2014 House Education Committee Rules

DOWNLOAD PDF: 2014 House Education Committee Rules

1. In any case where committee rules do not apply, House Rules shall govern. All powers, duties, and responsibilities not addressed herein are reserved to the chair.
2. Members should be punctual as the meeting will begin at the appointed time.
3. Cellular phones and other electronic devices are permitted, however, audible tones and ringers shall be disabled. Members are reminded that although devices are permitted, they shall be respectful of conferees. Therefore, electronic devices shall be used with diligence and prudence.
4. The chair shall determine the committee agenda, including schedule and the order of business.
5. The chair shall determine seating, and reserves the right to change order as might be necessary.
6. The chair reserves the right to limit testimony that is cumulative in nature and may limit testimony, when necessary, to a specific number of minutes.
7. Committee members shall not address conferees until and unless the chair grants permission.
8. The chair reserves the right to limit questioning of conferees by committee members in the interest of time and in the interest of fairness to conferees.
9. Questioning of the conferee shall be limited to the subject matter on the agenda for the day, except as may otherwise be allowed by the chair.
10. Committee members shall not be approached during the committee hearing or deliberations by anyone other than fellow legislative members or legislative staff.
11. No bill or resolution shall be taken up for a committee vote unless announced by the chair.
12. A motion requires a second to be in order.
13. A substitute motion is in order, however no additional substitute motion shall be in order until the prior substitute motion is disposed of.
14. Amendments to motions are not in order except upon consent of the member making the motion and his/her second.
15. A motion to table or take from the table shall be in order only when such an item is on the agenda or is taken up by the chair. The motion requires a simple majority of those present and is, unless otherwise determined by the chair, non-debatable. A successful motion to table a bill shall lay the bill over a minimum of one day. The chair may refuse to accept a motion to table a bill or move a bill out of committee.
16. No recording, whether audible, photographically or otherwise, of committee actions or committee votes is permitted except by the committee secretary or committee assistant.
17. A request from any member to have his/her vote recorded shall be granted.
18. Granting excused absences is reserved to the chair. A member shall relay their absence to the Committee Assistant prior to the meeting.
19. The chair reserves the right to take such action as may be necessary to prevent disruptive behavior in the committee room during hearings and deliberations.
20. For any dispute or uncertainty, the Chairman’s ruling shall be final.
21. Adjournment is reserved to the chair, and no motion to adjourn shall be entertained.

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