2014 House Education Committee Notice to All Conferees

DOWNLOAD PDF: 2014 House Education Committee Notice to Conferees

2014 House Education Committee Notice to All Conferees
Welcome to the House Education Committee. It is the policy of the House Education Committee to ensure and promote free and open discussion of matters coming before the Committee. Because of the importance of issues discussed, certain rules are necessary. The following apply to the hearing process. Any questions about these rules should be directed to the Committee Chair. By appearing before the Committee, each conferee is presumed to have read the rules and agrees to abide by them.
Thank you for appearing before our committee. We appreciate your appearance and your understanding of and adherence to these rules.
1. The Chair shall determine the committee agenda, including scheduling and order of business.
2. Individuals wishing to appear and provide verbal testimony before the committee MUST notify the Committee Assistant 24 hours in advance of the hearing and an electronic copy of all testimony shall be submitted to the Committee Assistant no later than 10:00AM on the day of the hearing. Committee Assistant Sue Mollenkamp can be contact by phone at 785-296-7671 and by email at Sue.Mollenkamp@house.ks.gov.
3. Testimony MUST be sent to the committee secretary in electronic form and 40 hard copies made available to staff prior to testifying.
4. Conferees should introduce themselves, identify on whose behalf they are appearing, whether they are a proponent, opponent or neutral on the bill at hand, and, as succinctly as possible, state the reasons for their position through testimony.
5. If suggested amendment(s) are to be offered, a proposed draft of such must be provided to staff.
6. Conferees shall address their remarks during testimony to committee members and staff only.
7. Although every effort will be made to extend a reasonable amount of time to each conferee for testimony, where the number of hearings and/or conferees scheduled warrant time limitation, the Chair reserves the right to limit testimony that is cumulative in nature or testimony that is, in the judgment of the Chair, not relevant to the matter under consideration.
8. Testimony shall relate to the subject matter under consideration. Conferees testifying on unrelated subjects will be requested to return to topic. If testimony continues to be unrelated, the Chair will terminate the conferee’s testimony.
9. While the taking of testimony is not preceded with the formality of an oath, by appearing before the committee, every conferee hereby certifies that his or testimony is truthful, based upon facts capable of verification and offered in good faith. Conferees shall promptly bring to the committee’s attention any qualifications or corrections to their testimony.
10. The Chair reserves the right to take such action as may be necessary to prevent disruptive behavior in the committee room during hearings and deliberations.
11. The Chair reserves the right to take such action as may be necessary when a violation of these rules is suspected.
12. Cellular phones, pagers and other electronic devices shall have all audible tones turned off or disabled while in the committee room. Those refusing to do so will be asked to leave the committee room.
13. Committee members shall not be approached during committee hearings or deliberations by anyone other than fellow legislative members or legislative staff.
14. There shall be no recording, audibly, photographically or otherwise of committee voting, except as by the committee secretary.

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