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We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth…For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it. —Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry fought for his country. I’m asking you to fight too…for your kids, for your teachers, for Kansas! I am asking you to make some phone calls and I am asking you to BE AT THE RALLY at the Capitol on Monday, February 23 at 11:00AM.

Remember, now is our chance to take action. We are asking that you continue your calls to the following House Education Committee members. If you’ve already called, thank you, but CALL AGAIN! If you haven’t called yet, please, DO IT NOW!


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Samuel Adams

There is nothing wrong with national-level education yardsticks. We’ve had them for decades: the SAT, Advanced Placement tests, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, etc. What is wrong is imposing one standard on everyone, which ignores that all children are unique and no standards-setters omniscient. But that is exactly what Washington is doing with the Common Core.

It’s apparently not important to the Common Core State Standards Initiative that David Coleman never taught a day in the classroom in order to be the lead architect in the crafting of the standards from which the majority of children will be taught.  I’ve looked at his background and don’t see that he was/is an artist.  But his claim to be one of the most unqualified people to be involved with the standards development extends to his explaining why standards should be imposed one of the more creative disciplines: Art.

The next time that a supporter of the Common Core standards says there are no critics on the left, tell them to read this post by Paul Horton.

Arne Duncan says that the opposition to the Common Core standards emanate from the Tea Party and other rightwing extremists. The media have bought that line, and in some states it is surely true.

But recently the media have noticed that the Common Core has outspoken critics on the left, even though they can’t understand why anyone on the left would oppose standards that allegedly produce equity, excellence, critical thinking, and everything good.

Paul Horton is one of the nation’s most articulate and eloquent opponents of the Common Core standards.  Paul Horton teaches history at the University of Chicago Lab School. He is not a member of the Tea Party; he does not wear a tin foil hat. He is a serious and well-informed teacher.

Every week it seems I receive three or four letters from people who are establishing new schools or reforming old ones.  These letters are most encouraging, and all of the writers, without exception, are dedicated to restoring what is called a “classical” education.  Sometimes that implies the study of the true classics, the literature of ancient Greece and Rome.  More often it simply means a return to sanity, both as to what the children are to read and learn, and as to how they are to learn it.

OKLAHOMA CITYState Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs, is the likely Democratic nominee for governor of Oklahoma this year. He is a long -shot in the Sooner State, where statewide political offices are dominated by Republicans, including incumbent Mary Fallin.
Still, Dorman – pegged as a moderate during most of his career in the Legislature — might garner fans among those state conservatives most passionately opposed to the controversial “Common Core” standards.


UPCOMING EVENTS – Common Core presentations
Tuesday, March 11th – Overland Park, KS
Thursday, March 13th – Mound City, KS
Thursday, April 10th – Baldwin City, KS
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February 4th – Do you know the real TRUTH about Common Core?


Do you know the real TRUTH about Common Core?

Alisa Ellis, Guest speaker
Megan King, Kansans Against Common Core

Tuesday, February 4th at 7pm

Antioch Library
Note from the Library:  Besides the library’s parking lot, parking is available behind Taco Bell and to the larger lot west of Taco Bell.
8700 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Merriam, KS  66202

Guest speaker, Alisa Ellis will speak on the history and truth of Common Core and its impact on our children and their education.

Alisa Ellis is a mother of seven ranging from pre-K to 10th grade. She and her husband reside in Utah. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Family, Home and Social Sciences. In the Spring of 2011, she became concerned with apparent change in her children’s curricula which prompted her to spend countless hours researching Utah’s education grants, governing documents, and the detailed development of Common Core. She could not ignore what she discovered. Alisa is now asked to speak at public forums across the nation, Utah legislative meetings, radio appearances and more.

Megan King is a Kansas mom, and co-founder of Kansans Against Common Core.  She will be presenting updates and information on the latest in the efforts to STOP Common Core (Kansas College & Career Ready Standards) in Kansas.

*This meeting is being hosted and organized by a concerned group of parents taking action in the Kansas City area.  If you would like to contact them directly, or need more information we would be happy to put you in touch with them.

Email or to be put in contact with other Kansans fighting Common Core (Kansas College & Career Ready Standards) in local communities across the state.

Articles, Updates and more!


We need your continued support and participation now more than ever!
It will soon be January 13th, and the Kansas Legislature will back in Topeka.

The first two weeks of the session will be very important.
We want to see you in Topeka!

Teacher slams scripted Common Core lessons that must be taught ‘word for word’

What has changed is Common Core State Standards.  I was given a curriculum and told by my administration to teach it “word-for-word.”  In a meeting with my administration, I was reprimanded with “Don’t forget, standards drive our instruction.”

Common Core Even Affects Letter Grades
As schools adopt standards-based grading, whether to tie instruction more closely to Common Core or for the other benefits proponents claim, some parents and teachers are not impressed. They say the grading scale is confusing and grants too much authority to those outside classrooms.

7 Links to Evidence of Federal Control of Common Core
We are in unrepresented dire straits: In no way do voters or teachers (or states themselves) control what is now set in the Common Core standards.

The PTA Does Not Represent Parents or Teachers. It Represents Special Interests.
Education Week (which has received Bill Gates funding) reports that the NY PTA (which has received Bill Gates funding along with the National PTA) is bullying parents and threatening to turn their children to Child Protection Services if children are not offered up for Common Core assessments.  From We Need Great Leaders Now More Than Ever:

New York Principals Send An Open Letter to Parents
An open letter signed by 545 Principals across New York State was addressed to the parents of elementary, middle, and high school students in New York.

Secretary Duncan, Yes Your Power Does Have Limits
A noisy opposition to Duncan’s reforms has emerged — and it only grew noisier this month when Duncan dissed “white suburban moms” for opposing the new Common Core academic standards because the tough tests made their kids look bad.

Dads Too, Mr. Duncan

–countless– men and fathers are publically and boldly standing up against Common Core. It’s not only “white, suburban moms” who oppose Common Core, and it’s not only the right or the left, either– despite what the U.S. Secretary of Education has so absurdly claimednot by a long shot.

More on the Common Core: Achieve, Inc., and Then Some
I have written a number of posts related to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). In this post, I examine a key organization in the creation of CCSS: Achieve, Inc. Whereas my reading Achieve’s tax documents served as the launch for this post, it certainly did not stop there.

Sandra Stotsky Responds to My Common Core-Achieve Post

CCSS ELA Validation Committee member Sandra Stotsky read my post and and added the following information in the comments. Since this additional information has also received next to no publicity, I wish to post Stotsky’s comment as its own post, for all to easily read.

Kansas’ 8th Grade Student Math and Science Performance Measured Globally for the First Time
Kansas students score well above international average

*Please note: This was BEFORE Common Core.
Wurman Testimony on Common Core in Ohio
The default Common Core high school mathematics is misleadingly touted as “college-ready” yet it will lead at best to community and non-selective colleges. The retarded pace in K-8 and the slow and deficient content in high school will further restrict the number of qualified students able to pursue STEM careers rather than increase it as promised.



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Common Core Standards Presentation
Wednesday, December 11 at 7pm

Basehor Community Library
Basehor, KS

Learn more about Common Core from guest speakers…
Megan King, co-founder Kansans Against Common Core
Dr. Walt Chappell, President – Educational Management Consultants
Angela Stiens, co-founder Kansas Catholics for Academic Excellence