The “Not So New” Plan

Recall what I have been saying since the beginning of all of this.  This “crisis” is just the opportunity to fully implement on-line “learning.”

It’s been moving in this direction for years.

It allows for the purview and responsibility of the school to extend into the family’s home.

Have you heard of the “Well Being Check Toolkit” in Tennessee?

It called for “child wellbeing checks to ensure the needs of children are being met during and after extended periods away from school.  It is promoted as protecting children.”

It calls for no one (a parent) to be in the room while the student is being interviewed.

It is for ALL public, private, homeschool and home bound students.

On-line “learning” allows for the full “personalization” of education.  The computer/technology is constantly analyzing student data, personalizing the education of each child/person based on the desired outcomes of those designing the system.

The president said “that families should be ‘empowered to make the decision’ about whether or not to return to school.  … Trump said that school funding should go directly to students rather than school districts.”  The money should follow the child.

  • So, every child will “receive” an amount from the government for education (and, childcare, too will be included).
  • How is this “attached/following” money any different from the WELFARE system?
  • Every child receives a government handout for education/childcare?
  • EVERY child.
  • There is already a very long list of “risk” categories that result in additional funding to schools for kids falling into those “risk”: categories.
  • Won’t all of those categories now be specifically assigned to each individual child, resulting in differing amounts “following each child?”
  • How is this not a gateway to UNIVERSAL INCOME?
  • Why wouldn’t other “health and wellbeing” factors be added to “education?”
  • Why not food, housing, healthcare, etc.?
  • The cost of ALL education will skyrocket, just like all other places that have government supplements and regulations.  Think of government healthcare, higher education costs, and on and on.
  • For all the “education” places that will spring up, do parents think they will automatically be able to have their child attend the place of their choosing?  Won’t every physical location have a max capacity?
    • What will be the entrance and qualification criteria?
    • Who will be determining the entrance and qualification criteria?
  • There will be regulations, just like every other government “solution.”  NOT ONE “school choice” design or pieces of legislation hasn’t included the following
    • The necessary accountability measures.
    • Determinations as to what is eligible and acceptable.
    • “Approved” organizations.
    • “Qualifying” organizations, scholarships, standards, etc.
    • Robust systems and administration requirements to oversee (track) it all
  • How does this not allow for even more re-distribution of income, re-distribution of opportunity?

Some excerpts from Brainwashing by Edward Hunter:

“Learning” and confession are inseparable from brainwashing.

Learning in this sense means only political teaching from the communist standpoint.

Confession is an integral part of the rites.

In China there are no exceptions from it for anyone, any more than for attendance at “learning” classes.

Everyone within reach of Party cadres, security police, and soldiers has to attend, even if a hermit in a cave.

The retention of his own individuality by a single person is recognized as a deadly menace by the whole monolithic structure.

“Learning begins with the study of communist literature, but soon embraces what is called criticism, self-criticism, examination, re-examination, though conclusions, and “learning by doing.”

These are obligatory in schools, factories, government bureaus, army battalions, and prisons.

… language and ideals … were taken over and given new meanings and new interpretations in accordance with communist needs.

Brainwashing is a combination of this face evangelism and quack psychiatry in a setting of false science.

The entire mechanism of brainwashing, so as to condition the patient and to indoctrinate him, … is geared to putting his mind into a fog.

This book was published in 1956.

Below, you will find an article from the Kansas City Star from August 18, 2020: