2014 House Education Committee

CONTACT INFORMATION – Kansas Legislature page

Rep. Kasha Kelley,  Chair (785-296-7671) kasha.kelley@house.ks.gov

Rep. Ward Cassidy, Vice-Chair (785-296-7616) ward.cassidy@house.ks.gov

Rep. Ed Trimmer, Ranking Minority Member (785-296-7122) ed.trimmer@house.ks.gov

Rep. Sue Boldra (785-296-4683)  sue.boldra@house.ks.gov

Rep. John Bradford (785-296-7653)  john.bradford@house.ks.gov

Rep. Carolyn Bridges (785-296-7646) carolyn.bridges@house.ks.gov

Rep. Diana Dierks (785-296-7642) diana.dierks@house.ks.gov

Rep. Willie Dove (785-296-7670) willie.dove@house.ks.gov

Rep. John Ewy (785- 296-7105) john.ewy@house.ks.gov

Rep. Shanti Gandhi (785-296-7672) shanti.gandhi@house.ks.gov

Rep. Amanda Grosserode (785- 296-7659)  amanda.grosserode@house.ks.gov

Rep. Dennis Hedke (785-296-7699) dennis.hedke@house.ks.gov

Rep. Ron Highland (785-296-7310)  ron.highland@house.ks.gov

Rep. Roderick Houston (785-296-7652) roderick.houston@house.ks.gov

Rep. Jerry Lunn (785-296-7675) jerry.lunn@house.ks.gov

Rep. Nancy Lusk (785-296-7651)  nancy.lusk@house.ks.gov

Rep. Kelly Meigs (785-296-7656)  kelly.meigs@house.ks.gov

Rep. Melissa Rooker (785-296-7686)  melissa.rooker@house.ks.gov

Rep. Valdenia Winn (785-296-7657) valdenia.winn@house.ks.gov

GROUP for easy copy and paste – COMMITTEE EMAILS:

kasha.kelley@house.ks.gov, ward.cassidy@house.ks.gov, ed.trimmer@house.ks.gov, sue.boldra@house.ks.gov, john.bradford@house.ks.gov, carolyn.bridges@house.ks.gov, diana.dierks@house.ks.gov, willie.dove@house.ks.gov, john.ewy@house.ks.gov, shanti.gandhi@house.ks.gov, amanda.grosserode@house.ks.gov, dennis.hedke@house.ks.gov, ron.highland@house.ks.gov, roderick.houston@house.ks.gov, jerry.lunn@house.ks.gov, nancy.lusk@house.ks.gov, kelly.meigs@house.ks.gov, melissa.rooker@house.ks.gov, valdenia.winn@house.ks.gov


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