Letter from KSDE – Opt Out


This letter was shared with recently shared with us by parents that contacted the KSDE for documentation supporting their request to use the Opt Out Form for their students.

*Please use this for evidence purposes, but we advise that you do not try to personalize it.

8 thoughts on “Letter from KSDE – Opt Out

    • How far up the chain of command did you make your opt out request? I would push it as far as you think you can, because it is your right as the child’s parent to opt out of the year end test. Just to let you know I started out at Maize last year, but switched to Lawrence Virtual School which is K-12 online, and they let me opt out no problems at all. The principal was very understanding of my stance.

  1. Hello,

    I would like to opt/out my 3rd grader for KSA how do I proceed. I believe they are scheduled to take the test after spring break 3/23/15.

    • Hi
      All you have to do is write a note to the principal that says you don’t want her to take the test. We also have a number of forms you could fill out/sign if you want something more formal. Two of the three principals I deal with signed one of those forms on the spot, no questions asked. The third principal wanted to do it differently and she had the superintendent write a letter to me that acknowledged I wanted my kid opted out. Then, for next year, you’ll want to do this again in the fall because there are actually state tests that go on all year long. Most people don’t understand that and only think of the “big” tests that happen around this time of year. So, it’s good to protect your kid now, but it will be even better to protect her all year long. Also, a lot of this is on our Facebook page. There’s been a lot of discussion this week. So, please, follow us there! Thanks!

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