Host a Common Core Presentation

Host a Common Core Presentation

– Invite a few friends or neighbors over an informational meeting about Common Core.  Use the “Postcard Invite” – print, fill in the details, and mail.

– Watch the 5 part series Stop the Common Core with Jane Robbins as a group.  You can view the series online here: or you can order the DVD here:

– Download and print the list of questions “Stop the Common Core Q&A“.  Make copies and provide paper and pencils, so guests can follow along and take notes for group discussion after viewing.

– After viewing and discussing the video series, visit about how you will begin to take action in your local community and school.  Print and share the “Take Action” document.

– There are already local groups working in Kansas towns and cities, so please contact us if you would like help trying to connect with others in your part of the state.

– Sign-up for our email updates by visiting our website and clicking on the “UPDATES” apple image on the right side of the page.

THANK YOU for taking time to become informed and involved.


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