Do you want … Education for Individual Liberty and Freedom or “School Choice”?

Education for Individual Liberty and Freedom:

Parents’ fundamental authority to direct the care and upbringing of their child shall not be infringed.

“School Choice”:

ONLY the “choice” as to where EVERY child receives his GOVERNMENT education.

Let’s take a look at just one bill that organizations that tout “limited government” and “personal liberty” are pushing through the 2022 Kansas legislature.

Substitute for House Bill 2615

THIRTY pages long.  Does that appear to be immediately indicative of “limited government?”

New Sections 1 through 17 (10 pages long!) is titled the student “empowerment” act.

Parents and schools making the “choice” to participate are treated to:


The government directly attached to EACH child.

GROWS GOVERNMENT administrative functions.


               Are we not presently experiencing how government funding is being used to mandate injections?

2.      The GOVERNMENT defining student eligibility requirements.

3.      The GOVERNMENT defining qualifying schools.

KANSAS TAXPAYER MONIES funding non-Kansas education?

KANSAS Taxpayers funding national/regional accredited education.


4.      The PARENTAL placement of EACH child under the GOVERNMENT IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.)

5.      The GOVERNMENT defining “allowable” uses of monies.

Any “un-allowable” uses of monies may result in loss of student eligibility.

Parents must repay any expenditures deemed to be non-allowable.

Schools must return any unused monies to the GOVERNMENT.

6.      The GOVERNMENT defining “responsibilities of a parent.”

7.      GOVERNMENT process to appeal decisions.

Wait!  What?!

Parents are not just given government money for their child’s education?

Parents are not just given government money to “choose” how to educate their child?

Does the government money “following the child” really mean that the parents just get to choose which government approved/controlled school that their child may attend?

8.      The GOVERNMENT deciding whether EACH child is “eligible” from year to year.

9.      The PARENT signing a WRITTEN AGREEMENT (contract?) with the GOVERNMENT.

10.  PARENTS and SCHOOLS reporting information to the GOVERNMENT.

The GOVERNMENT will conduct AUDITS of the accounts, thereby auditing PARENTS AND SCHOOLS.

The GOVERNMENT will conduct annual random audits of the qualifying PRIVATE SCHOOLS.

The ATTORNEY GENERAL may be notified of any MISUSE OF MONIES by a qualifying PRIVATE SCHOOL.


New Sections 19 through 26 (10 pages long!) requires school districts to establish policies to accept students from outside the school district.

These sections establish “open enrollment” in Kansas.

School districts are MANDATED to establish policies to actively accept students residing outside the school district.

Residents of local school districts vote on bond and other taxes for school districts.

Residents of local school districts remit taxes for the support of their local district schools.

Residents of local school districts vote for local school board members.


Local taxpayer moneys will be required to financially support students who do not reside in the school district.

Local school boards will not reflect the students who attend the schools.

This bill ABOLISHES local school districts and LOCAL REPRESENTATION connected to local taxes.



Late last night, your legislators cut some deals to pass an education funding bill out of the conference committee. 

Back room deals are getting cut with entities with agendas that undermine your parental authority and will as a Kansas constituent.

BUT, “we the people,” and even legislators who are expected to vote as early as TODAY on the bill, do not have a copy of the bill as they drive to the Capitol or even know the bill number.

On Wednesday, ALEC “treated” the legislators to lunch and a reception at the Country Club in Topeka.


How can any conservative purport that a GOVERNMENT FUNDED ACCOUNT in a CHILD’S NAME is “limited government?”

Charlotte Iserbyt — The True Goal of School Choice (

Charlotte Iserbyt — The True Goal of School ChoiceCharlotte Iserbyt is the consummate whistleblower! Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s

The definition of real, “authentic” school choice (whereby parents pay for and make ALL decisions regarding what they want for their children’s education) can be found ONLY in private schools (religious, secular, or home school) which DO NOT ACCEPT ONE PENNY OF TAX MONEY OR TAX-SUPPORTED PROGRAM FROM THE FEDERAL, STATE, OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT.

The “non-authentic” school choice agenda, …..

….. tuition tax credits, vouchers, and charter schools with their unelected school councils (taxation without representation)…..

….. promoted by …….

President Obama and his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan,….

….  and the Rockefeller-controlled globalist Council on Foreign Relations.

This plan was called for in 1934 by the Carnegie Corporation in a little book entitled “Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies”. The recommendation in 1934 was to use the schools to change America from a free market system to a “planned global economy.”

No part of this phony “non-authentic” school choice agenda will give parents “true” choice since the agenda is taxpayer and foundation/corporation funded and controlled. Tax-supported programs require that the recipient of the money adhere to government regulations related to staffing, curriculum, testing, etc. If they don’t, funding is cut.

In 1981 the American Legislative Education Council, [which in 2012 was involved in drafting and pushing school choice legislation in all states] mailed to 16,000 state and federal officials and legislators a suggested educational voucher.

This writer understands the parents’ frustration over our “deliberately” dumbed down schools and parents desire to “do anything” (even take poison? (work force training, not being allowed to vote) to get a better education for their children. In doing so (accepting “non-authentic” choice proposals) they are opening up a can of worms, walking straight into the lion’s den, where their children’s education has been, for many years, carefully planned for them by the globalist entities mentioned above. Acceptance of this alternative form of public education, with no elected boards, will deny them any say in their children’s education!!!!!

Kansas House Roster:

Kansas Senate Roster:


Please, TODAY, tell your state legislators (Senate, House, and Leadership) to NOT VOTE FOR any school funding bill that includes HB2119. 
(It was included in Sections 4 – 20 of “ccr 2021 sb175 h 2168” that ended in a tie.  MANY Senators did not know the content of these sections that they were asked to vote on.)

  • Allows – in ways never before – for the INDIVIDUAL TRACKING of EACH CHILD by the GOVERNMENT.
  • GROWS private/parochial schools DEPENDENCE on GOVERNMENT FUNDING.
  • Creates MORE PUBLIC FUNDING of PRIVATE entities, thus negating their true private status.
  • Schools funded by government monies but not run by locally elected school boards DESTROY REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT.

It binds via the establishment of a monetary account in each child’s name.
The same monies that fund public schools will now be directed to private/parochial schools.
How is it that organizations purporting to focus on “limited government” and “personal liberty” are wholesale pushing legislation to GROW GOVERNMENT and create more GOVERNMENT ATTACHMENT to the INDIVIDUAL?
Tell the Kansas legislators to NOT VOTE for any school funding bill that includes HB2119.
They need to be contacted today, as they WILL BE VOTING on a school funding bill in the coming days.
Thank you!
And, “Good Contacting!”


Find your Kansas senator here:

Find your Kansas congressman here:

Yippee! Hip-Hip-Hooray!!! (Sarc ON!)

Yippee!  Hip-Hip-Hooray!!!

Today, your Kansas Senate moves to GROW GOVERNMENT!!!

Today, your Kansas Senate moves to INFUSE MORE GOVERNMENT into more private entities!

Today, your Kansas Senate moves to INFUSE MORE GOVERNMENT into the individual lives of kids!


Led by Chair Sen. Molly Baumgardner and Vice Chair Sen. Renee Erickson, the Senate Education committee feeling it “necessary” to get as many bills passed out of Committee as soon as possible got their part done!  SB61 was moved quickly through and passed out of committee; recommended to be passed by the Senate!

Isn’t it wonderful?!

Those things and people that are “necessary” get such attention!

Those things and people that are “necessary” get rushed handling!

All the while, the legislature HAS NOT felt the “necessity” of moving quickly to unchain your life from all its mandated restrictions and government tracking!

And, WAIT, your Kansas House will also be moving to GROW GOVERNMENT!!!

Led by Chair Rep. Kristey Williams, the House K-12 Education Budget committee has ALSO recommended passage of SB61’s counterpart, bill HB2068!  The House Education committee is working hard as well to GROW GOVERNMENT!

MORE GOVERNMENT REGULATION of private schools!!!

MORE KIDS being included in GOVERNMENT accountability reports and achievement reports!!!

Congratulations, Kansas legislature!

The people of Kansas cannot THANK YOU enough for RUSHING to EXTEND the SHUTDOWN of our lives – AND – GROW more GOVERNMENT!

We can’t wait to see how quickly the Rep. Kristey William’s K-12 Education Budget committee can pass HB2119.  It’s even MORE GOVERNMENT!


CALL the CHAIR Phone: 785-296-7488

and VICE-CHAIR Phone: 785 296-8621

of the Health and Human Services committee and express your high displeasure with their hearing of HB2159 – a bill SPONSORED BY the committee.


HB2159 — AN ACT concerning schools; relating to the student data privacy act; certain tests, questionnaires, surveys and examinations; permitting the administration thereof on an opt-out basis; providing conditions therefor; amending K.S.A. 72-6316 and repealing the existing section.  hb2159_00_0000.pdf (

Sponsored by the committee on Health and Human Services.

Chaired by Rep Brenda Landwehr

Vice Chaired by Rep John Eplee

Two years ago, in 2019, this EXACT bill (HB2361) to DIMINISH parent authority and EXPAND counselling and mental health personnel authority was heard by the Committee on Children and Seniors, chaired by Rep Susan Concannon and vice-chaired by Rep Susan Humphries.  In 2018, a very similar bill (SB389) was heard in the Senate Education committee chaired by Sen Molly Baumgardner.


·        Seeks to CHANGE the authority to administer surveys FROM an affirmative consent on the part of the parent TO a parent only being able to opt out.

·        Seeks to CHANGE the complete authority for the decision to participate in the survey FROM the parent TO an innate assumption of participation, UNLESS a student having been notified that participation is voluntary elects to not participate, OR a parent, upon notification elects to opt out.

·        Seeks to EXPAND the authority of school employees to provide services (which automatically include the administration of tests and forms) to a student WITHOUT the KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT of the parent, via the ADDED INCLUSION of the services of SCHOOL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS with those of counselors.


The provisions in this bill would allow for the administration of the Kansas Communities That Care (KCTC) Student Survey.  Sec 1.(a)(1) of HB2159 provides that a survey does not “record, request or solicit a student to provide any personally identifiable student data.”  If you look an actual copy of the KCTC survey, you will find numerous personally identifying points of data.  And, especially when these data points are considered in combination with one another, you most certainly do have the ability to personally identify survey participants.


ü  This bill removes strong reverence and respect for parent authority and replaces it with a weakened nod to parent authority; replaces ACTIVE parent authority with PASSIVE parent authority.

ü  There is NO provision in this bill requiring an ACTUAL COPY of the test, questionnaire, or survey be provided to the parent as a part of the initial notification.

ü  This bill allows an END-RUN around parent authority via school counseling services.

ü  This bill does not represent, affirm, or protect the personal private intellectual data of students.

ü  This bill SUBJUGATES INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS to the purported premise of the benefit or need of THE COMMUNITY.

Terrible Bill–HB2119–Read More Here

Have we had enough GOVERNMENT intrusion in and control of our lives in this last year?

Did Kansans not show up and elect people to the legislature who campaigned on reducing the government’s stranglehold on our lives?

Have Kansas parents not shown up numerous times to demand schools be fully open?

Well, thus far, the legislature has managed to EXTEND the “state of emergency.”  How many days did it take for newly elected legislators to walk back their campaign rhetoric and VOTE to continue the infringements of our individual rights?  “Just two more months” of your life.  No problem!  Right?

Instead … legislators have been busy rushing hearings on bills to GROW GOVERNMENT.

Instead of – first and foremost – doing everything they could to end the attack on our lives and livelihoods.

Instead of – first and foremost – doing everything they could to fulfill their oath to uphold the Constitution, protecting and defending our individual liberties.

Instead … legislators FIRST ACTED to tell the people they could continue on in the same “shut down” “emergency” mode, while ….

Instead … legislators have been busy AS USUAL bringing all their lobbyist bills to continue GROWING GOVERNMENT, “managing” our little lives.

The legislature has done nothing to “fix” the schools it funds – apparently the schools at which kids are “failing.”

Parents and kids are TIRED of the “choices” many have been forced to make.

–        Remote / Hybrid / In-person

–        All the on-line time

–        Masks / screening protocols

–        Quarantining

–        Contact tracing invasion of privacy

–        Reduced or eliminated activities

–        Restrictions on families being able to enter schools and attend activities

So, instead of fixing their own public school mess, legislators are working hard to allow GOVERNMENT funding to be moved from public schools (along with the strings – SHACKLES – that GOVERNMENT monies have afforded the “failing” public schools) to homeschools and private schools.

The legislators have done such a terrific job with public schools that they fund, they want to see what they can do with their GOVERNMENT money “attached to/following” a child.

“Money following the child” = the GOVERNMENT following the child.

“Money following the child” = the GOVERNMENT’s DIRECT ATTACHMENT to your child.

“Money following the child” = the GOVERNMENT directly ENJOINED to your child.

Every kid that is “eligible:”

–        “Gets” his very own GOVERNMENT account, set up and monitored by the GOVERNMENT

–        “Gets” his account funded by the GOVERNMENT

o   Welfare check?

o   Why not have a “base” state housing allowance for EVERYONE?

o   Why not a “living wage” for all?

–        “Gets” a “base” government education allowance to “choose” where he “gets” his government education.

–        “Gets” to have reports regarding his ESA “bank” account prepared for state agencies.

“Money following the child” = the GOVERNMENT’s DIRECT ATTACHMENT to your child.

Even non-“eligible” kids in nonpublic schools accepting “eligible” kids “gets” the same GOVERNMENT education.  With the school having to comply with GOVERNMENT guidelines, programming, reporting,, and oversight, they will correspondingly be included.  Your “non-eligible” child will be nonetheless entangled in the same strings.  Sorry, parents.  Some of you who made the TRUE CHOICE and financial sacrifice to send your child to a privately funded nonpublic school will just have to understand.

AND, schools “win” too!                                                                                                         

–        Homeschoolers and nonpublic schools “get” access to GOVERNMENT monies

–        Homeschoolers and nonpublic schools “get” to comply with GOVERNMENT guidelines

–        Homeschoolers and nonpublic schools “get” to meet GOVERNMENT education qualifications

–        Homeschoolers and nonpublic schools “get” access to special program monies

–        Homeschoolers and nonpublic schools “get” to report to the GOVERNMENT

–        Homeschoolers and nonpublic schools “get” to be overseen by GOVERNMENT

–        Homeschoolers and nonpublic schools “get” to be audited by the GOVERNMENT

–        Homeschoolers and nonpublic schools “get” to defend themselves against any ways they don’t comply with GOVERNMENT directives

This bill is NOT free market.  It POISONS the market.  The “coupon”/account with the GOVERNMENT money for the child becomes the NEW NORMAL – permanent government education.  The GOVERNMENT  “coupon”/account offers vast powers of control over the entire education system.  It COMPROMISES homeschools and private schools, and UNDERCUTS public schools.

This bill brings more kids under ONE-TO-ONE GOVERNMENT monitoring and control.

This is confirmed by legislators stating, we have to give kids and option, “even if it has strings.”

Two see just how many STRINGS and “freedom” the legislature is rushing to “give” you, look at this 20-PAGE! “school choice” bill (HB2119).  hb2119_00_0000.pdf (  It’s being heard today in the House K-12 Education Budget committee meeting at 3:30pm.

20 PAGES of “FREEDOM”!!!!  Not!

We’ve also conveniently started parsing the details of HB2119.  Go here to see where the legislature you worked hard to elect is focusing its energy.  You know … rather than ending things like “states of emergency.”

Have You Contacted Legislators?

THREE things happening TODAY … Committee meetings impacting YOUR child and EXPANDING GOVERNMENT.

1.  HB2086--Allowing schools to maintain emergency medication and administer medication in emergency situations.


*What if your child is allergic to the medication delivered by the school?  Is the school liable?


*House Education committee at 1:30 today.

 2.  HB2068 

*This is the “school choice” bill we’ve been posting about.

*Heard in House K-12 Education Budget committee at 3:30 today.

3. A hearing on the program  (HB2068) 


*Tax Credits for Low Income Student Scholarship Program

*Heard in Senate Education committee at 1:30 today.


A response to HB2068 to expand Kansas’ Tax Credit for Low Income program.

(Because we haven’t experienced enough growth of the government…sarc on!)

People have been led to believe that school choice, via some type of government mechanism (vouchers, tax credits, tax credit scholarships, ESAs, etc.) is the solution to escaping what they may not like about public education. They contend it will foster competition between government subsidized private schools and government public schools, with parents having more choice between schools and schools working to improve.

Do entities in receipt of government subsidies, tax incentives/breaks, or savings mechanisms have the same autonomy as entities whose receipts and finances are not the result of a government incentive, subsidy, or savings mechanism? Do government designed and approved constructs come with requirements as to eligibility, qualifications, limits, allowances, reporting, compliance, etc., or are they free of such things? What example exists demonstrating the lack of government interference or control when in receipt of government funding, subsidies, tax breaks, or savings mechanisms? Where has the government infusion of funding ever not increased costs for all?

We even have statements and findings to affirm the goal of inevitable interference and control by the government. A few are nicely provided by Charlotte Iserbyt in “Choice” Mixing Oil with Water.

– George Bernard Shaw, of the socialist Fabian Society of England, said, “Nothing will more quickly destroy independent Christian schools than state aid; their freedom and independence will soon be compromised, and before long their faith.”

– ALEC founder, Paul Weyrich: “We are radicals who want to change the existing power structure. We are not conservatives … We want change – we are the forces of change.” In 1981, ALEC mailed a proposed voucher model to 16,000 state and federal officials.

– Thomas A. Shannon, Executive Director of NSBA said, “Tuition Tax credits for private school profoundly change the character of private education. Private schools that operate with public money will be subject to public regulations.” “The immutable fact is that what the government funds, the government regulates,” Mr. Shannon warned, “and that’s going to change the character of private schools enormously.”

– Per The Interagency Day Care Standards:

– “Any agency, public or private, which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract… or by way of a voucher plan” must meet all programs that are set down for public schools. Acceptance of Federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements.”

– In a March 1984 U.S. Supreme Court ruled that private schools are subject to government regulation because they enroll students who receive tuition money from the government. Even though the checks are payable to individual students, not the school, the Court says any scholarships, loans, or grants to students “constitute federal financial assistance.”

Therefore, let’s consider Kansas’ tax credit scholarship program:

– Defines parameters on amounts and uses of scholarship monies

– Defines student “eligibility”

– Defines characteristics and state accreditations requirements of “qualifying” schools

– Lays out the KS statutes that establish the program

– Lays out all the state requirements and reporting SGOs must comply with

– Lays out all the school accountability reporting requirements

– Lays out the reporting in order to comply with federal ESSA, state board CCR metrics, state longitudinal achievement reporting, etc.

There’s certainly no lack of government regulation.

School choice marketing asserts that there can be stipulations (i.e. limits) on government regulation. But, the evidence is to the contrary. Rulings and legislation language have decisively affirmed that acceptance of or participation in government financial constructs obligates the acceptance of government regulation. What should lead any person to logically think this “school choice” to be the exception?

Look at Kansas’ own history in regard to these tax credit scholarships. How has this program alone impacted the institutions participating? Are any not state accredited? Are any operating under standards that do not meet state standards for accreditation? Are any not submitting reports to the state? Are any not required to comply with the K.S.A. 72-5170 requirement for schools to publish accountability measures as established by the KSBOE in regard to SEL, kindergarten readiness, individual plans of study, graduation, and postsecondary success?

How has this program impacted the kids attending? Are any of the scholarship recipients receiving an education not accredited by the state? Are any of the kids not compelled to participate in SEL? Are any of the kids not on individual plans of study? Are any of the kids not listed in state databases with commensurate data points?

Privately funded education schools have always had the freedom to choose who attends their schools, to choose their own academic constructs, to choose to decline social emotional and mental health programming, to choose their financial constructs, to choose their hiring policies, to choose not to report to the government, etc.

But, when a private school is directly or indirectly funded by the government, it must become more like the public schools. Evidence and history bear this out. If this is not a correct statement, what example can be brought forth?

We also experience the camel’s nose under the tent and incrementalism. The overall goal is to grow government control. HB2068 demonstrates this:

– Includes a change from “at risk” to “free or reduced lunch” student eligibility

– Expands the public schools from lowest performing to “any.”

The direction of change is certainly that of expansion.

School choice ≠ education freedom.

School choice = The choice by parents of where/how their child will receive his government education.

Government education seeks to mold citizens into compliant government servants.

The data collection and reporting requirements have propagated the government production of extensive dossiers on every American from cradle to grave.

Jeb Bush, a big supporter of the ever expanding datamining of children and a champion of Common Core standards, is also …. one of the biggest and key promoters of … wait for it … School Choice! The SAME people financing and pushing Common Core, assessments, and technology to transform public education, SUPPORT School Choice.

“My personal belief is there is no one single thing that needs to get done,” said [Jeb] Bush …. What it will require, he said, is a combination of school choice (vouchers), CC standards, rigorous assessments, consequences for anything less than excellence, and using technology to transform education ….. [Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, pg 7]

What happens with public education? Is it eventually totally eliminated? What replaces it?

The Blaine Amendments?

Title I portability?

Direct Student Services?

Non-government regulated private education?

There is so much more to understand about this heavily propagandized false illusion of freedom called “school choice.” It’s not actual freedom.

Tax-supported school choice proposals affecting public, private, religious, and home school education are the vehicle to change not only the right of Americans to choose what kind of education they wish for their children, but may also result in changing our representative form of government to an “unelected council form of government” due to one form of school choice, charter schools, run by “unelected councils.

Wintry-Day Thoughts on School Choice (but with a motive in mind…HB2068 to be heard in House K-12 Budget on Tuesday)

“Money following the child = the government following the child.”

If you see the words “school choice,” you may as well put the word “fake” in front of it.

“School choice” has long been the planned mechanism to ensnare private schools and to bring them into the fold – in order to force them to teach the very ideologies that many parents want to escape. Parents, don’t fall for it! It is called “school choice,” but this term is a trap! (and by design)

Publicly funding private schools is dangerous, for they have no elected school boards, therefore no citizen representation to ensure public monies are spent teaching what the public, as a whole in in favor of. This also explains the danger of another type of “choice”: charter schools — for they, too, use public monies without representation of the public (publicly-elected school boards, for example).

To put it simply, money following the child is really the government following the child, for when government subsidizes a program, it (the government) has the obligation to regulate it. This is not choice!

So, “school choice” wants to take a designated amount of money that the state presently provides to the public school a child attends and “give” that amount of money to the parents to “choose” which school will receive that designated money.

The assumption is that schools will have to “compete” for parents to choose to send their child to their school.

Presently, the state monies going to the schools, require the schools to implement all manner of curriculum, reporting, and programming requirements. By moving the “place” as to where the monies are directed, the state requirements will move as well, landing on each specific child.

It won’t matter “where” a child goes to school.  Everything will be directly tied to each child.  Each “place” of education, be it a school or parent, will be required to meet all the state requirements.

And, what about equity issues?  Presently, there is an exhaustive list of risk categories that schools screen for and receive additional funding for.  Wouldn’t, therefore, each child receive a different allocation of state monies, based on his varying risk designations?  Wouldn’t it also be possible that children “achieving” or “exhibiting” certain aptitudes or competencies will be allocated a different level of state monies?

Would schools then not compete to acquire the children with higher allocations of state monies?

Also, a school that parents believe to be excellent doesn’t automatically have the capacity to “receive” every child whose parent would “choose” that school to send her child to.  What will be the process/criteria to determine which schools take which kids?  Do we not think that the state has to have a “stake” in this process?

The “money following the child” does not result in a mushrooming of private schools that are responsive and accountable to parents.  There will very likely be a mushrooming of schools competing for as much government funding as they can garner.  The schools/parents will be encumbered with meeting all the state curriculum, reporting, and other programming requirements.

Children become even more a piece of capital, a human resource, an asset/investment of the government.  The “interest” of the state in the child is even more specifically “personalized” to each child.

Money can only be responsible to the person who earned it and from which it comes.  Yes, individual taxpayer taxes fund the government.  But, the government is also funded by business/corporation taxes, and all number of taxes paid by people who do not have kids or kids in school.

The funding of local schools needs to be from local sources, directly.  This means local community taxes directly fund its local schools.  This includes any fundraising by local schools.

If the people of a community do not think their local school is “good,” then they would vote for lower taxes to support it.  Lower taxes would also allow parents to retain more of their personal income to CHOOSE to use it to send their child to a truly private school.  As well, grandparents – also the beneficiaries of lower taxes – could contribute to their grandchild’s education.  Local businesses could also directly support the schools of the area.

Lower taxes for everyone would allow for all persons to fund those things unique to and characteristic of those who reside in the area.

Again, history supports this.  As the source of direct education funding has continuously left parents and local communities, the excellence has continued to decline.

Here is a link to the House K-12 Budget committee:

On that page, you will see the link to HB2068, if you’re so inclined.