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Do you feel like you are alone in the fight to STOP Common Core in Kansas?

Here is some encouragement for you…

Kansas Map – Supporting Local Education

Earlier this week we asked for followers on our facebook page to leave a comment with their city and county.  We’ve taken the responses we received and made a map.  This is a simple map, but it shows that there really are people like you and me across the state.  In fact, we are growing in numbers each day.

There’s also been an amazing amount of new interest in learning about Common Core as the school year begins.  Across Kansas and across the country, parents are seeing more of Common Core as the implementation continues – and they have questions.  Homework assignments, math problems, spelling lists – it’s all being shared online, and it is waking people up.

Keep sharing with family and friends!

If you would like more information about how to connect with others in your part of the state, please send us a message on facebook or email kristinlgeorge(at)gmail(dot)com.

This Week in Kansas – Dr. Chappell talks CC, data collection and opting out of testing

Dr. Walt Chappell was recently on This Week in Kansas.

Watch the video by visiting the site below and clicking on the August 25th show on the upper right side. Start watching at 46:00 and hear Dr. Chappell discuss student data, data mining and privacy issues related to Common Core and SBAC. He also talks about the Common Core & Year End Standardized Testing Opt Out Form.


Do we have a Heidi Sampson in KS?

Last week we posted about Dr. Rella, the Superintendent in NY, who organized a rally to stop Common Core with over 1500 people attending. We asked if there is a Dr. Rella in Kansas.

Now we are looking for someone like Heidi Sampson.  Heidi is a member of the Maine State Board of Education, and she is speaking out against Common Core.  You can read more about her, and the speech she gave on August 21st at the No Common Core Rally in Augusta Maine at

On a daily basis, people are realizing for the first time the significant impact of Common Core and are becoming increasingly concerned. This is not another educational fad that will pass away. The people of Maine must become informed and let their voices be heard.” – Heidi Sampson, Maine State School Board

Do we have a Dr. Rella in KS?


Many of you have probably already read about Dr. Rella and watched the video – but maybe you haven’t.  And that is why we are posting it tonight.   We need your help to find someone like this in Kansas.  Let us know if your superintendent, principal, teacher, or school board member is speaking out against Common Core.

From the State BOE Meeting on Tuesday…

Once again, THANK YOU! to everyone who attended the State BOE meeting in Topeka on Tuesday.   Concerns about student data, privacy and parental rights were addressed.  The Opt Out Form we have posted was also a topic of discussion.  You can find the Opt Out Form HERE and the Opt Out FAQ HERE.

A summary of the BOE meeting from Dr. Walt Chappell…

On Tuesday, August 13th, 2013, the Kansas State Commissioner of Education confirmed during the public State Board of Education meeting that parents have a right to opt their children out of the year-end standardized tests.  No child has to take or pass this exam to be promoted to the next grade level.
Each teacher will test their students throughout the year and assign grades based on their performance.  What the Opt-Out form does is prevent schools from forcing their child to take a Common Core test which collects data on each student who takes computerized assessments and sends it to Federal government contractors.
It was also confirmed at the August 13th, 2013 Kansas State Board of Education meeting that parents have a right to protect the privacy of data about their child and family.  Only after parents have been informed of what data is being collected and have provided written consent can school districts legally send their private information to any other agency or government entity.  School districts are violating the FERPA federal laws if they release individual student and family data without prior, written parental consent.

Opt Out FAQ

Common Core Testing Opt-Out FAQ

Earlier this week, we posted the Common Core & Year End Standardized Testing OPT OUT FORM.

Many of you have downloaded this form, and some of you have already completed it and taken it to your child’s school.  We have only had positive responses so far, and we are being told that schools are being respectful of your concerns as parents and your choice to opt out. 

And to provide you with more information we’ve also just posted a Common Core Testing Opt Out FAQ by Dr. Walt Chappell.  Please read it, download and share it along with the OPT OUT FORM. 

Please join us at the State Board of Education meeting next Tuesday, August 13  to speak at the Citizen’s Open Forum at 10:30am about data collection, data-mining, standardized testing and ending Common Core in Kansas.  The meeting starts at 10am, but please arrive early to sign up to speak for 3 minutes.

Upcoming Events – August

We’ve been doing some updating to our “Upcoming Events” page.  Please share with family and friends!  We will continue to add more details and information.   Let us know if there is something happening in your part of the state.

Saturday, August 10th – Common Core Presentation – Flint Hills Tea Party at 9:30am
Lecture Hall at the Manhattan Fire Dept. Station #1, NE corner of Kimball & Denison Avenues

Kansas Representative Ron Highland (R-51st Dist), member of the House Committees on Education, Education Budget, and Energy & Environment.  Ron will speak on “Common Core State Standards” and other important issues facing Kansans in the 2014 Legislative Session, and he will remain for Q&A following his prepared remarks.  This meeting is open to the general public.

Event information on Facebook –

Tuesday, August 13th – State BOE Meeting – Topeka, KS at 10am
Arrive before 10am to sign-up to speak in the Citizens Open Forum at 10:30am.

View more about the meeting details and find the agenda here:

If you can’t attend in person or you want to watch a previous meeting, you can watch online:

Thursday, August 15th – Common Core Presentation – Neosho County Republicans – Chanute, KS at 6:30pm
325 West 21st Street, Chanute, KS

Rep. John Bradford will be presenting about Common Core Standards.

Event information on Facebook –

Thursday, August 29th – Common Core Presentation – Olathe, KS
*details to come

Event information on Facebook –


It’s back to school time!
Time to enroll your children, and turn in an OPT OUT FORM.

We’ve just posted this COMMON CORE & YEAR END STANDARDIZED TESTING OPT OUT FORM and instructions. Please READ it, DOWNLOAD it, PRINT it, COMPLETE it, SUBMIT it – and SHARE it!

To allow Kansas parents to protect the privacy of information about their children and family, this Opt Out form is designed to do three things…

1) It gives parents control over the privacy of their child’s data which is sent from each school when they complete a computerized, standardized test. Teachers will still give their child weekly quizzes plus quarterly, semester and final exams to find out how well they have learned what has been taught.

2) However, this form lets all school district employees—including the building principal—know that no private information about the parent’s child or family is to be sent outside the district without their written consent. Teaching and learning takes place in classrooms—not in some bureaucrat’s office in Topeka or Washington, D.C.

3) And finally, when a parent submits this form, it lets all district employees know that if any of the child’s or family’s private information is sent outside the school district, that they will be held accountable under Federal and State law.

To find out more about standardized testing and opting out, please read the information we have posted under “Resources” – Articles: Testing & Opting Out.

TOMORROW – Common Core Presentation – Joy Pullmann, Heartland Institute, and Dr. Chappell

Tuesday, August 6th – Common Core Presentation – Hutchinson Tea Party Group at 7pm
Ramada Convention Center, Hutchinson, KS
Common Core Presentation by Joy Pullmann, Research Fellow of Education Policy at the Heartland Institute and Dr. Walt Chappell.

August Monthly Meeting:
6:15 pm social time
6:45pm PFA business
7:00pm Program
Visit for more information

Event information on Facebook –

Article from recent Common Core forum

Last Saturday there was a Common Core forum held in Admire, KS.   Read the entire article, Forum in Admire: Common Core receives criticism here.

Kansas State School Boards representative Sally Cauble said the state school board was caught off guard by the opposition to Common Core standards.

“But that’s coming down from a national movement,” she said. “The state of Kansas has been into Common Core for two years.”

Indeed, several school districts throughout the state have fully implemented the English standards outlined by Common Core, but the math standards are only just beginning.

The forum in Admire was Cauble’s fourth over Common Core standards.

“No one has ever complained about what the standards are,” she said. “It all seems to be that it was developed on a national level.”

Is there a chance that the reason parents are now coming forward to voice their concerns is because the adoption of Common Core was done without public discussion or legislative process?  The answer is “Yes”.  Maybe that is also why a majority of Kansans have never even heard of Common Core, and have been left in the dark until now.

As far as the “Kansas Facts” please take time to read:
KS Board of Ed CCS Fact Sheet Full of Errors 5-16-13

And for more information and facts about Common Core visit