) is enjoying the start of the school year.
In regards to your request, all students are expected to take the iReady Assessments. iReady will give us instructional information for students. There is no formal process for parents to refuse participation in academic testing developed and used by the District. Below is a link to additional information regarding iReady on the (School name) School District’s website. I understand you have also sent this request to (school district person’s name) however if you still have further questions please contact her office.


(Principal’s name)
(School name) Elementary School
Sent from my iPhone”

The mother wrote responded:
“Good morning to you as well.

I’ll just dive right in – “expected” does not equal “mandated”, and even if it were mandated, I’d still refuse participation. You see, I am the parent and until some desperate attempt at legislating my rights away – my parental rights usurp what schools perceive as their rights over MY child.

Formal or informal, official or unofficial, the school does not dictate what I allow as I am the ultimate authority over my child.

She will not be participating in yet another experiment. You and I will have to navigate this together. Here’s looking forward to an amenable relationship as we both work towards the end goal of educating children – with the childs [sic] well-being the focus. We do not have to be adversaries. I’d much rather us partner together to navigate issues such as this.

Thank you for your response (which from the delay in timing, I attribute to you contacting school authorities and lawyers to make sure you’re protected). It is as I expected, and I don’t fault you for protecting yourself – just remember, when it comes to MY child, I am the ultimate authority, and I am well versed and current in the goings on in today’s education reform. I won’t be intimidated or scared into agreeing to do something I know is wrong.

iReady was piloted for a couple of months for a select few grades in a select few schools – where are the reports of that pilot? When was that presented to the community, or the parents, or our useless rubber stamping, NYSED water carrying board? It wasn’t.

When would you like to meet? I can meet any week day at 430…

With ultimate authority as a parent,
(Parent’s Name)
Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Here are KACC’s thoughts prefaced with the message that this mom above is spot on and we are proud of her for taking control and making clear what she will and will not allow. These are OUR kids and parents have every right to stand up and speak up for what they want and against things that schools should not be doing.

Per the principal’s comments, it’s not just academic testing, there’s NO process (formal or otherwise!) for parents to PARTICIPATE (choosing to OR refusing to!). PARENTS are RESPONSIBLE for directing the education of their child, NOBODY else! The overwhelming posture of the academic community is that those in education, from the USDOED and USDOL to State DOEs to elected officials to teacher unions to boards of education to principals and administrative staff, are exclusively responsible for a child’s education. Those in education don’t know what to do with a parent who even acts in a mode of responsibility toward her child. Responsible parents are instead demonized.

By design, God entrusted children to parents, to raise them to be God-fearing. (Those who think this is a “religious” statement cannot dispute the fact that children ARE born to a man and a woman—parents, not any other combination.) Children were not entrusted to the government or elected persons or teachers or unions or businesses or accountability metrics.

Parents need to write/scream whatever that they all want choice in their public schools—a choice between classrooms with chalkboards and textbooks and classrooms with only high-tech; a choice in whether to participate in any class, program, initiative, assessment, individual education plan, etc.; a choice in whether to have any information regarding an enrolled student shared beyond the enrolled school, including with the state. That message has not gotten through.

The only people who should have a “vested interest” in a child are the parents of the child. The parents should be the ONLY ONES to determine the child’s course of education. The parent/child must be the owners of the child’s intellectual property – this is in line with a person’s right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Anything less than this can only be viewed as THEFT, at a minimum. Note the principal’s statement, “iReady will give us instructional information for students” (emphasis added). The child AND his data are viewed by the school, et al, as belonging to the school to be used by the school, et al.

This parent’s communication is what needs to be promoted and happening in EVERY school in every state. Trying to work with presidential candidates, D.C. departments, elected officials, and school administrations hasn’t and won’t change anything without parents politely, but with absolute firmness and authority, declining to operate within the current flipped paradigm.

Call To Action–Public School Bathrooms


It is urgent that you contact your State Legislators immediately and demand they take action next week to get the Feds out of our Public Schools and to protect our children!

Please make sure to tell them that you expect something strong and real to be passed next week to defend our State sovereignty, our Constitution, and the safety and privacy of our school children in a place they are most vulnerable.

A resolution will not protect our children. It must be a bill passed and signed by the Governor next week! Your immediate action is required for this emergency action to happen!


State Legislators’ Contact Info:

Governor’s Contact Info:




Call To Action–Where’s The Honor?

Where’s The Honor?

If you really want Common Core stopped in Kansas, then this is the week for you to fight like the dickens for what you want. All House leadership, House Education Committee Republicans, and YOUR representative need to hear (and read) your frustration with these shenanigans. This bill can still be saved, but it will take you and your best and continued efforts to get this done. You are the grass roots. Make your voices heard! At the bottom of this message is what we need you to ask for as well as a list of names and numbers.

Speaker Merrick purportedly sent HB2292 back to committee, after it had been passed favorably out on February 17th, to have language added clarifying AP. Representative Barton had already met with the revisor to draft that language, and had it ready for the meeting.

To start the meeting on March 18th, Chairman Highland called on Representative Grosserode who, after bringing up the same points she has brought up in previous years, had the revisors hand out and “idea – being conceptual in nature” to adopt as a substitute for the current language of HB2292.

Representatives Trimmer and Lusk were the first to be called on by the Chair. Multiple representatives were called upon to speak. Notably, Representative Trimmer spoke multiple times. Included in the discussion of the committee were multiple language changes. It was observed that Representative Barton even had his hand raised many times and was never called upon by the Chair.

By the end of the hour-long meeting, the committee asked for a couple of readings of the language of the substitute bill based on changes made per the comments of committee members. The members voted on a final reading of the language. It went from an idea/concept on paper to an oral reading of new language to passing within an hour. The language was never made available for public information or response. It was a complete Nancy Pelosi moment—“We have to pass it so we can find out what’s inside.”

The following were noted to have raised their hands in support of the substitution language: Grosserode, K. Jones, Hutchins, Rhoades, Hedke, Macheers, Lunn, Bruchman, and Bradford. Then, the same members voted the bill favorably out of committee.

On Friday, March 18th, 2016, the House Education Committee gutted a five-page bill and action that you have supported and elected people to vote for for multiple years, and substituted it with a PARAGRAPH that was not seen prior to Friday’s committee meeting, was written within an hour, and passed favorably based on an oral reading. It is clear that legislators are not serious about removing Washington D.C. education from Kansas. It was clear that the members were going to vote favorably for whatever motion Amanda Grosserode brought.

The Education Establishment (lobbyists, teacher union members and administrators being paid by YOUR tax dollars) has been putting in overtime, flooding your legislators with calls, cards, and emails. Even the PTA is promoting Common Core! We know you have been calling, as well. But, as you will see below, your legislators—especially the Republicans you elected to bring conservative principles—are only responding to the Establishment. Take note of the legislators’ actions from Friday, and unless they act to reverse their mis-informed actions, remember it this coming November. Make sure your dissatisfaction is heard at the voting booth.

Briefly, the new bill language does not address Kansas College and Career Ready Standards and all its alignments and entanglements, including assessments and data. THE NEW BILL LANGUAGE IN NO WAY AFFIRMS PARENTAL RIGHTS TO DIRECT THEIR CHILD’S EDUCATION.

It is noteworthy that while Amanda Grosserode sports a libertarian label and is “known” for her high ratings on the Freedom Index (as several fellow legislators like to bring up), she has never proactively brought any legislation since being elected to office to remove Common Core and all its entanglements and aliases from the state of Kansas. She has repeatedly, and during every legislative session with pending Common Core legislation, bemoaned the difficulty of the Common Core issue and how there just isn’t any perfect way to address it and how there are never “the votes” to do anything about it.

Her talking points have never changed. Representative Grosserode has consistently brought amendments to the committee at the eleventh hour. These are never available for public review prior to their presentation, and are always effectively used to kill legislation that would actually remove Common Core and all its entanglements from Kansas.

As well, she has stayed far away from addressing anything in regard to the massive and intrusive data collecting and profiles being amassed on kids at the state level. This data collection is required as one of the four assurances agreed to when Governor Parkinson agreed to bring Common Core into Kansas. Not surprisingly, Representative Grosserode homeschools her kids. From her desk in Topeka, she has been able to protect her kids from the things public school kids have no protection from. Does she view the protections she desires for her own children differently than those she desires for other parents’ children? She has never brought any anti-Common Core legislation at the beginning of the session; she only brings eleventh hour legislation to kill other legislation.

While many members of the legislature espouse their dislike of Common Core and their commitment to having it removed, as you can see, when it comes to actually doing it, they can only coalesce around killing legislation or passing essentially do-nothing legislation.

HB2292 was drafted over several months of work by a committee that specifically crafted the legislation to be in accordance with the Kansas Constitution. In recent weeks, THOUSANDS of Kansans have SIGNED PETITIONS in favor or HB2292. This is in addition to years of the public telling the legislature (through phone calls, emails, rallies at the capitol, statements made at campaign events, testimony submitted in support of anti-Common Core legislation, previous petitions signed, etc.) to end Common Core and all its entanglements in Kansas. The actions of legislators are contrary to what Kansans elected them to do and continue asking them to do.


+Speaker Ray Merrick
+Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast
+Majority Leader Jene Vickrey
+Assistant Majority Leader Mario Goico
785 296-7663
+Majority Whip Willie Dove
785 296-7677
+Education Committee Chair Ron Highland
+Rep. Tony Barton
+Rep. John Bradford
785 296-7653
+Rep. Dennis Hedke
785 296-7699
+Rep. Becky Hutchins
+Rep. Kevin Jones
785 296-6287
+Rep. Kasha Kelley
785 296-7671
+Rep. Jerry Lunn
785 296-7675
+Rep. Charles Macheers
785 296-7675
+Rep. Marc Rhoades
785 296-7671

Find your representative HERE.

Call To Action–Stop the Education Establishment Politics

The education establishment is talking out of both sides of its mouth and hoping you won’t notice.

While some members of the education establishment are telling us teachers won’t be able to teach basic math if Common Core is eliminated, others are telling us Common Core has ALREADY been eliminated!

You and I know both statements are utter nonsense, but sadly, there are legislators who are falling for it!

And that’s not all. . .

Inside sources at the Capitol have alerted our team to the next stage of the education establishment’s plans to destroy, warp, and weaken our bill. You see, the education establishment knows a few outrageous statements will not be enough to stop your efforts to repeal Common Core. But their plan is for these ridiculous claims to cause enough confusion that they can sneak an amendment into the bill.

They want a backdoor for Common Core. The first stage of their plan is already complete. Just last week, Speaker Ray Merrick ordered H.B. 2292 to be sent back to the Education Committee.

There is still time to stop them, but only if we act fast.

That’s why it’s extremely important you contact the representatives listed below right now.

Demand they stand strong in support of H.B. 2292, send it back to the House floor as is, and insist on a recorded vote on the House floor.
Tell them you won’t stand for any amendment that leaves the backdoor open for Common Core.

Education Committee Chair Ron Highland

Rep. Tony Barton

Rep. John Bradford
785 296-7653

Rep. Dennis Hedke
785 296-7699

Rep. Becky Hutchins

Rep. Kevin Jones
785 296-6287

Rep. Kasha Kelley
785 296-7671

Rep. Jerry Lunn:
785 296-7675

Rep. Charles Macheers:
785 296-7675

Rep. Marc Rhoades:
785 296-7671

Rep. Joseph Scapa

Another claim from the education establishment is that our bill would get rid of AP and IB courses. The truth is our bill simply ensures accountability to Kansas standards for all courses taught in Kansas schools. While programs like AP and IB have been beneficial to students in the past, it is vital that there be proper accountability in place to ensure this remains the case. Above all else, we must protect our kids and the integrity of their education.

Unfortunately, there are already signs AP could be headed down the wrong path. You see, David Coleman — the “architect” of the Common Core Standards — is now the new president of the College Board, which creates AP courses!

If that wasn’t enough to worry you, recent changes to AP US History make this course look like it was written by Occupy Wall Street, or other radical leftist organizations.

For example:
>>> The 2014 AP US History curriculum left the Holocaust and D-Day out of World War II!
>>> The 2014 AP US History curriculum left Martin Luther King, Jr. out of discussions of the 1960’s, but included the Black Panthers.

Worse, the College Board is now creating courses for grades as low as sixth grade, to be used in lieu of regular curriculum.

It’s despicable. The education establishment is taking advantage of the good reputation of a good program and hijacking it to use as a backdoor to rebrand Common Core.

That’s right, the College Board and the education establishment wants you to allow Common Core to be repackaged as AP so it can be taught to every middle and high school student in Kansas — without any accountability to Kansans or Kansas standards!

You can be sure this will be one line of attack from the education establishment to try to weaken and warp our bill. . . and there isn’t much time to stop them.

An effort to insert an amendment to allow this kind of backdoor loophole into our bill could happen at any time.

That’s why it’s extremely important you contact the representatives listed above right now.

Demand they stand strong in support of H.B. 2292, send it back to the House floor as is, and insist on a recorded vote on the House floor. Tell them you won’t stand for any amendment that leaves the backdoor open for Common Core.

The education establishment also claims that repealing Common Core would be too expensive. The truth is there is a lot of money to be saved by getting rid of Common Core. Just one example is the $9 million we could save every year by getting rid of Common Core’s superfluous testing and related costs. The House Budget Office wants you to believe it would cost millions to write new standards and assessments, but this is only true if the most expensive option possible is selected as the path forward.

The truth is there are several excellent options for standards and assessments that are available for free if the Kansas Board of Education simply decides to use them. The pre-Common Core standards and assessments — which resulted in much higher scores than we’ve seen with Common Core — would be free!

The education establishment wants to ignore the real savings associated with repealing Common Core. And they’re telling legislators about imagined and unnecessary costs that would be caused only by really poor decisions by the Kansas Board of Education.

That is typical behavior for the education establishment in Kansas.

But without your immediate action, weak-kneed legislators will fall for it.

That’s why it’s extremely important you contact the representatives listed above right now.

Demand they stand strong in support of H.B. 2292, send it back to the House floor as is, and insist on a recorded vote on the House floor.
Tell them you won’t stand for any amendment that leaves the backdoor open for Common Core.

It should be no surprise you and I would see this kind of nonsense from the education establishment. After all, we saw the same shenanigans from them last year. But it seems there really is nothing the education establishment won’t do or say to protect the status quo.

The good news is their willingness to make outrageous claims means your hard work is making a difference. You see, attacks against H.B. 2292 by the education lobby are a testimony to the fact that this bill would completely expel Common Core from Kansas schools.

The education lobby knows they must defeat this bill to preserve their power! That means the closer you and I get to repealing Common Core, the more shenanigans we can expect.

The bad news is the education establishment has enormous resources at their disposal and already have a plan in place to sneak an amendment into our bill with a backdoor to keep Common Core.

So your hard work cannot stop now; you and I have to remain vigilant. We have to double down.

That’s why it’s extremely important you contact the representatives listed above now.

Demand they stand strong in support of H.B. 2292, send it back to the House floor as is, and insist on a recorded vote on the House floor.

This year — with your help — we will get a roll call vote on the house floor. With your help, we can pass a clean bill that is not watered down or destroyed by amendments that will leave a backdoor loophole for Common Core.

So be sure to contact the representatives listed above right now.

Demand they stand strong in support of H.B. 2292, send it back to the House floor as is, and insist on a recorded vote on the House floor.

Tell them you won’t stand for any amendment that leaves the backdoor open for Common Core.

Let’s pave the way for a victory against Common Core . . . forever.


Call To Action–Establishment Shenanigans

Dear Stop Common Core Warriors,

You won’t believe the latest claims from the education establishment in Kansas.
Here’s a direct quote from USD 259 School Board President, Betty Arnold:
“We couldn’t even teach basic math if Common Core was eliminated.

They want you to believe Kansas didn’t have math before Common Core.
It seems there really is nothing the education establishment won’t do or say to protect the status quo.

The good news is their willingness to make such outrageous statements means your hard work is making a difference.

The bad news is, yesterday our Common Core Repeal bill (H.B. 2292) was removed from the House floor and sent back to the House Education Committee.
Our opponents are trying to destroy, warp, and weaken our bill.

That’s why it’s extremely important you call Speaker Ray Merrick and Education Committee Chairman Ron Highland right now.

Demand that H.B. 2292 be returned to the House floor immediately and given a recorded vote, without amendments.
Speaker Ray Merrick
Education Committee Chair Ron Highland

Additionally, be sure to read our previous post, “Call to Action—Stop the Lies,” about the shenanigans coming from the education establishment and how your involvement can stop them.

With your help, we can fight back against the nonsense from the education establishment and expel Common Core from Kansas schools forever!

Thank you for your support-

Kansans Against Common Core


*We have a few more calls we need you to make. Please see the updated list below.*

Things have heated up and we need YOUR help. Please, pass this along to your friends, family, and neighbors and encourage them to make the calls too. We cannot take the next step without you. The opposition is fierce and we must stand strong and united.

1. Call Speaker Ray Merrick’s office: Phone: 785-296-2302
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
2. Call Speaker Pro Tem Peggy Mast’s office: Phone 785-291-3500
Ask her to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
3. Call House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey’s office: Phone: 785-296-7662
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
4. Call House Majority Whip Willie Dove’s office: Phone: 785-296-7677
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
5. Call Governor Brownback’s office: 785-296-3232
Ask him to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
6. Call YOUR representative (find your rep here):
Ask your rep to “support HB2292 with no amendments.”
*Even if your representative doesn’t want to hear from you, it’s still important to make that call.

Again, things are REALLY HEATING UP and the opposition is swinging into fast action. We cannot let them get the upper hand. The State School Board and some legislators are up to their usual actions to derail getting Common Core out of Kansas by challenging the bill’s constitutionality and drafting amendments to water down the bill. One call will not be enough. You’re going to have to make many calls over the next week. It is critical that our calls outnumber their calls.

We have heard that videos and lengthy PDFs are being put together in opposition to this bill. We must unite now and fend off these attacks from groups like the PTA who put out this type of negative propaganda.

Thank you for your support and your action is key to getting Common Core out of Kansas. Without you, the grassroots, we are dead in the water.

Call To Action–It’s Time to Bug Some Representatives!

Fine Followers:

Today, we have a new list of representatives for you who will need a little extra attention from all of us this week. Time is of the essence. Please, do not delay!

These folks need a little encouragement to sponsor RS2855 which is the Repeal Common Core preliminary bill the revisors have that is awaiting a bill number. For some reason, many House members will “hear” big lobbyists but not the grassroots. Let’s show them what a mistake that is by lighting up their phone lines! It’s time to bug them. Call the people below and ask them to sponsor RS2855 and the rep should contact Rep. Tony Barton to sponsor.

We have personally asked each of these representatives to sign on their support for our Repeal Common Core bill and they have given us a few different explanations as to why they will not “yet” sign on. You may recall that we posted a few of these excuses, with a little sarcasm to boot, a few days back. Here is part of that post with the excuses:
“election year”
“getting a lot of heat”
“we’ve done this before, not doing again”
“don’t want to make people mad”
“so-and-so told me not to vote for it”
“costs too much”
“not constitutional”
“will be challenged in court”
“too controversial”
“do we still have that in Kansas?”
“I thought that was going away with ESSA.”
“Representative so and so said we don’t have Common Core in Kansas…”
“my best friend is in the bathroom, so I have to wait for him to come out, to know what to do”
“check w/ me tomorrow, I left my brain at home today”

So, we need you to do what you do best…FLOOD THE PHONE LINES! It’s not enough to make one call. It takes persistence and determination and we have just the grassroots group who fits that bill! If you are in one of these rep’s districts, then it is even more important. Remember that one call from a constituent is the equivalent to one hundred opinions. If you are from that rep’s district, make sure to say you are from his district! Get your friends and neighbors to call too. If you’re not from that district, then gently remind the rep that you are a Kansan! Time will run short and so these folks need to hear from you again and again. Don’t be shy!

If you can, let us know what they tell you.

Esau – 785 296-7688 (from Olathe)
Gonzalez – 785 296-7500 (from Perry)
Hawkins – 785 296-7631 (from Wichita)
Highland – 785 456-9799 (from Wamego)—also the House Ed. Chair…so make sure to ask him for an
honest hearing, debate, and vote on this!
Lunn– 785 296-7675 (from Overland Park)—the Vice Chair of the House Ed. committee—so he needs to
get with the program as well!
Mast – 785-291-3500 (from Emporia)
McPherson – 785 296-7695 (from Overland Park)
Osterman – 785 296-7689 (from Wichita)
Ryckman Jr. – 785 296-5481 (from Olathe)
Ryckman Sr.– 785 296-7658 (from Meade)
Thimesch – 785 296-7105 (from Spivey)

Thank you for your help to expel Common Core from Kansas and to help push these so-called “conservative” or “republican” representatives to do the job that you, the people, sent them to Topeka to do! Keep this bill moving forward. Only YOU can make it happen!

bug cartoon

Gear up to Opt Out…Part I

I cannot believe I am typing this, but school is just around the corner. 😦

Registration is coming up fast (next week for many of us!) and it is the perfect opportunity for you to get your kid(s) OPTED OUT of state testing.

It is recommended that parents to do this at the BEGINNING of the school year. (YES, you can do it at ANY time, but the beginning is best.) We all know about the “big” tests in the spring, which are called “summative” tests. But, there are also many, many smaller tests throughout the school year called “formative” tests. So, it is best that you OPT OUT of all of it. It’s VERY easy to OPT OUT.

Just write a note to your principal(s) saying you want to OPT OUT your kid(s) from all state testing–both formative and summative.

It is also suggested that you request that no data about your kid(s) “leave the building” unless it is required by law.

If ever there is a question about what you will or will not allow your child to participate in, make sure that the administration and the teachers all know your contact information and encourage them to make contact with you so that you can gather the information from them that you need to make a decision about whether or not to allow it.

Call To Action–NO to HR 5

NO to HR 5–Your calls and tweets are needed immediately!

PLEASE Call, Email, Tweet! ‪#‎StopHR5‬
Congressman Huelskamp 202-225-2715
Congresswoman Jenkins 202-225-6601
Congressman Pompeo 202-225-6216
Congressman Yoder 202-225-2865

ALERT: HR 5 will be voted on tomorrow (July 8, 2015) either at 1:30 pm or at 4:30 pm (EST)