Common Core Testing Opt-Out Form


Instructions and Information for using the Opt Out Form

What to Do:

  • Make copies and share the Common Core & Year-End Standardized Testing Opt-Out form with other parents.
  • Fill the form out to indicate that you do not allow your child to take any computerized, Common Core formative tests during the school year or a summative, computerized Common Core or other standardized test over any subjects at the end of the school year.
  • Make two copies of the completed form. Then, sign and date each copy in ink.
  • Take both completed forms to the school office. Ask the school secretary or building principal to sign and date each copy. Keep one copy for your family and ask that the school keep a copy in your child’s school records. Make and give a copy to each of your child’s teachers. Ask to see your child’s records to monitor data being collected.
  • Resubmit a copy of this Opt-Out form when enrolling your child in school for the next school year. Have a school official sign and date. Then, make and give a copy to each of your child’s teachers. Keep a copy for yourself. Review your child’s school records to monitor compliance.

2 thoughts on “Common Core Testing Opt-Out Form

    • I would suggest going higher up the chain of command. In Kansas we have the education commissioner on the record saying it is completely legal to opt out, so all employees under her should know that information, but they may not. Are you referring to Missouri? What has your education board said about opting out?

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