Professor James Milgram, Stanford University

Professor Milgram, Stanford University (PDF)

Some Problems with Mathematics Core Standards
R. James Milgram

In 2009 I was appointed to the Common Core Validation Committee.[1] I was the only
actual mathematician and, indeed, the only member with a Ph.D in a content area and not
in education on Validation, so I took in on myself to try to get the best possible document
in mathematics.[2] However, in the end, I could not sign off on a statement to the effect
that CCMS was benchmarked at the level of the top international standards. Today, I’d
like to describe my reasons, and try to help you understand why I think adopting CC was
a very bad idea.
I have been asked to offer testimony relating to Kansas’ HB 2621. The bill has two parts,
the rst dealing with data collection where I am no expert, but the second deals with the
Common Core ELA and Math Standards. I do have expertise in mathematics and I would
like to focus on the Common Core Math Standards in what follows.

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