Now is the Time for Your Help


Remember that heartbreaking photo below of that little boy who is so upset? Well, please, keep that in mind as you read this. We want kids to look like the ones in this photo in this post! So, read on and help out!

First, please share this with all your friends and family who know how bad Common Core is for our kids and our state.

Second, now that the session is in full swing, we need to start doing a few things and your help is extremely important. These five legislators (see names and numbers below) must be contacted by anyone from Kansas to let them know that now is the time to repeal Common Core. Please, call each one (emails are good, but calls are better), and using your most professional tone, explain that even if you’re not in their district, you’re still a Kansan and the decisions they make affect you in your district. If you happen to be in one of these representative’s districts, then even better.

As soon as we have a bill number we will let you know so you can make a reference to something specific, but for now, just ask them to completely repeal Common Core this session and do the right thing by Kansans, for Kansans. Short and sweet is the key. We really need to light up the phone lines. We will be asking this again of you next week with five different legislators.

Again, please spread this to everyone you know and ask them to call these five this week!
Thank you for your help!

Representative Brett Hildabrand
Phone: 785 296-7331
Representative Michael Houser
Phone: 785 296-7679
Representative Joseph Scapa
Phone: 785-296-7682
Representative John Bradford
Phone: 785 296-7653
Representative Travis Couture-Lovelady
Phone: 785 296-4683

Record All Votes Update


I just heard that Monday is when the rules are coming out on the floor of the House. We need to fill the gallery and fill the halls with as many people as possible to show them we demand Record All Votes! Judge Rubin is set to fight and go to war on this critical issue that will help us on every bill this session.

Please get people to Topeka on Monday if you want to get Common Core and other bills passed this year. Knowing how our legislators vote is vital to getting things done. Take a personal day to make a real difference by showing your support on Monday.

At the very least, CALL your state representative and let him know that we need RECORD ALL VOTES. That’s all you have to say if you call or if you email. Calls are better, but emails are good too! Remember to be kind and professional, but clear.


Call To Action

Dear Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and Common Core Activists-

We need you to make a call or two today!! There is a development that can directly affect Common Core repeal legislation.

You see, leadership in Topeka doesn’t want you to know how your elected officials vote on your important issues this year, including Common Core. Last year, our Common Core repeal bill died in committee and we don’t have a clue who voted how.

We think it is important to know how your legislator votes in committee, on amendments, and at every stage of the process in the legislature.

The House will likely vote on their rules this week.

We don’t have much time.

Contact Representative John Barker, the new Rules Committee Chair, immediately and tell him that voters deserve to know how legislators vote at every step. Call him at 785-296-7674 (leave a message if you get a recording) and email him at

Let us be frank. Getting the house to record all votes – in committee, on amendments, and on procedures – is the most important issue of the session, we believe, besides Common Core repeal.

You deserve to know how your legislature votes at every step of the bill-making process. You deserve to know who waters down bills, and who stands firm.

At the end of this session, what will we have? Without recorded votes at every stage we will have more worthless bills, no real progress, and no clue whom to hold accountable for it.

Please make that call, if you can by Wednesday at 5:00PM.

Kansans Against Common Core Board Members