Common Core is for the birds!


You may (or may not) have heard about the current news surrounding Kansas and the lesser prairie chicken.

Kansas will join lawsuit over federal listing of lesser prairie chicken as threatened

Kansas will join a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over listing the lesser prairie chicken as a threatened species, Gov. Sam Brownback announced Friday.

“The federal government made this decision despite concerns raised by the states directly affected by this decision,” Brownback said.

“This is an overreach by the federal government and is another example of the Obama administration aggressively and unnecessarily intruding into our daily lives.”


Wouldn’t it be nice if our Kansas Legislature and Governor Brownback were leading on the issue of Common Core in the same way?

Pushing back against the federal overreach, and the loss of local/state control of education that Common Core brings to Kansas.
Kansas can do much better than Common Core!

We hope the chickens are on the prairie – and not in Topeka.


The legislative session will soon be over.

The time to reclaim Kansas education is now.


Please take time to contact Governor Brownback and the Kansas Legislature:

Office of the Governor
Capitol, 300 SW 10th Ave, Ste 241S

Topeka, KS 66612-1590

Toll Free: 877-KSWORKS (877-579-6757)
Local: 785-296-3232
For the Hearing Impaired: 800-766-3777

Kansas Legislators


just a few examples of Kansas grassroots…



More Parents Choose Homeschooling Due to Common Core

Megan King, a parent from Kansans Against Common Core, is also homeschooling two of her children because she is unhappy with the Common Core standards.

“My oldest is in middle school, and is on an advance track that I felt comfortable leaving him where he is at, but even with him I am seeing problems in the area of English,” King told Breitbart News.

King said she pulled her kids from public school as Common Core was being implemented.

“I noticed the dumb and confusing way math was beginning to be taught, and as I looked more and more into Common Core, I didn’t like what I was seeing on so many levels,” she explained. “My 4th grader had only read one literature book through the year. I asked his teacher about their reading and she said they had been reading small non fiction books (informational text).”

“I just felt my kids were not going to learn at a level I know they can and should be learning at,” King said.

Though homeschooling has been an adjustment for the entire family, King said the results have been worth it.

Justin and Jennifer Dahlmann of Kansas also have decided to homeschool their children in response to the implementation of the Common Core standards. reports that the Dahlmanns, who have four daughters from ages two to nine, said Common Core had been implemented at their children’s private school.

“Our own kids were taking these standards that are driving the curriculum and we didn’t know anything about it,” Justin said. “That’s when we started doing the research on it and realized how overbearing it was.”

The parents asserted that the Common Core standards are making education more confusing, as opposed to encouraging more rigorous critical thinking, as the standards’ supporters tout.

Homeschooling, for the Dahlmanns, is, in some ways, a form of protest of the “top down” Common Core standards.

“If this does nothing more than wake people up to becoming more involved with their children, that’s great,” Justin said. “But absolutely parents need to become more involved in this.”

Civil Disobedience: iRefuse! The Great American Opt Out from Common Core

Lisa Huesers from Kansas first opted her children out of the Common Core testing in the spring of 2013.

“When I first opted-out my kids, one principal said something about it, but nothing has been said since,” she noted. “I have asked the principals to ‘properly communicate’ to parents that the tests are optional, but they won’t.”

Huesers said parents receive frequent emails reminding parents to ensure that children are at school for the testing.

One of Huesers’ main concerns about Common Core is the collection of student data.

“I have taken actions to eliminate, or at least significantly reduce, my kids having personally identifiable usernames and passwords for all the daily work they do,” she explained. “There’s even more data being collected through this avenue. Parents should know what is being collected, who will have access to it, how it will be used.”

Glitch delays student testing in Olathe

The University of Kansas Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation developed the tests. FOX 4 called KU’s CETE, but no one returned out calls for this story. One parent we talked to worries the testing problems are related to incorporating new Common Core standards into the exams.

“I’m not sure what the problem is, to be honest with you,” said Tate Jaeger, a parent. “I don’t know if it’s a matter of they can’t log in, or everyone can’t see the test. I don’t know for sure what the problem is other than there is a problem.”

Jaeger, who has two children in the school district, is concerned about sharing testing data with outside entities, particularly the federal government. He says a recently passed bill in the Kansas legislature would prevent that from happening. He’s seeking a better explanation for what’s being measured in the tests, and why schools are having trouble administering them when kids are prepared to take them.

Big Business Targets Common Core’s Band of Mothers

“I look at my kids and I can’t imagine not fighting back for what I see as their whole future in education,” George says over the phone as her preschooler pesters her in the background. “It’s so much more to me than just standards. My son will tell me, ‘Mom, I think you’ve had enough computer time today.’ I feel like I’m fighting something because of them, and then taking time from them to do it.”

U.S Education Secretary Arne Duncan was right about one thing when he attacked anti-Common Core activists again in November: like George, they are mostly mothers. The media still usually labels Common Core opposition as Tea Party-driven, and that’s true to some extent, but the real drivers are mothers who saw Common Core in their kids’ classrooms and thought it degraded instruction.

Common Core emerges as potent election issue for fed-up parents

“Common Core opposition is so completely grassroots, and support is so astroturf, “ says the education research fellow for The Heartland Institute, a think tank headquartered in Chicago that promotes individual liberty and free enterprise.

“It is already becoming a primary and general election issue in everything from local school board races to gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races,” she added.

According to Pullmann, the issue is “huge among mothers.”

Let’s make things “clear”…


Have you contacted Governor Brownback?

PLEASE take time to let him know that we need his support and leadership.
NOW is the time to STOP Common Core in Kansas!

Office of the Governor
Capitol, 300 SW 10th Ave, Ste 241S
Topeka, KS 66612-1590

Toll Free: 877-KSWORKS (877-579-6757)
Local: 785-296-3232
For the Hearing Impaired: 800-766-3777

Additional Contact information:

Republican governors on Common Core
Is it “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”?
“Unclear” will not do.

Open the floodgates? Indiana becomes first state to scrap Common Core
“We have yet to see leadership like that shown by Gov. Pence in any other state,” said Glyn Wright, executive director of the Eagle Forum, a think tank that has also been highly critical of Common Core. “We hope that other principled governors like Scott Walker (Wisconsin), Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), and Sam Brownback (Kansas)will emulate Governor Pence’s leadership by defending taxpayers, families, and state sovereignty in leading their state out of the Common Core.”

Middle of the week… articles and updates.

Stop CC apple101
NO DOUBT!  Indiana is what everyone is talking about….
Pence Signs Bill to End Common Core in Indiana

However, there is still reason to proceed with caution..
Indiana Standards Review Process, Not Producing Results

Especially when an expert is saying this…
Indiana’s proposed education standards are a ‘warmed-over’ version of Common Core, expert says


Kindergarten teacher: My job is now about tests and data — not children. I quit.
When I first began teaching more than 25 years ago, hands-on exploration, investigation, joy and love of learning characterized the early childhood classroom.  I’d describe our current period as a time of testing, data collection, competition and punishment. One would be hard put these days to find joy present in classrooms.

Bill Gates loves Common Core for your kids, BUT NOT HIS

Strangely enough, though, Common Core isn’t quite good enough for Gates and his wife, Melinda, when it comes to the education of their own three children.

Get To Know the Common Core Marketing Overlords
The foundational myth of Common Core is that it’s a “state-led” initiative with grassroots support that was crafted by local educators for the good of all of our children. But the cash and power behind the new ad campaign tell you all you need to know. For parents in the know, this will be a refresher course. But repeated lies must be countered with redoubled truths.

Chuck Grassley Leads Effort to Defund Common Core in U.S. Senate

(Washington, DC) Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is circulating a “Dear Colleague” letter seeking cosigners for a letter that will be sent to the leaders of the Senate Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee – Senators Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) asking that they include language in their next appropriations bill to block the further use of any funding from the U.S. Department of Education to incentivize or otherwise coerce states into adopting and retaining the Common Core State Standards.

Test glitch means all Kansas schools will be accredited
The tests have little real impact for students, but they are important for the schools and state Department of Education because they are used as the basis for accrediting schools and qualifying for federal funding.

Glitches cited as Wichita school officials put off state tests ‘until further notice’
“There’s so much activity on there … the portal itself got overloaded,” said Brad Neuenswander, deputy education commissioner for the Kansas Department of Education.  “It’s one of those things that you can’t replicate and pilot until you allow people to actually log into the system and test it. … And that’s what this year is all about. It’s a test run.

More great presentations!

These are from our friends at ROPE – Restore Oklahoma Public Education.

Melissa Wilkins “Deer Creek Parent: My Education Experience”
Donita Brown “Are Common Core Standards Developmentally Appropriate?”

And if you haven’t seen this great response by a dad, please take a look.  There is a reason it has gone viral!  You can also watch a short interview with the dad from the Glenn Beck program here:

The TRUTH about Common Core – FOX 4 News


Last night, the Overland Park presentation on “The TRUTH about COMMON CORE” was covered by Fox 4 News. Thanks to a great group of parents and concerned citizens, Coalition to Stop Common Core, that is working very hard to spread the TRUTH about Common Core (Kansas College and Career Ready Standards) in the Kansas City area.

FOX 4 NEWS – VIDEO: Group gathers to discuss concerns about Common Core

The parents who presented, and were interviewed did a great job!
Thank you Mike and Lisa!

There are more meetings being planned and organized – please keep following Kansans Against Common Core on facebook, and checking our UPCOMING EVENTS page on

If you are looking for information and/or speakers for an event, please contact us – we are happy to help!  And if you already have something organized, please let us know so we can post and share. We want to help you connect with others in your area, and become active on the local level.

Stop Common Core
(Kansas College & Career Ready Standards)

We still need your help – phone calls and emails! Please support HB 2621!

Support HB 2621

We need your immediate help in making a few phone calls and emails on what is quickly becoming the dominant issue among citizens in Kansas and across the country.

The people have pulled back the curtain on the Common Core.  With those on the right, those on the left and those in the middle, the reality is sinking in:  the Common Core is of shockingly poor quality.  Rather than embracing what we know works, it embraces the things that have dragged down American education for the past 40 years:

  • The math standards usher in fuzzy math and by the admission of their chief architect, fail to prepare children for postsecondary education.
  • The English language arts standards severely reduce the study of classic literature –the academic basis through which children learn about humanity and prepare themselves to be citizen-leaders, successful professionals and entrepreneurs, and individuals of substance in their families, communities and churches.
  • Hundreds of early learning professionals signed a letter in 2010 asking the private associations that own the Common Core to re-draft them because many of the standards are age-inappropriate; their calls were ignored.
  • The Common Core-aligned Next Generation Science Standards are similarly bad, gutting high school chemistry and physics and leaving out large swaths of biology!

The Common Core and NGSS are perhaps the greatest deception ever foisted on the American people.  Forty-five states, including Kansas, adopted Common Core, and Kansas was, sadly, one of the first states to adopt the NGSS.  Special interests and the federal government were able to get Kansas to sign on to these because the people and their legislators never had meaningful notice of what was happening.  The executive branch –the governor and the state board of education– signed the people onto this mess, and they did so without any check or balance.

Now, legislation —HB 2621— is before the Kansas House Education Committee that will fix these problems.  It will get rid of the Common Core and NGSS.  It will institute a new standards adoption process that includes the legislature, college content professors, and parents –the very people who were excluded from the Common Core development.  It is one that provides true notice to the people and keeps the legislature informed.

But we need you to act quickly.  The legislature’s session will end soon, and the House Education Committee is taking up HB2621 now.  If we don’t act now, our children will be locked in the Common Core for another year—even as other states bail out to protect their children.

Please make the following crucial calls, and tell these legislators on the House Education Committee to vote for HB2621:
1. Rep. Ward Cassidy, 785 296-7616,
2. Rep. Amanda Grosserode, 785 296-7659,
3. Rep. Sue Boldra, 785 296-4683,
4. Rep. John Ewy, 785 296-7105,
5. Rep. Kelly Meigs, 785 296-7656,

Alternate contact information
1. Rep. Ward Cassidy, 785-332-2850,
2. Rep. Amanda Grosserode, 913-438-2870,
3. Rep. Sue Boldra, 785-625-2250,
4. Rep. John Ewy, 620-357-6417,
5. Rep. Kelly Meigs, 913-631-3723,

*Alternate contact information as posted on the Kansas Legislature page.  Please be respectful and courteous in all forms of communication, and please be considerate of the time of day.  THANK YOU!

Thank you for taking time to do this today!

Welcome to the week – articles, updates and more!

Samuel Adams

There is nothing wrong with national-level education yardsticks. We’ve had them for decades: the SAT, Advanced Placement tests, the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, etc. What is wrong is imposing one standard on everyone, which ignores that all children are unique and no standards-setters omniscient. But that is exactly what Washington is doing with the Common Core.

It’s apparently not important to the Common Core State Standards Initiative that David Coleman never taught a day in the classroom in order to be the lead architect in the crafting of the standards from which the majority of children will be taught.  I’ve looked at his background and don’t see that he was/is an artist.  But his claim to be one of the most unqualified people to be involved with the standards development extends to his explaining why standards should be imposed one of the more creative disciplines: Art.

The next time that a supporter of the Common Core standards says there are no critics on the left, tell them to read this post by Paul Horton.

Arne Duncan says that the opposition to the Common Core standards emanate from the Tea Party and other rightwing extremists. The media have bought that line, and in some states it is surely true.

But recently the media have noticed that the Common Core has outspoken critics on the left, even though they can’t understand why anyone on the left would oppose standards that allegedly produce equity, excellence, critical thinking, and everything good.

Paul Horton is one of the nation’s most articulate and eloquent opponents of the Common Core standards.  Paul Horton teaches history at the University of Chicago Lab School. He is not a member of the Tea Party; he does not wear a tin foil hat. He is a serious and well-informed teacher.

Every week it seems I receive three or four letters from people who are establishing new schools or reforming old ones.  These letters are most encouraging, and all of the writers, without exception, are dedicated to restoring what is called a “classical” education.  Sometimes that implies the study of the true classics, the literature of ancient Greece and Rome.  More often it simply means a return to sanity, both as to what the children are to read and learn, and as to how they are to learn it.

OKLAHOMA CITYState Rep. Joe Dorman, D-Rush Springs, is the likely Democratic nominee for governor of Oklahoma this year. He is a long -shot in the Sooner State, where statewide political offices are dominated by Republicans, including incumbent Mary Fallin.
Still, Dorman – pegged as a moderate during most of his career in the Legislature — might garner fans among those state conservatives most passionately opposed to the controversial “Common Core” standards.


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